Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Re: [911InsideJobbers] [Fwd: Holmgren Re: Controlled Demolition Limited Hangout?]

The Brainwash of Control runs deep.
First they pigeonhole us cos the only word available to describe what is
going on is "conspiracy."
Then the word conspiracy gets knee-jerk added "theory" and then there's
a double back flip that all conspiracies are theories, as in one of a
number of competing explanations, not "reality" which is purely
imaginary as far as the Frameup programs us to believe.

We are describing alternate history which happens to be more factually
correct than the popularized fictionalized version passed off to us as
"truth." "911 Truth" being something separate and distinct from what can
be pieced together by crime scene evidence is just one instance of a
larger pattern they have been using for centuries.

There ought to be lots of words to describe cruddy secret stuff based on
lying and fictionalizations besides "Conspiracy."
Meanwhile, Gerard's brilliant deconstruction sneaks into the hardest
heart before it explodes. I hope Chomsky or Ann Coulter and Daniel Pipes
accidentally read it.

rcu@duke.edu wrote:
> the especially great thing about Gerard's "debunking S11 conspiracies"
> article is its irony. it is calculated to appeal to the official
> story believers at first glance, and in its tone, but then it undercuts
> their whole view.
> the pivot point is the fact that actually everyone believes S11 was
> a conspiracy, since a conspiracy is simply two or more people planning a
> crime together.
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