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[911InsideJobbers] Re: Jim Fetzer on today's WING TV

inphoman911 wrote:
What mass mailing was he referring to?

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Subject: Re: Prof. Jones' new CointelPRO follow-up supportive of allowing WW4/5?
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 16:16:17 -0800 (PST)
From: Nico Haupt <nicohaupt2@yahoo.com>
To: Nico Haupt <nicohaupt2@yahoo.com>, Gerard Holmgren <holmgren@iinet.net.au>, "'Jones, Steven'" <steven_jones@byu.edu>, "jim fetzer'" <jfetzer@d.umn.edu>
CC: 'Morgan Reynolds' <econrn@cox-internet.com>, ''Rosalee Grable' <webfairy@thewebfairy.com>, babelmagazine@adelphia.net, rmunro@clarku.edu, rmerrill@mica.edu, mcginn@ohio.edu, ajohnson@cs.uic.edu, webstertarpley@yahoo.com, apfn@apfn.net, wroudy@yahoo.com, jwalter@reopen911.org, chossudovsky@videotron.ca, Press@tvnewslies.org, editor@thetruthseeker.co.uk, aauaplanes09112001whathappened@yahoo.co.uk, contactus@legitgov.org, email@hbuecker.net, contact@rumormillnews.com, simon.gray@abovetopsecret.com, Gerhard_Wisnewski_3@compuserve.com, skylax@comcast.net, dame.tartine@skynet.be, jiri.kudelka@villusion.cz, serendipity@magnet.ch, MPWright9@aol.com, k-robjoe@online.no, krsto.herenda@zd.hinet.hr, PlaguePuppy <plaguepuppy@comcast.net>, WDoyle5615@aol.com, johnhorneuk@aol.com, bollynkaskel@yahoo.com, editor@americanfreepress.net, email@unmask.dk, titus@pacific.net, lynnlandes@earthlink.net, mitchelcohen@mindspring.com, Tfaune@aol.com, ADuncan282@aol.com, APFN@apfn.org, HQ2600@aol.com, wwwatcher2001@yahoo.com, kenvan@comcast.net

(adding more witnesses to observe the biggest opposition scam since 911truth.org and Ruppert-clan)

Nico Haupt <nicohaupt2@yahoo.com> wrote:
Since the 911Scholars for Truth and WING TV are apparently now the most "popular" spokespersons for 'controlled demolition', we should expect a critical response of WING TV next week.

But will they?

It's only 10 days away from Greg Nixon's protest tour in NYC and both sf911 and wing tv didn't mention any word so far...

What does that mean for all of us?

This is the last chance to send a strong message onto the streets,
what phoney fake oppositions depends.

WING TV claims on their show, that it follows the highest standard of truth,
but ignored so far the infiltration of sf911, but also all clear results on bluescreen fakery of the second alleged commercial aircraft hit on sep11th/.

Both WING TV and sf911 continue to ignore the biggest
reality tv fake on sep11th.

Whatever these both entities will think about my letter by now,
fact is, so called real 'activism' died a long time ago in this country.

Cowardice and Double Standards are worse than Blindness or Sabotage,
but end up in the same ignorance family as well.

My own group, ny911truth.org (co-founded in late 2003) was infiltrated by Urantia-fellows and cointel-pro assets of 911truth.org, to shut down real activism, and many people realized that by now BUT still there is silence and ignorance on everything else, what i have to say since then.

Maybe because it's closer to the truth than ever before.

We have a pending world war between US, Russia and China and a possible
opener into all this, named Iran. Even without Iran, the big endgame is a done deal by now.

But WING TV and sf911 want to convince us, all we have to pray, is "controlled demolition" and somehow sheeple will wake up in time.

Means, reality tv will continue, because 9/11 truthlings pray cartoon planes.

Nothing disgusted me more in my life than ignorance and pseudo intellectualism.

I will continue with my expose on phoneys within sf911 next week.

We don't need alleged specialist 'speakers', when veteran 9/11 research bloggers like killtown find their own smoking guns every week- still UNHEARD AS WELL!!!


9/11 Rescuer Saw Explosions Inside WTC 6 Lobby

In an exclusive Killtown interview, Ground Zero EMT Patricia Ondrovic talks about her harrowing day at the WTC on 9/11. Within minutes after the South Tower collapses, she witnessed the WTC 5 blowing up, cars exploding, and explosions inside the lobby of the WTC 6, all the while narrowly escaping with her own life.

Nico Haupt <nicohaupt2@yahoo.com> wrote:
(adding 4, 5 more members of the "911Scholars" into this list...)


since you're not willing to answer, i will add more members of your group,
to show them what kind of coward you are, and
entertain this CC-list by looking into the background of your PMs.

Let's start today with 4 members (PMs), all for various reasons in your group:

1) Dr. Lon Waters
the military "insider".

A Sandia/DoD -computer engineer for nuclear bomb simulation tests.
How nice.
Does Waters know, who developed the unconventional explosives for WTC 1, 2?
Between Livermore, Sandia and his own team a big chance that he knows him personally :)

Is he a member for the final phase?

Dr. Lon Waters
June 5, 1996

The cooperation of the Department of Defense, the Air Force's Phillips Laboratory, and the University of New Mexico in permitting use of the massively parallel Maui machine was essential, says Valdez: “The efforts of the entire staff at the Maui High Performance Computing Center, especially Dr. Lon Waters, an applied mathematician, were crucial.”

Sandia National Laboratories is a multiprogram national laboratory operated by a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation for the U.S. Department of Energy. With main facilities in Albuquerque, N.M., and Livermore, Calif.

Member of Xyce software Team


SANDIA LAB NEWS • June 13, 2003 • Page 4
Sandia’s homegrown four-year-old Xyce™
software is gaining notice in the world of
modeling electrical circuits.

Xyce team members:
Lon Waters (1734),...
...(Dep.) 1734 began work on Xyce in July 1999...

...Version 1.0 was first released in October 2002.
A second version, 1.1, was released last week.
Xyce 2.0 will be released in October 2003...
...Xyce provides a modern, in-house simulation tool
on which to build future enhancements
targeted at the design and analysis needs of
Sandia’s electrical design community.

Xyce is the main code of a larger project,
High Performance Electrical Modeling Simulation
(HPEMS), funded primarily by DOE’s ASCI Application program.

High Performance Electrical Modeling
and Simulation (HPEMS)
With the elimination of underground nuclear testing and declining defense budgets, science-based stockpile stewardship requires increased reliance on high performance modeling and simulation  of weapon systems....

The XyceTM Parallel Electronic Simulator  was developed in support of electrical designers at Sandia National Laboratories and, as such, implemented several novel features that makes their job considerably easier...

2) John McMurtry
The leftgatekeeper rebel darling

McMurthy was actually once a respected correspondent of mine.
I respected him, because he was one of the first, who tried to speak out against
the other gatekeepers at ZMAG. But his role in this bogus movement was limited and controlled from the beginning.

Maybe McMurty realised that later too.

He's silent since late 2004.

Before 9/11 he was astrong advocate of monetary reform and vocal in the anti-globalization movement

Then after 9/11, becoming an anti-virus in the left-gatekeeper scene against
Chomski + Co. with his project "DECODING 9-11" (2002)

However there was already a plant in this movement to oppose them, named
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed. He "defactualised" and discredited McMurty's work and therefore the coup against leftgatekeepers died already late 2002.

Meanwhile McCurty, close to David-Ray Griffin (once working with him in seminars on "Cognitive Life Philosophy of Christianity") is still cornered, deceived and maybe even manipulated, by population controlist front EOLSS, where he is a member from:

"The Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS)
"...We are confronted with several warnings emphasizing the growing fragility of the Earth's life support systems. ..."

"...# 4. We must reduce and eventually eliminate poverty.
# 5. We must ensure sexual equality, and guarantee women control over their own reproductive decisions...."

The planted "wacko".

Maybe Petit is more real than his credibility.
However his background is so obviuous "controversial", that Fetzer's choice
to pick him for this group, looks like a forthcoming script to discredit the same group, if they're not going into the 'same direction'.

Petit is a pioneer in magnetohydrodynamics. He started to work on this subject in the 1960s.
Petit has lost respect from the scientific community because of the controversial claims he has made on several controversial topics. He claims that aliens from Ummo have sent letters to selected people, including himself.

He contends that the US Air Force now has incredibly fast aircraft, Aurora, due to secretly conducted research on magnetohydrodynamics. Aurora would use a conventional turbofan propulsion system, feeded by a MHD controlled hypersonic air inlet.And he claims that the US military has a powerful antimatter bomb that they successfully detonated on planet Jupiter. Because of these views, he has been largely banned from the French scientific community.

4)  Dr. Andrew Johnson
The "VR controlled spin" specialist?

Since the bluescreen research of the 9/11-second hit bogus videos are becoming too popular and wannabee cripples Eric+ Brian Salter can't catch up anymore, the 911Scholars have to make sure, they add some members to control the spin of this so called "outraged  theory".

Johnson  is not the only  computer engineer in 911Scholars, who are specialized or experienced with  GC/Virtual Reality, Greg Lemon (PM) yet another one.

I couldn't figure out yet, if the same Greg Lemon is also member of the Nebraska Secretary of State's Office -Sponsored by Election Systems & Software, Inc.. because Greg Lemon 1 is from Virginia (rendered@hotmail.com)

Andrew Johnson  Associate Professor
PhD, Wayne State University, 1994
Virtual reality, computer graphics, interactive learning environments, user interfaces


Electronic Visualization Laboratory
Computer Science Department (M/C 152)
University of Illinois at Chicago

Wayne State University, 1994
Virtual reality, computer graphics, interactive learning environments, user interfaces
Computer Animation, 2001

Virtual Reality 2005

close to Dr. Jason Leigh
Electronic Visualization Laboratory,
University of Illinois at Chicago,

 Andy's shortform vita/resume

I have more on all other PMs of the 911"scholars", but that should be enough for today.

nico aka ewing2001

Nico Haupt <nicohaupt2@yahoo.com> wrote:

your non-reaction seems to prove, that your organisation is nothing but a word piece for Ruppert's and Jim Hoffman's disinfo clan and not willing to turn into a real activist group.

If you are really concerned "about what's going on in the world", then why don't you endorse Greg Nixon's forthcoming protest?

Prove, that you want to oppose fake opposition groups, otherwise you are just one of the fake oppositionalists as well.

There is enough evidence by now, that US, Russia and China are planning a world war against wach other, also under pressure on new economic enemies by BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China), a competitor with G8.

They have pending members like Venezuela and allegedly germany and South Africa.

Your so called new evidence of "controlled demolition" is nothing worth,
if it's not taken into real action.

A pending disinfo spin CD and further ignorance on the Reality TV fake footage from sep11th, allows the global masters to continue their lies on Cartoon TV.

Your resistance to answer here, is another low in the history of fake-groups in this movement. You should be ashamed.

If WING TV has the guts to expose that, they should report on the behavior of this group in their shows.

But they also should finally contribute a show on bluescreen fakery from sep11th and not allowing to continue of getting it confused with 'holography'.

If the controlled demolition evidence goes under with a new controlled safety spin, then we know, who to thank.

We don't need any farkin false-hope campaigners, ignorants, double standards and saboteurs any more.

Stop with this pseudo competitive BS and sensationalism to distract from pragmatic facts.

The whole truth has to come out, not just about controlled demolition.

I furthermore expect your response on a pending false flag on weaponized bird flu :

Taiwan victim of setup for "WW4" ?

Please also check our daily updates from
2006 Terror Drill + War Games Watch

nico aka ewing2001

Nico Haupt <nicohaupt2@yahoo.com> wrote:
....adding WING TV, who still decided not to speak out on TV bluescreen technology either and willing to believe, that mainstream media will push an uncontrolled message of the "controlled demolition"...

Nico Haupt <nicohaupt2@yahoo.com> wrote:
Dear Prof.Jones,

time passed by, and you still seem to be very busy with your family.
But which "family" is it now?

Since this was also a very interesting weekend on other "disinfo" developments,

(GCN fired Daryl Bradford Smith, who is basically ghostwritten by Eric Hufschmid, Smith responded in an open letter to WING TV by accusing GCN as a complete spooker front), i'm now also curious about your own stand, how your own members seem to corner you already.
Does that surprise you?  Maybe even not...

Following this weekend's rolling heads of puppet DBS at GCN, yet another PR stunt by FreeMarket News, to replace the former popularity of cointelpro asset 911truth.org with mainstream media's new darling "911Scholars".

FMN, pushing "9/11 truthling cartoon news" since their launch last year, has former links to CNN, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, and Fox (Eric Gertler) News, http://www.freemarketnews.com/WorldNews.asp?nid=7171

They already seemed to ignore you, Steven, instead pushing the complete Ruppert Crew first:
James H. Fetzer, Wayne Madsen, plus 911truth.org buddy Robert M. Bowman.

Also within the same time period, your own member Jim Hoffman allows
Michael B. Green, Ph.D. to backstab your group, including yourself and Morgan Reynolds:


"... ...Jones’ strength as a pure scientist, however, is also a weakness. However much one would like to think that forensic questions can be considered in isolation from politics, geopolitics, USG domestic covert operations, and media complicity in such, it is impossible to do so...."

Possibly 1) was already a response on Gerards announcement to repromote you as a plagiarist, if you didn't correct your PR.

It is  already time to pull you out of radar again, after you played your revival "stunt"?

Holmgren, though not fast enough, released his article on the same day, when FreeMarketNews started to ignore Jones already:


Props from me for this article.

Are you a coward, Steven?
Or a willing tool in this new cointelpro show?

Are you now at least not coward enough to answer my questions, or will your new boss, Jim "peak oil puppet" Fetzer try to speak out for you again?

Are you guys working also on a controlled spin on the controlled demolition?

Is it

a) US Government prewired the towers (between 1993 and 2001), being aware of an attack, to save people's life and "someone", unfortunately also killed in the rubble, pushed too early on the survival demolition button?

Problem: What did the 14 US Helicopters do in the air at the very same time of the collapses? Why was everything pulverized which points on additional unconventional weaponry? How will NIST get away with all this (maybe they will, coz they just looked into how to prevent yet another "collapse"


b) Al-Quaeda pre-wired the Towers with help of Al-Shehhi?
...is this, why the perps send an actor into the Towers, then observed by former
janitor Rodriguez and then not allowed to testify on that?

Another backup spin?

...maybe the 911scholars, with help of NSA/NASA associate Jim Hofman will tell us, that a bad insider within the Silverstein crew had prior knowledge on pending terror attacks and prewired wtc 1, 2, 7?  "...Unfortunately also that bad insider killed by the rubble..." and Larry had nothing to do with it?

Or what other damn spin you guys are working right now?

Was it Iran, Russia or China instead, who did 9/11?

Meanwhile, why not just for fun please answer my questions?

eagerly waiting here...

nico aka ewing2001

Nico Haupt <nicohaupt2@yahoo.com>

okay it's monday and i hope you had some great time with your family.

So maybe you will now properly respond to Gerard and then please answer my questions.
If Jim has some minutes, he can answer some of these questions as well.


nico aka ewing2001

1) Why is it that after 4 years of easy to obtain scientific research on 9/11,
you decided to come forward?

2) Why then did you decide after your MSM appearance on MSNBC, to withdraw yourself from the 9/11 'activism' scene, without even taking the opportunity to also send a political message in public?

3) Why did you cancel the WING TV interview and the public appearance at Jimmy Walter's 9/11 conference?

4) Did someone threaten you to continue in public or did you even let it appear on purpose, that someone threatened you, to obtain a 'hero' status?

5) Why did you not credit in any of your public appearances or papers the groundbreaking work of the "9/11 science and justice alliance", which existed from 2002 to early 2006 and included such smart researchers like
Jeff "Plaguepuppy" King, Rosalee Grable, Gerard Holmgren, Eric Hufschmid, Jeff Strahl and many others?

6) Why did you reverse your stand again and hooked up with Scholars for 9/11 Truth?

7) Are you aware, that Sfor9/11 includes some critical AM's like Victoria Ashley and Jim Hoffman, who backstabbed controlled demolition researchers in the past?

Hoffman is formerly associated with an NSA sponsored institute and via his uncle Jack Hoffman to yet another NASA- and NSA contractor Veridian:
Noone else than Neil Armstrong (his sister is married to Jack), himself tied to "Project Trailblazer".

Trailblazer was contracted via NRO and NSA since 1998 and was partly developed by BTG Inc. and BoozAllen Hamilton in the very same pentagon wedge, which was officially attacked on sep11th.

Trailblazer was recently also exposed in mainstream media = MSM, however without reference to pre-9/11 contracts.

Furthermore, why are some leftgatekeepers like Fred Burks involved, former translator of Pres. Bush, who's not clearly speaking out, that 9/11 was an Inside Job?

I'm also confused about Kenyon Gibson (AM), Former US Naval Intelligence and Wayne Madsen (same) and some others, who both NEVER clearly spoke out, that 9/11 was an Inside Job and in the latter case obviously sabotaged Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on her attempt to get the truth out.

In case you decided to add a political message, which i generally appreciate, can you also support an endorsement of the following protest, if possible BEFORE 02/20, and if so, please explain, why you would like to support this protest or if not, why?:

9/11 March For Truth NYC ’06

Since Greg Lemon (AM) Animation, Simulation, Special Effects,
is another member, why does Sfor9/11 not speak out about a clear evidence on TV footage manipulation of Sep11th, which clearly points on BLUESCREEN TECHNOLOGY of the second hit?
The clips include rendered and imported aircrafts, as also seen in Scott Myers' alleged camera close-up, himself a VR specialist since the 90's and associated with NIST.

PS: 20:30 in "I missed flight 93" (A+E)
"i didn't see a plane going in. That just exploded..."

Why did you also now decide to add political messages today in the Daily Herald Extra ?
"... He also was troubled by the U.S. torture policy and widening executive powers, and set his sites on the dangers of pre-emptive wars...."
Why not about a pending world war between US, China and Russia?
Are you really concerned about a war against Iran only?
Also, why distract with the NSA wiretapping issue?
Are you not aware, that civil right groups are not speaking out about the truth on 9/11? Do you think, they would support you now??

I have some follow-up questions, but i am curious about your first response.

nico haupt aka ewing2001
co-founder "9/11 science and justice alliance"

co-founder team8plus.org

PS: Addendum Notes about Scott Myers:

SCOTT MYERS, alleged "VIDEO-cameraman" from sep11th, '2nd hit':
Follow the aristeia.com ties carefully and it's becoming clearer!!
Here again a resume/collection on Scott M(e)yers:

I know, that there are some parts which seem not to end up and some
bizarre contradictions, but at the end it must be one and the same NIST-Meyers.
More important however, Scott Myers' (1) background at Desktop Laboratories and their other close association with NIST and US Navy.
Scott Myers "video" from Sep11th

His spelling changed, but it's the same "photographer":
Towers' Strength Not Tested for a Fire, Inquiry Suggests
May 8, 2003  NY TIMES
"...In a vivid illustration of how images of 9/11 have advanced the work, he showed how a sophisticated electronic analysis of videos that were shot by a photographer, Scott Meyers, revealed the structural convulsions of the south tower just after it was hit..."

Here is his indirect NIST link, also mentioning his video footage of Sep11th:
"...National Institutes of Standards and Technology: Desktop Laboratories office and residential
loft were near the World Trade Centers; A tripod mounted video beginning shortly after the first
impact was provided at no charge to the National Institutes of Safety and Technology (�NIST�) at
no charge. The video record was used for analysis of building�s structural failure.

His old website, which links him as owner of DeskTop Laboratories
Scott Myers DeskTop Laboratories 12 John Street DP12
is also relocated to
US Navy: 3D position and metal detection software and hardware for use by the Navy in
landmine location and surface integrity studies of ship hulls. The hardware and software for this
project made sure a technician scanned a complete area of interest, no missing grid portions, and
took measurements of events in each grid to detect for landmines or surface changes. Client:
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Bethesda, MD...

He also worked also with/at
Port Authority of NY & NJ
(same link above)

Suddenly he's also a "consultant" at NIST or someone with the same name
Software Development Consultant at NIST
Document Design for Effective Electronic Publication1
Scott Meyers, Ph. D.
Please remember this aristeia-link, while continuing reading!!!

June 1999

Another 'Scott Myers' seems not to be him:
Scott Myers, President, General Dynamics Robotic Systems (USA)
scott@rst.com Oddly there are NIST- GD Robotic links too, though...]

Back to his function as Sep11th "camera man", Scott Myers (desktoplab) is working on "3D motion capture, graphing and trial management" since 1996

same myers:
Scott Myers, NIF senior mechanical engineer for Systems Integration on VR
February 2005

older reference
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 10:39:23 -0500
Reply-To:     Scott Myers <sm205@COLUMBIA.EDU
Scott Myers
DeskTop Laboratories
12 John Street DP12
New York, NY
WIKIPEDIA reference:
Scott Meyers, Ph. D.
Scott Meyers is the author of several books on object oriented programming and especially the C++ computer programming language. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Brown University...
they give "his website" as

Same or not same?  Once again, a reference to Brown University:
"...Scott Meyers is one of the world's foremost experts on C++ software development.
A programmer since 1972, he holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University and a Ph.D. from Brown University...."
and the same email:
Scott Meyers, Ph. D.
Software Development Consultant

Nico Haupt <nicohaupt2@yahoo.com> wrote:

i hope you will also read this email, before you have time to respond again.

I would like to express, that Gerard's request has nothing to do with so called ego issues, as often falsely labelled to silence the debate on correct sourcing.

A so called 'truth movement' has to show that it proves consistency in their sources, which also increases the political credibility of this 'move'ment.

Since Day 1 on sep11th i archived everyone's input into this movement, once it reached a known or even less known level of existance.

I'm therefore able to testify who sourced first and support Gerard's letter.

There had been many attempts in the past to discredit, belittle or plagiarize and re-spin particular 9/11 research on any matter, including also investigative 9/11 research.

We have to show to the public, that there was a strong and consistent awareness of 9/11-'truthseeking' and evidence documentation since Day  1!

By deceiving the mainstream public, that this awareness was created only in the last few weeks or months, this research can be abused and instrumentalized as a wrong political message, means, we look like 'Bush Haters' or 'anti-war crowd'.

But this isn't a fact, 9/11 research has to be non-biased and IF politically used, also to be addressed AGAINST the democratic party and other party cover-ups, i.e.Green party, who did not follow up on our evidence, which was forwarded to David Cobb and others.

I can list many other so called "oppositionalists", who ignored 9/11 research, including physical evidence. The list is endless. Most of them received the well sourced documents IN PERSON!

They include Martin Luther King Jr., Cindy Sheehan, Ralph Nader, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky and many many others....

Since everyone of them did not speak out on the truth about 9/11 or dismissed it as a "conspiracy theory", they can't be our supporters.
I call this also criminal, if not supportive of war crimes.

Are you really supporting us?

This is a historical approach to express a clear resistance against militarized mainstream media and a oligarchic-semi fascist situation in this country, if not worldwide.

At Team8plus.org we're monitoring worldwide wargames and terror drills and we can show, that Russia and China are planning a war against the US, as also vice versa.

Another gatekeeping attitude or distraction from this threat is counter productive, at this point.That also includes political abuse to run with '9/11 reseach' for any kind of election, especially since all e-voting machines are rigged.

If 911Scholars are legit, they have to become much more political, non-biased and support and endorse ANY kind of action to express this, including the symbolical attempt of Greg Nixon, who has been sabotaged by another alleged 'activist group', so called 911truth.org, itself clearly a cointel-pro asset!.

To clear any doubts on your person and your group, you should therefore come forward and clearly remove these doubts.
That also includes to remove particular persons in your group or label them as strictly non-associated, neutral endorsers, but not as associated members (AMs).

Please also note, that i respect many 'associates' of your group, which HAD BEEN also former members of "9/11 science and justice alliance":
That is i..e Alex Floum and Brad M. (also member of team8plus).

I hope for them, that their name, reputation and credibility does not get abused for a possible sabotage attempt of other, not credible members in your group, many of them not even active as 9/11 researchers or - activists.

That furthermore would also include, that you and your group, also has an open mind on scientific analysis on the sep11th video footage of the second hit on the Twin Towers.

This is yet another important 9/11 research genre, which has been heavily sabotaged in the past and was falsely associated with so called holography theory, instead we're talking here about simple GC, bluescreen technology on TV!

I hope, you will answer my 10 questions within the next 3 days, otherwise i have to come to the conclusion, that you're not credible as well and might be associated with saboteurs or government related cointel-pro assets as well.

If you're honest and really concerned about what happens worldwide, i expect your personal endorsement of Greg Nixon's protest, a removal of these AMs and an appropriate response on Gerard's letter first, immediately followed with answers on my 10 questions.


nico haupt aka ewing2001
bio: http://www.team8plus.org/comment.php?comment.news.4

My respect goes to Morgan Reynolds, who i consider to be the most credible  member of your group. If i hear of any attempt to sabotage his input, i will support a worldwide expose on this attitude.

Gerard Holmgren <holmgren@iinet.net.au> wrote:
If he doesn’t answer, then that will of course be noted in the reposting and continuation of the “darkside “ series, should that become necessary.
The ball is in your court, Steve.

From: Nico Haupt [mailto:nicohaupt2@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, 3 February 2006 10:57 AM
To: Jones, Steven; Gerard Holmgren
Cc: Morgan Reynolds; jim fetzer; Nico Haupt; Rosalee Grable
Subject: RE: Plagiarism warning

not that i doubt that you have some personal appointments,
but you know often did i get this kind of answer and then we never heard from this person again?

I think, this "i have some family issues" started back in 2001 with spook Mike Ruppert, who claimed, he's too busy to respond.

Please forgive my rudeness, but i insist on an answer.

We all have family or private appointments and deserve the same respect of appropriate responses.

You had been not busy enough to respond to Gerard, therefore i hope, you
will have time enough to find a way to respond back to the group.

And we will be all back after the weekend to remind you, especially on this correspondence of you, as seen on a slideshow in Utah:

"...I'm sorry, i didn't contact you. I was afraid of what might happen with my career (YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED!!)
Now I'm more afraid of what is happening in the world than with my career ... "  (YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED again!!)


nico aka ewing2001

"Jones, Steven" <steven_jones@byu.edu> wrote:
Note that I will be out of town now for a few days – something I promised my wife due to working late and long hours lately.
 And I’m late in our get-away now actually.  (She’s most important to me, and our relationship.)  Will respond Saturday at the earliest -- hopefully I’ll have computer contact on Saturday next.
-----Original Message-----
From: Gerard Holmgren [mailto:holmgren@iinet.net.au]
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 4:13 PM
To: Jones, Steven
Cc: 'Morgan Reynolds'; 'jim fetzer'; 'Nico Haupt'; 'Rosalee Grable'
Subject: RE: Plagiarism warning
Firstly, lets keep this on the list I sent it to, shall we Steve?  I noticed that you replied only to me.
[[I really must ask you to be specific.  You write:  Everything which I have seen from you in the media appears calculated…
What, specifically, have I (me, that is, not someone else) written that shows plagiarism?  Your charges at this time lack specifics for me to respond to, and that is unfair.]]
There are two aspects. Your paper and your media appearances. In the media appearances I use the word “you” somewhat generically, as I’m not privy to knowing exactly who works out the wording for the press releases, but collectively, the comments I’ve seen are attributed to Jones and Fetzer, so that’s where the accountability lies at this stage.
Firstly to the paper.
As I pointed out before, your paper contains no original work of any significance. It’s simply a regurgitation of things which many people worked out long before you. Absolutely no effort was made to credit the original research which you are regurgitating. Unless there’s an update of which I am not aware, then the only person credited is Hoffman. And since he – like you, did absolutely nothing original of any significance, but plagiarized it from the same people he’s been so busy attacking ever since - then this is no accreditation at all.
I can come back to the specific accreditation (or lack of it) in the paper in more detail, but I shouldn’t have to. You know very well everything you are saying was in the public domain long before anyone had even heard of Hoffman, let alone you.You are treading on thin ice by pretending to be so stupid that I have to spell out the history of the demolition research in exact detail.
In fact most of it is already archived on my site. So stop pretending that you don’t know what I’m talking about in relation to your paper.
In relation to media appearances.
Now you tell me, where in this article, you give even the slightest hint that *all* of this information has been in the public domain, well researched and documented, for  approximately 4 years, and that you did none of it, and that no-one had heard of you until a few months ago. You tell me where a person new to this issue would have any idea that you are not a Johnny-come-lately regurgitator..
In addition, you spout the ridiculous disinfo that 3 of the four black boxes were found. So you hop on the tail of other people’s work to spout second level cover up disinfo.
“After a standing ovation, Jones took questions from the audience. Jerry Owens of Midway, who heads a group called 9/11 Truth Seekers, called Jones a true American hero.
"He's putting his life on the line," Owens said. "It's time for all of us to be patriots. We have to put our lives on the line, and now is the time."
The group is circulating a petition for a 9/11 investigation headed by a citizens committee, Owens said. "This is the smoking gun where we can prove what our government's doing."
Putting your life on the line ? What a load of self aggrandizing crap. Jared Israel and Illarion Bykov put their lives on the line ,because at the time, no one could predict how the govt might react. Ditto J McMichael and Rosalee Grable and possibly Jeff King – all of whom you plagiarize. None of them ever boasted about it. Other people’s research is not a plaything for you to create a personal hero cult psychodrama/.soap operas out of, after finally crawling out from whatever rock you’ve been hiding under for the last four years.
Who do you think you are ?
And as for this insult…
[[The group is circulating a petition for a 9/11 investigation headed by a citizens committee, Owens said. "This is the smoking gun where we can prove what our government's doing."]]
What do you think we’ve been doing for the last 4 years ?
What do you call the compilation at http://members.iinet.net.au/~holmgren/truth.html   ?
But it gets worse.
"Did the Bush administration know in advance about the impending attacks that occurred on 9/11, and allow these to happen, to provoke pre-planned wars against Afghanistan and Iraq? These questions demand immediate answers," charges a paper written collectively by Scholars for 9/11 Truth. The group plans to write more papers, and present lectures and conferences.”
LIHOP ? You want us to take LIHOP seriously ? And not even certain LIHOP but possible LIHOP ?
Even Hoffman manages to go further than that.
” In his original message to potential members last month, Fetzer warned that joining the group might make them the subject of government surveillance and might get them on various lists of "potential terrorists."
Once again, the attempt to play hero – when your entire group is four years late to the party. One way to pick a crap researcher is by the how hard they play the hero card.
“The group's charges include:
• Members of the Bush administration knew in advance that the 9/11 attacks would happen but did nothing to stop them.
• No Air Force or Air National Guard jets were sent to "scramble" the hijacked planes, which were clearly deviating from their flight plans, although jet fighters had been deployed for scramblings 67 times in the year prior to 9/11. The procedure for issuing orders for scrambling was changed in June 2001, requiring that approval could only come from the Secretary of Defense, but Donald Rumsfeld was not alerted soon enough on 9/11, according to Scholars group.
• The video of Osama bin Laden found by American troops in Afghanistan in December 2001, in which bin Laden says he orchestrated the attacks, is not bin Laden. The Scholars for 9/11 Truth compared the video with a photo of the "real" bin Laden and argue that there are discrepancies in the ratio of nose-length to nose-width, as well as distance from tip-of-nose to ear lobe.”
They are *not* the “group’s charges. It is the group’s belated regurgitation of solid work which has been in the public domain for the last four years.
Furthermore the claim to have done original work in relation to the OBL video is direct plagiarism.
The top half is in German, but if you scroll down , there’s an English section.
Dec 2001 – if you don’t mind !
Not content with both specific and indirect plagiarism, you couldn’t help mixing it in with a little Hoffman generated disinfo.
“The procedure for issuing orders for scrambling was changed in June 2001, requiring that approval could only come from the Secretary of Defense, but Donald Rumsfeld was not alerted soon enough on 9/11, according to Scholars group. “
Complete BS as exposed here.
At worst you are deliberately spreading disinfo. At best, you are spouting poorly researched drivel – can I say “junk research” ? That someone who’s taken four years to work out the law of gravity still works and up until 5 weeks ago didn’t even know what kind of planes were supposedly involved in the attacks is now claiming star billing in order to spread this kind of drivel again prompts me to ask – who the hell do you think you are ?
How about learning something about the subject before shooting your mouth off ? Haven’t you learned anything from the debacle of your attack on the no planes evidence ?
” The group also asks for an investigation of the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings, following up on points made in Jones's paper, "Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?" That paper, recently updated, has been posted on Jones's BYU Web site since last November.”
Asks for an investigation ? By the same people who did it ?
“Jones argues that the WTC buildings did not collapse due to impact or fires caused by the jets hitting the towers but collapsed as a result of pre-positioned "cutter charges." Proof, he says, includes:
• Molten metal was found in the subbasements of WTC sites weeks after 9/11; the melting point of structural steel is 2,750 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperature of jet fuel does not exceed 1,800 degrees. Molten metal was also found in the building known as WTC7, although no plane had struck it. Jones's paper also includes a photo of a slag of the metal being extracted from ground zero. The slag, Jones argues, could not be aluminum from the planes because in photographs the metal was salmon-to-yellow-hot temperature (approximately 1,550 to 1,900 degrees F) "well above the melting temperatures of lead and aluminum," which would be a liquid at that temperature.
• Building WTC7 collapsed in 6.6 seconds, which means, Jones says, that the steel and concrete support had to be simply knocked out of the way. "Explosive demolitions are like that," he said. "It doesn't fit the model of the fire-induced pancake collapse."
• No steel-frame, high-rise buildings have ever before or since been brought down due to fires. Temperatures due to fire don't get hot enough for buildings to collapse, he says.
• Jones points to a recent article in the journal New Civil Engineering that says WTC disaster investigators at NIST (the National Institutes of Standards and Technology) "are refusing to show computer visualizations of the collapse of the Twin Towers despite calls from leading structural and fire engineers."
And Jones figured all this out himself and shocked the world with these stunning new revelations. How do we know this ? We can check the credits in his paper. All original work. Actually not quite true. There was just one before him. Jim Hoffman.
Now, let’s cut to the chase. I don’t have time for any stupid, evasive bullshit. Don’t give me any crap about the hero comments from Owens not being your fault. I used to work doing media releases for community pressure groups. I know how a press release is written. Don’t insult my intelligence by suggesting that Owens was simply a random member of the crowd, who’s unexpected comments got randomly picked up by a reporter who was there.
As scholars, you are supposed to know about accreditation. Don’t start pretending that you have no idea what I’m talking about, when it becomes inconvenient. If you have questions about documentation, feel free to ask. You’re new to this and can’t be expected to have that same level of familiarity with the documentation as those who actually did it, or alternatively have been distributing for four years.
No one gets their head bitten off for asking, for checking, for honest mistakes. And distribution and popularizing of existing research is welcomed within the correct protocol. But don’t waste my time with bullshit pretending that you don’t know what I’m talking about. This is exactly how Hoffman started.
I am a hair trigger away from reposting the “darkside” series, so be careful and show some respect.

From: Jones, Steven [mailto:steven_jones@byu.edu]
Sent: Friday, 3 February 2006 9:08 AM
To: Gerard Holmgren
Subject: RE: Plagiarism warning
I really must ask you to be specific.  You write:  Everything which I have seen from you in the media appears calculated…
What, specifically, have I (me, that is, not someone else) written that shows plagiarism?  Your charges at this time lack specifics for me to respond to, and that is unfair.
Steven J
-----Original Message-----
From: Gerard Holmgren [mailto:holmgren@iinet.net.au]
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 2:59 PM
To: Jones, Steven
Cc: 'Rosalee Grable'; 'Nico Haupt'; 'Morgan Reynolds'; 'jim fetzer'
Subject: Plagiarism warning
I previously warned you about plagiarism. As a scholar you are supposed to know what plagiarism is and to avoid it.
I’m doing you the courtesy of delivering another warning in private before considering our truce broken.
Everything which I have seen from you in the media appears calculated to give the false impressions that
a)       What you are saying is new.
b)       That you have actually done some kind original research yourself, sometimes going so far as to specifically claim credit for things which were unveiled by others long before anyone heard of you.
c)       That you are taking some kind of personal risk – a ludicrous and self aggrandizing claim.
A truce was reached in our previous dispute because you backed off your ill considered attacks on the same people whom you are so busy plagiarizing. Accordingly , I took down the completed part of the “dark side” series and discontinued writing the remainder of the series.
However, if you continue with this plagiarism rampage, then I will consider the truce broken and repost the 3 completed “Darkside “articles and continue with the rest of the series.
On the plagiarism aspect, I have more ammunition now that I did before, so I suggest that you start behaving yourself.

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