Tuesday, February 14, 2006

[911InsideJobbers] Re: Perspective

A great number of alleged passengers may not even exist.
We have found no record of them in the Social Security death index, no
hometown funeral notices, no online life beforehand, no claims filed for

Anybody who recieved a "ticket to ride" for flight 77 or 11 got disappeared.
Whether these folks are still alive, working as slaves in the network of
underground bases that aren't supposed to exist either, held at
Guantanamo if they wouldn't cooperate, or got dumped out of a plane over
the ocean like they used to do to people who knew too much in Chile, I
don't know and I don't have to know.

The part I do know, and know this beyond any doubt, is that Flight 11
does not appear in the crime scene footage.
Instead of Flight 175, we are treated to animated cartoons no more real
than Jurrassic Park.
Alleged Flight 93 was an empty hole with no plane in it.

Whether the "planes" were used as tax writeoffs, used for the Alphabet
Agency Rendition Program, or put into service hauling drugs, I don't know.
Dulce has offered a lot of informed speculation.

What I know for sure is that no planes hit any buildings, or vanished
into an empty hole.
What happened to the passengers has nothing to do with that, besides my
farking wish that the sunofaguns had wondered about that like four years
ago when there was a better chance of resucing the victims.

ron_winn wrote:
> Rosalee, this is likely to anger many people but if you intend to get
> together and sing the blues then you ought to have a ready answer for
> the proverbial question. How will this do?
> The total number of passengers aboard the 9/11 planes was 265 [this
> may vary by one if 77 had 65 and not 64 and given that two tickets
> was bought by one passenger on 93]
> One boeing 767 can carry 265 passengers according to the details
> below:-
> http://flyaow.com/planes/767aircraftspecifications.htm
> maximum number of passengers 290
> [min 211]
> http://flyaow.com/planes/757aircraftspecifications.htm
> maximum number of passengers 239
> [min 188]
> http://flyaow.com/planes/747aircraftspecifications.htm
> maximum number of passenegrs 569
> [min 374]
> Everyone asks well then if contrary to the official story, there were
> no planes where have the passengers gone?
> According to the official story all the four planes were scheduled
> public flights but according to the governments own statistics AA
> flight 11 and 77 were not scheduled flights on 9/11. No taxing times,
> no wheels off times and no arrival times are contained in their
> database. In stark contrast to UA flights 175 and 93. Times are
> contained in this database proving that both the latter planes took
> off and like with many other planes on that day the UA flights are
> stated to have diverted.
> There were, according to the official story, a total of 156
> passengers aboard the two AA flights. But the evidence shows that
> these flights were not scheduled flights for members of the public. If
> these flights were not scheduled flights then 156 passengers can be
> deducted from the total number of 265 leaving 109 passengers which is
> the total on board the two UA flights, according to the official
> story.
> It is obviously clear that the four 9/11 planes were undersubscribed.
> A minimum number of passengers is given in the above details which
> number must be significant but an explanation for this will have to be
> obtained from an avaition professional. We can see that for both the
> 757 and 767 the minimum number of passengers fell far short [what else
> can it be if the total would only fill one 767?]. And flight 93 with
> 44 passengers when the minimum is 188 speaks for it self.
> No one saw a plane in Shankville, in the crater or out on the
> surrounding land. And crash sites are difficult to hide. There were 44
> passengers, according to the official story on board 93 and if 44
> passengers are deducted from 109 that leaves 65 passengers on board
> flight 175, according to the official story.
> It took United Airlines until mid day on 9/11 to officially confirm
> 175 had crashed whereas according to the official story 175 had
> crashed into the south tower at 9:03. However United Airlines did not
> confirm were this plane had crashed. Why did it take so long to
> discover what had happened to this plane?
> You will observe that flight 175 was a 767 with a maximum passenger
> capacity of 290 and a minimum of 211.
> May be the question should not be where are the passengers - may be
> the question should be why did the airlines operate four planes on
> 9/11 and carry well below the minimum capacity of the planes.

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