Tuesday, February 14, 2006

[911InsideJobbers] Why Blues

Blues has always been the lauguage of the downtrodden.
Panbands and stomps and whistles is the origin of the blues, from a time
when music was forbidden to the slaves as lacivious enticement and
incitement to anarchy.
Pleasure from life will be forbidden again unless the Blues Prevails.
The Blues Brothers were right: They WERE on a mission from God.
Still Are.

Blues Jams are random collections of musicians who just happened to sign
the list and be playing an instrument needed for the next set. They need
to know the key, but don't even have to know the song. The mixture of
independence and cooperation becomes harmony. It develops like fractals
in the musician's call and response.

I'd like an APolitical Blues tent where musicians can come to jam and
during the setups we have factual short presentations which are
completely apolitical and useful to no faction, as we have discovered so
far while blackballed.

They didn't really use planes. We went to war over cartoons. These facts
ought to be useful to somebody, and easier to take when accompanied by
the relentless hopefulness of blues.

Greg Brown could sell his art photography that they're trying to sue to
keep secret these pictures.
There is no way of believing that two planes worth of kerocene did this.

I'd like it to be a tent like the one Cindy Sheehan's site had, the sort
that looks like the Sydney Opera House or a stage set. Inside there
would be widescreens suspended from the rafters near the back and a
simple stage near the front with a backdrop that says "APolitical Blues"
with the slogan "Blues You Can Use" wrapped around the bottom. A duotone
image of the BluesBrothers makes the center of it.

We are not "asking questions" but supplying answers. It is not flowers
and candy, but it is real and has substance and can be built upon. One
of our friends held off the entire CNN legal department singlehandedly.
They dropped their bluster. The collected research has passed the
strictest tests of Socratic Logic.

The visual centerpiece is 911eyewitness http://911eyewitness.com

We would not be "Protesting" in any sense. Nobody behind a podium
pontificating and making agreeable noises like at the Suburban Hotel
Truthling Convention so the Alternative Official Story crowd can try to
get a story straight for their next assault.

Besides videos and Gregg Brown art, we could sell wooden spoons and
kazoos so people can make their own Pan Bands. It doesn't look good to
pepper spray people humming patriotic on Kazoo and banging pans for
rhythm. It's a form of protest that remains safe and effective longer
than most.

We CAN have a better world where energy is abundant and free.
What they used instead of planes, and the mechanism for turning the
buildings to dust without intervening heat could just as well be
powering our lives with abundant off-grid energy that could be used to
repair pollution instead of making more.
It would be a step in the direction of an abundance that has seemed to
be a utopian dream like Walden 3 envisions.
The Great Neutral Force is existant and waiting to be tapped. Has
already been tapped by every allegedly "conventional" power form all along.

But people have to grasp and learn to value real truth as a happening
separate from themselves and their imagination. We Are What They Think,
and folks have been lied to until their thought processes are pretty
unsanitary and tend toward collected facts kept in boxes.

A start toward that is a fresh look at what they pulled on us on 911.
It can't possible be THAT unimaginable, with the lies upon lies and
media hoaxes on the Nightly News presented as factual lots of times.
It really isn't that much of a stretch, especially since once you slow
it down, the first hit footage really doesn't have a plane in it.

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