Tuesday, February 14, 2006

[911InsideJobbers] Re: Perspective

Looking for the planes is a snipe hunt . So many people are so ingrained with that belief it is hard for them to consider any other possibility.

"Well then what happened to the planes if they weren't crashed into the WTC?" This is always the second thing they say, right after, "You must be crazy to say that no planes hit the towers. EVERYBODY saw it on T.V." A few even claimed that they had seen the 2nd impact 'Live', LOL.

FWIW, I think I that I may have found the 'confirmation' source of the 737 at WTC1 meme.

From the video  day1-streets-still-calm.mov, which was filmed from an apartment just a couple of blocks from Northeast of the WTC, this is from the T.V. news broadcast in the background. The telepromter readers mention the possibility of a 737 hitting the WTC a couple of times, then a witness 'confirms' it (not sure whether they contacted this witness or if he called them, the host states that 'We know you').

Here is a partial transcript, starting from 6:48;

Female Host: Yes, a Paul Schwinger is on the phone, live, to tell us what he saw. Good morning Paul.

Paul: Good morning.

Female Host: Go ahead, take it away. Where were you and what did you see?

Paul: Well, I was in my apartment pretty much right under the flight path of this plane in the Village. And I heard this really, really loud noise go by and I thought it was an Air Force jet on display.
 So I looked right out the vindow and I saw this twin engine plane fly right over my house and it was losing altitude and then I saw the exp. I saw the impact and the explosion. This huge ball of flame and the plane looked either like a 737 or an airbus.

Female Host: 737 or an airbus? Okay. We know you. I understand that you are an airplane aficionado.

Paul: Yes.

Strange thing too is that I hav found no transcript or even a reference to the above news broadcast, nor can I find any reference to a 'Paul Schwinger' and 9/11, as of yet.

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> the planes? re-registered, re-painted and shipped into alleged coup
> countries like Equatorial Guinea or other peripheries :)
> PS: Some passengers also died long time before 9/11, according to SSI,
> some died twice at two different spots
> (Herbert Homer, Titus "Davidson"- sp.)
> >>>A great number of alleged passengers may not even exist.
> We have found no record of them in the Social Security death index, no
> hometown funeral notices, no online life beforehand, no claims filed for
> victimhood.
> Anybody who recieved a "ticket to ride" for flight 77 or 11 got disappeared.
> Whether these folks are still alive, working as slaves in the network of
> underground bases that aren't supposed to exist either, held at
> Guantanamo if they wouldn't cooperate, or got dumped out of a plane over
> the ocean like they used to do to people who knew too much in Chile, I
> don't know and I don't have to know.
> The part I do know, and know this beyond any doubt, is that Flight 11
> does not appear in the crime scene footage.
> Instead of Flight 175, we are treated to animated cartoons no more real
> than Jurrassic Park.
> Alleged Flight 93 was an empty hole with no plane in it.
> Whether the "planes" were used as tax writeoffs, used for the Alphabet
> Agency Rendition Program, or put into service hauling drugs, I don't know.
> Dulce has offered a lot of informed speculation.
> What I know for sure is that no planes hit any buildings, or vanished
> into an empty hole.
> What happened to the passengers has nothing to do with that, besides my
> farking wish that the sunofaguns had wondered about that like four years
> ago when there was a better chance of resucing the victims.<<
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