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1. Bunker Busters explained
From: "smacko" <smacko9@comcast.net>
2. New Group: The Truth About 9/11
From: "crimson_bard" <crimson_bard@yahoo.com>
3. audio - Webster Tarply | Maurizio Blondet - [current economics 1st, then 911 info
From: "smacko" <smacko9@comcast.net>
4. video - Steven Colbert Shakes Up Bill Kristol Over PNAC Ties
From: "smacko" <smacko9@comcast.net>
5. AOL News - Tens of Thousands Converge on New York to Protest War + +
From: ranger116@webtv.net
6. Outing PSYOPS as a Christian Duty...
From: "norgesen" <norgesen@yahoo.com>
7. Two More Free Nations Fall To Biometric Prison
From: "norgesen" <norgesen@yahoo.com>
8. Still Ridiculing People Who Talk About Forced Microchip Implants?
From: "norgesen" <norgesen@yahoo.com>
9. Gnosticism, Darwinism, and the Culture of Death
From: "norgesen" <norgesen@yahoo.com>
10. Bush says he can disobey 750+ Laws ! Jeb Bush Doesn't Exist ! Bush s
From: ranger116@webtv.net
11. video - Stephen Colbert's entire White House Correspondents' dinner speech
From: "smacko" <smacko9@comcast.net>
12. In the Air
From: "norgesen" <norgesen@yahoo.com>


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Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 19:46:07 -0700
From: "smacko" <smacko9@comcast.net>
Subject: Bunker Busters explained

Bunker Busters
From: Doctor Plum

This site explains Bunker Buster Bombs


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Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 06:08:52 -0000
From: "crimson_bard" <crimson_bard@yahoo.com>
Subject: New Group: The Truth About 9/11


The purpose of this group is to engage in sober and intelligent
debate about the growing abundance of evidence which suggests that
the events of September 11, 2001 occurred with some level of
official complicity on the part of the White House, the Pentagon,
the CIA, the FBI, and other powerful U.S. agencies.

This is not a forum for "Bush Bashing" for the sake of bashing, but
we will not shy away from any news, information, evidence, or
supportable theories which paint the President and/or his
administration as incompetent, grossly negligent, complicitous, or
even intentionally obstructive.

We are also intensely interested in any verifiable evidence that
supports the official account of the events of 9/11 or that
effectively counters the arguments of those that oppose the official

Ultimately it is the Truth which we are seeking and which we hope to
share with as many individuals as we can through this and other

Flaming will not be tolerated. Offending members will be warned and,
if unrepentant, banned. All opinions and views -- pro or con,
liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, religious or
atheistic -- are welcome.

John Berkowitz


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Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 00:10:12 -0700
From: "smacko" <smacko9@comcast.net>
Subject: audio - Webster Tarply | Maurizio Blondet - [current economics 1st, then 911 info

Sat., April 29, 2006: Playlists: M3U | RAM (Individual MP3s: Hr1 Hr2 )
Guest: Maurizio Blondet www.effedieffe.com

hour 1 - stream or download(rightclick 'Save To Target')

hour 2 - stream or download(rightclick 'Save To Target')

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Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 23:55:18 -0700
From: "smacko" <smacko9@comcast.net>
Subject: video - Steven Colbert Shakes Up Bill Kristol Over PNAC Ties

Steven Colbert Shakes Up Bill Kristol Over PNAC Ties


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Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 01:15:48 -0400
From: ranger116@webtv.net
Subject: AOL News - Tens of Thousands Converge on New York to Protest War + +

AOL News - Tens of Thousands Converge on New York to Protest War + +


My Way News - Tens of Thousands in NYC Protest War


Anti-war protesters march in NYC - U.S. Life - MSNBC.com


U.S. invasion responsible deaths of over 250,000 civilians in Iraq

Activism: 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action - To use until you finally
realize that They Are Not Using No-Violent Actions !

illinois, vermont, california "state legislatures" work to impeach bush

The Child Prostitution Sex Ring Involving the Bush Whitehouse

Iraqi oil gangs syphon off billions

See Movie company blog and see we all know 9/11 was done by the Bush
crime family
Universal Pictures :: View Forum - The Movie

May 1 Is Conservative Shopping Day!


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Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 16:55:04 -0400
From: "norgesen" <norgesen@yahoo.com>
Subject: Outing PSYOPS as a Christian Duty...

Outing PSYOPS as a Christian Duty...

Dear Friends:

On Monday April 10th 2006, the Washington Post - in an article entitled "Military Plays Up Role of Zarqawi" - reported the following words:

"The U.S. military is conducting a propaganda campaign to magnify the role of the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, according to internal military documents and officers familiar with the program. The effort has raised his profile in a way that some military intelligence officials believe may have overstated his importance and helped the Bush administration tie the war to the organization responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks...
For the past two years, U.S. military leaders have been using Iraqi media and other outlets in Baghdad to publicize [Abu Musab al-] Zarqawi's role in the insurgency. The documents explicitly list the "U.S. Home Audience" as one of the targets of a broader propaganda campaign. Some senior intelligence officers believe Zarqawi's role may have been overemphasized by the propaganda campaign, which has included leaflets, radio and television broadcasts, Internet postings and at least one leak to an American journalist"
[ http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/04/09/AR2006040900890.html ]

This kind of propaganda campaign is known in the US military as "Psychological Operations", which goes under the diminutive title of PSYOPS. Whether you realise it or not, if you live in the USA you have been subject to such psychological operations via the media. You have been repeatedly brainwashed. You have been the victim of numerous mind-control programmes. I only hope that you have had the insight and spiritual resistance to rise above them and be unaffected by them.
The above report on internal military documents shows that the so-called al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, has been used as a media pawn to put fear into people - both in Iraq and in the USA. They have done the same with Osama bin Laden who - as we have shown in previous articles - is really a CIA asset who has been used as a bogeyman to instil fear in the world's population in order to suit the purposes of the dark controlling powers. This device was well-illustrated in George Orwell's book "Nineteen Eighty-Four", where the character of "Emmanuel Goldstein" (who was probably dead, if he ever existed at all) was hyped up as a threat to the people by the government of Big Brother. (You should read this book in order to better understand what is happening today).
The PSYOPS campaign by the US military to use Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as a bogeyman figure in the "Emmanuel Goldstein" tradition has been known about for some years. [see e.g. the article "How US Fuelled Myth of Zarqawi the Mastermind" by Adrian Blomfield in the Daily Telegraph on October 4th 2004, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2004/10/04/wirq04.xml ]. See also the article "Hyping Zarqawi" in Rolling Stone's "National Affairs Daily" at http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/nataffdaily/story/9753195/hyping_zarqawi , where you can also view some of the actual slides used in the US military PSYOP.
In fact, al-Zarqawi has been reckoned to be dead for some time by many sources, e.g. http://www.khaleejtimes.com/DisplayArticle.asp?xfile=data/focusoniraq/2005/September/focusoniraq_September90.xml&section=focusoniraq . But the media whores of today will happily print any garbage with which they are served. Even the BBC has lost all credibility as a news agency with its slavish repetitive reprinting of US PSYOPS drivel about Zarqawi [see http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=2777 ]
Of course, one has to consider the fact that the Washington Post - as one of the leading CIA outlets for disinformation and propaganda [as shown in my article on the CIA] - has not put out this story because of a social conscience about military mind-control of the population but for some other manipulative purpose. They do not mind slipping to us certain little formerly hidden things if it suits them in some other broader sense. Nevertheless, we now have it from the horse's mouth that the military tells lies in order to gain support for their wars and that the media happily reproduces those lies without a twinge of conscience.
The bizarre thing is that even though the Washington Post can report that the US military hypes up information about Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, it continues to report US military releases about Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. On Tuesday 11th April -twenty-four hours after the report on the US military hyping of al-Zarqawi - we read the headline "Al-Qaeda Arranges Most Suicide Blasts In Iraq, U.S. Says", which states:

"More than 90 percent of the suicide attacks in Iraq are carried out by fighters recruited, trained and equipped by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, a U.S. military spokesman said Monday. Zarqawi and al-Qaeda in Iraq "are real threats to the citizens, security and stability of Iraq. And we continue to conduct aggressive operations to eliminate the threat they pose not only to Iraq, but also to the rest of the region," Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch said in a statement." [ http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/04/10/AR2006041001471.html ]

Am I the only one who finds it bizarre that the Washington Post can report in detail that the US military has majored on the myth of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi one day and then, twenty-four hours later - on the same page number of the newspaper - print another US military myth about him? The Post story went on:
"The Washington Post reported Monday that the U.S. military was conducting a propaganda campaign to "magnify the role" of Zarqawi and that some U.S. military intelligence officials believe the campaign has overstated Zarqawi's importance. Lynch's statement did not cite the Post story but said "a recent article" had called into question the threat posed by Zarqawi. "Nothing could be further from the truth," he said."

With those words, the story ends. A real newspaper with real journalists would have taken Lynch's statement apart, investigated whether or not it was true and then published the results. This shows the cynical way that media outlets view their readers. In spite of their article showing that the US military manipulates the news, they will continue to be manipulated and to reprint the manipulations without any evaluative comments. For this, they should be utterly ashamed of themselves.
Such newspapers - along with the big TV news channels such as Fox News and CNN - are participating in an even bigger mind-control programme and PSYOP which involves ensuring that the population is capable of "DoubleThink" - holding two contradictory ideas in their heads at the same time without any sense of conflict. Such an amoral mind is very valuable to the dark powers which control this world.
Not only does the printing of those two reports twenty-four hours apart highlight this programme of DoubleThink but it also shows that the media is utterly devoid of any conscience or sense of true journalism. Whatever happened to the hardnosed investigative reporter who would doggedly pursue the truth, even if it cost him his job or his life? Whatever happened to the editors who would value such a reporter on their staff and support him with their last dollar until the last gasp? One can hardly count the journalists who are not whores today on the fingers of one hand.
When you read your papers and magazines and watch your televisions, you need to remember that the information which you are absorbing has been provided to those media whores by the sexually-deviant, shrivelled little men who turn the cogs of power in your government, in your military and in the cold corporate empires of the world. If you don't believe this, see the New York Times article, "Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged Television News", by David Barstow and Robin Stein, printed on Sunday 13 March 2005 [ http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/13/politics/13covert.html ]. This article revealed the extent to which US government and military press departments actually write the stories and create the videos which are shown on television and written up in newspapers.
It is your duty, as a follower of Christ, to rise above all this propaganda and understand its dark workings, lest you become a collaborator and co-conspirator - for that is what many Christians are today.
As you will see in our upcoming article, "Conditional Submission: The Christian's Relationship with Earthly Government", we believe that it is vitally important for representatives of Christ to discern the lies and mendacity of governments and then to reveal them publicly. Christians are the only real avatars of Truth in this world and we must be seen to uphold Truth in all its aspects. If we lose our reputations or our lives in the process, so be it. But for anyone to teach otherwise will make them into a false teacher.
This is part of the prophetic ministry of the church today. Such a ministry is far removed from the charismatic nonsense which passes as "prophecy". The true prophetic ministry of the church today involves the forthright exposing of falsehood and revealing of truth in all departments of social, ecclesiastical and political life.
If people tell you to keep your mouth shut when you know about government atrocities or skulduggery, they are toadies to Satan and collaborators in his grand conspiracy. The Christian church is simply stuffed today with such courtiers, fawners, flatterers, sycophants, lackeys, backscratchers, bootlickers, bowers and scrapers, kowtowers, grovellers, gigolos, crawlers, creepers and yes-men. And that's just the pastors! ;o) I'm talking here about the likes of Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, etc., who cosy up to corrupt government apparatchiks and presidents as if they were ambassadors of Christ and then speak scathingly of those who dare to tell the truth by calling them "communists", "conspiracy theorists" and "liberals", when they are simply those who seek to live out their Christianity in a dynamic way rather than merely parade it about for manipulative purposes. It is no wonder that the professing Christians who are government toadies are seen by the world as corrupt and irrelevant religious dinosaurs. It is no wonder that the Christian message given by them is seen as a corrupt and irrelevant message. They have brought shame on the name of Christ and tarnished the ministry of His people.
Have we not yet realised that if we support liars and murderers, we can never be taken seriously by seekers of truth. A believer who is genuinely "seeker-sensitive" will always do everything he or she can to uphold the Truth in all its aspects. Real truth-seekers will have no time for hypocrites who preach about the Truth which can be found in Christ and then support lies and murder committed by corrupt Satan-servers.
So when you read today (Wednesday April 26th), in your Washington Post, the headline "Zarqawi Taunts U.S. in Video: Leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq Vows to Thwart New Baghdad Government" [ http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/04/25/AR2006042500893.html?sub=new ] or similar headline in any other national newspaper, maybe you will be able to exercise some discernment and see such manufactured propaganda for what it is. Remember, you are being targeted in a mind-control PSYOP. Have you already fallen prey to it?
They want your mind to be manipulable - to be open to their hypnotic suggestions - to be irrational, amoral, fearful, unable to discern or to be concerned about social and political issues, to be devoid of social conscience, to fear the troublesome truth and to love the comfortable lie. They don't mind you being Christians so long as you don't take it too far and get too absorbed by the desire for truth in all its aspects. They want you to be an adherent of what John Bunyan called "religion in its silver slippers" - to be Christians only when the sun is shining [read the whole wonderful section on Christian's interview with "By-ends" here http://www.classicallibrary.org/bunyan/pilgrim/8.htm ]. The dark powers do not mind you having such a religion because that is the religion of hypocrites and is no threat to them at all because you can easily be bought. Hypocrites always have a price, and it is usually not a very high one. Ask Judas.
Well? Do you still believe that Christians shouldn't concern themselves with anything which can be termed political or governmental, as many of you have said to me? If so, you are eventually going to be confronted with a massive moral dilemma. Failure to love truth in all its aspects will inevitably result in your support for the lie. Think about it. Please.

Yours, in the cause of God & Truth,

Diakrisis International

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Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 19:53:57 -0400
From: "norgesen" <norgesen@yahoo.com>
Subject: Two More Free Nations Fall To Biometric Prison

Two More Free Nations Fall To Biometric Prison
Aussies must all have biometric "access cards" by 2010, Scots to be forced on database with Citizens' National Entitlement Card

Steve Watson / April 27 2006

When is a national ID card not a national ID card? That's correct my Orwellian students, its when your leader says its a "biometric access card".

Australia is set to revert back to being a prison state as all citizens are to be forced to carry the "access card" by 2010.

The card would include a computer chip with biometric information and photograph, and is 'designed to reduce welfare and identity fraud, and protect against terrorists."

In the mid 80s the Hawke Labor Government attempted to introduce a national ID card in Australia which was fiercely opposed by the Liberal Party, including the now Prime Minister, John Howard, on the grounds of infringement of liberty.

Of course now Howard is firmly entrenched within the globalist power structure he has completely changed his stance on ID cards and the accompanying biometric database recording control system.

"You have to put that against the right all of us have to expect of our Government that it takes all reasonable measures to protect us against the behaviour of terrorists," Mr Howard said.

"I think when people talk about civil liberties they sometimes forget that action taken to protect the citizen against physical attack is a blow in favour and not a blow against civil liberties."

According to a Sydney Morning Herald article, the country's attitude to the cards has also changed. An ACNielsen poll for the Herald last August found that two-thirds of Australians were willing to sacrifice privacy and civil liberties for protection against terrorists. Sixty-one per cent were also in favour of a national identity card.

The Australian ID card agenda is the identical twin of the British ID card agenda. The overall movement is global and it is one being implemented right under people's noses, piece by piece in a stealth, stepping stone like fashion.

In addition to changing the rhetoric surrounding the card, the compulsory nature of it is also being coated in Orwellian doublespeak.

"It will not be compulsory to have the card," the Australian newspapers quoted Howard saying today. But, "It will be necessary for everybody who needs a card to apply for one."

Like The British ID card, which is "optional" for anyone who doesn't carry a passport, the Aussie card is optional for anyone who doesn't get ill or pay lower taxes, with the card initially providing access to Medicare, welfare and tax benefits.

Any number of upgrades could see the card used in all aspects of life in the two countries. The ID systems in Britain and Australia equate to lifelong surveillance and an end to life as a private citizen.

Meanwhile in Scotland plans are being considered by the Scottish Executive to issue ID cards storing details of every aspect of Citizens lives.

Hundreds of thousands of Scots have already been issued with the Citizens' National Entitlement Card - a microchipped card that carries the holder's name and photo. The cards are used to access free bus or coach travel, but there are plans to link them to a central database.

This would give the Executive access to such details as people's travel movements, gym visits and reading habits. There are fears that the system could be expanded to include other information such as NHS records and benefits payments.

Scotland, a nation that fought for centuries for freedom and independence. Scotland, birthplace of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, two huge and heroic icons of Freedom, may now have every one of its citizens registered, monitored and controlled like prisoners.

Last week we covered in depth how the ID card is a trojan Horse for the wider reaching database state. Just as in England and Wales, Scottish citizens already have every aspect of their lives recorded onto several different databases. The components have already been introduced by stealth, now all that remains is to link them together into one massive central database hub.

Once again we can see how the ID card and the accompanying database can record, track and control our lives, but how can it prevent terrorism? No explanation has been given as to what it will do to achieve this.

In fact, the British government has even admitted that the card will not prevent terrorism. Nor will it keep us safe from fraud and identity theft. These things do not add up, the system is sold on security but it is really all about controlling the masses.

The funding for the ID agenda will be provided by selling our biometric and personal information to big business market research and promotions companies. Furthermore, we will not have access to our information, but the intelligence services and governments that are hell bent on waging illegal wars in our names will.

About 100 nations now have identity cards of some kind. The agenda to record and trace everyone is truly global and more nations are falling into the system. We don't need cards to be "entitled" to the freedoms we have earned as citizens.

I intend to leave my own country as soon as I am told I must register on the database and carry a card, but how long before there is no where free left to go? How long will it be before every US citizen is registered on an ID database? How long will it be before we truly are a prison planet?

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Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 19:47:49 -0400
From: "norgesen" <norgesen@yahoo.com>
Subject: Still Ridiculing People Who Talk About Forced Microchip Implants?

Still Ridiculing People Who Talk About Forced Microchip Implants?
So why is it that we neeed bills banning mandatory mark of the beast system?

Steve Watson / April 25 2006

For over a decade now Alex Jones and others have been warning that the event of enforced microchipping of humans for tracking and security purposes is upon us. Despite countless policy documents calling for just this and hundreds of mainstream news reports covering the issue, many would dismiss this as utter science fiction or a "conspiracy theory" and refuse to look into the facts.

If we are such crackpots for warning that this agenda is upon us why is it that moves are now underway in Wisconsin for legislation to ban mandatory chipping of people by governments and companies?

The Associated Press reports that the plan, authored by Rep. Marlin Schneider, D-Wisconsin Rapids, won approval in the Assembly last month. The state Senate is scheduled today to consider the measure.

"I don't think most people had thought about this as an issue, but it's scary. It's reality now," said Michael Schoenfield, an aide to Schneider. "Companies can or will be ordering their employees to have chips implanted. We want to stop that before it begins."

For those who will STILL dismiss the facts, no, we have not entered the twilight zone, this is 2006 and this stuff is now reality. The government and the big businesses that bank roll them want you to be forced to accept an implanted tracking chip under your skin. Around 75% of the population is already mandated to take the chips.

The Verichip, marketed by Applied Digital, gives off a radio frequency signal identifying an employee, customer, patient, child or animal, depending on what purpose the chip is being used for. The signal is used to access personal information in an Internet database.

Many have compared the idea of chipping to the "mark of the beast" in the Book of Revelations. Whether you are a Christian believer or not, the thought of a government that gets more tyrannical by the minute having a record of everything you do and everywhere you go via an implanted chip is one that dystopian nightmares are made of.

Of course, the legislation will only protect against "mandatory" chipping, anyone who agrees to it will still be chipped. And given that you will have to agree in order to get a job, have access to medical care and be able to buy and sell, many will relent and take the chip.

We have previously highlighted how the chip is being marketed as cool and trendy, whilst at the same time being used expressly for the control and tracking of individuals within private businesses, government departments and even at home.

Below is a quick re-cap:

Clubbers choose chip implants to jump queues
The New Scientist reported that clubbers in Spain are choosing to receive a microchip implant instead of carrying a membership card.

Tracking Junior With a Microchip
A Mexican company has launched a service to implant microchips in children as an anti-kidnapping device.

Microchip to allow wallet-free drinking
A Scottish nightclub is about to become the first in Britain to offer its customers the chance to have a microchip implanted in their arm.

Government workers in Mexico are being forced to take the chip or lose their job. Staff of Mexico's attorney general had to take the chip in order to access secure areas.

In February, a Cincinnati surveillance equipment company became the first U.S. business to use this application when a handful of employees voluntarily got implants to allow them to enter secure rooms.

Over the next few years you will only see the marketing of techno-slavery increase. Football players will be implanted with the chip to track their movements around the field and their heart rate. The MTV 'Cribs' show will feature the coolest rap stars opening garage doors, car doors and fridges with a simple thought, now that they have the chip.

The Age in Australia reported that within ten years the chip will be as common as cell phones are today.

By pure coincidence (ahem) IBM, the company behind Verichip, the major retailer of implantable chips, also ran the cataloging system used by the Nazis to store information on Jews in Hitler Germany.

Still laughing at people who talk about Microchips?

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Message: 9
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 20:48:28 -0400
From: "norgesen" <norgesen@yahoo.com>
Subject: Gnosticism, Darwinism, and the Culture of Death

Darwinism And The Rise Of Gnosticism:

Phillip states; "Evolutionism is in truth a metaphysical doctrine decked out in scientific garb. In other words, it is a scientistic myth... both the Nazis and the communists exhibited a religious adherence to the Gnostic myth of Darwinism." And, they continue to do so! Where did this "myth" really come from? Who made the "myth" popular? A lousy deceitful "myth" is being used as a weapon against GOD'S people.




The Culture Of Death
Phillip D. Collins

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Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 22:59:49 -0400
From: ranger116@webtv.net
Subject: Bush says he can disobey 750+ Laws ! Jeb Bush Doesn't Exist ! Bush s

Bush says he can disobey 750+ Laws ! Jeb Bush Doesn't Exist !

Bush says he can disobey 750+ Laws !
Bush challenges hundreds of laws - The Boston Globe

  Jeb Bush who's term as Governor runs out in Nov. will probably run
in place of Paula Harris (and be appointed ?) Florida U.S. Senator so
that he will be in a better position to be appointed U. S. President in
    But !!
Jeb Bush Does Not Exist ! --

  John Ellis Bush Does !

Jeb bush's real name "John Ellis Bush"

Jeb Bush: A Who2 Profile
Address:http://www.who2.com/jebbush.html Included Page: Jeb Bush: A Who2

Mexican Congress Supports Insurrection In US

From the Gossip Column

Art Bell's new 20 something ? Wife
 is 21 !
Art Bell: A Who2 Profile
Address:http://www.who2.com/artbell.html Art and his new wife (below)
        She with that smile that comes from pondering
driving her new Mercedes !
Included Page: Art Bell: A Who2 Profile


Message: 11
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 22:42:29 -0700
From: "smacko" <smacko9@comcast.net>
Subject: video - Stephen Colbert's entire White House Correspondents' dinner speech

See Stephen Colbert's entire White House Correspondents' dinner speech at:


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Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 09:34:25 -0400
From: "norgesen" <norgesen@yahoo.com>
Subject: In the Air

Monday, May 01, 2006
In the Air

Oh if there's an original thought out there, I could use it right now - Bob Dylan

One thing this blog has taught me is the fallacy of original thought. Or I suppose, to sharpen the point and turn it on myself, I mean the fallacy that my own thought might be original. A comment to Friday's post, for instance:

In one of Colin Wilson's works...he speaks of certain cases of people with brains that are largely fluid, covered over with a thin layer of cortex. While most people with this condition are severely retarded, there are known instances of such people showing normal or above normal intelligence. Wilson goes on to speculate on the idea of the brain not as an organ of thought, but as some sort of receiver for thought that arises outside of the body. The idea's an odd one, yet in many ways attractive for the number of loose ends it ties up.

I haven't read that from Wilson but I'm familiar with the study he cites, and it's been helping to inform for me a concept of the brain as a receiver of non-localized consciousness. It seems conducive to a holographic model, and it could contribute to an understanding of a number of psychic and even religious phenomena such as mind reading, possession and reincarnation. (For example, perhaps rather than evidence for rebirth, a child's memories of a past life are the result of ego confusion brought about by signal error. Or, to use the radio jargon that's appropriately spooky for this metaphor, when a "strong signal [is] in the proximity on the low bands, it will cause crossmodulation and create a 'ghost' signal.")

I still think it's still a good idea, though I no longer think it's my own. And a good thing, too. Because perhaps the actual fallacy here is not original thought, but independent thought.

I was just thinking that. Maybe we don't need to put our heads together. Maybe instead, we need to imagine our skulls as durable cabinets protecting the circuitry that receives the signals pulsing all around us.

When ideas come of age they're simply in the air. Inventors and great minds, suddenly and seemingly independent of each other, appear to tap into the same ineffable thoughtstream. Great artists are often recognized by the clarity of their manifestations of universality. In Martin Scorsese's No Direction Home, singer Liam Clancy says about Bob Dylan that "it wasn’t necessary for him to be a definitive person – he was a receiver – he was possessed," while producer Bob Johnson says Dylan's work isn't to Dylan's fault or credit: "He’s got the holy spirit about him – you can look at him and see that."

If we're potentially co-authors and participants in ideas that are "out there," then perhaps we can also intuit and anticipate the bad ideas that come of age to work mischief. Because it doesn't always take a secret lodge or a Grove cabin for dark elements to conspire together; it only requires a compatability of unspoken means and motive, up and down the chain of unaccountability. Once the pieces are in place, the commands needn't be explicit and top-heavy and the conspiracy needn't even be self-conscious. For instance, I don't think for a moment that Tony Blair "gave the order" for the murder of David Kelly, though I can well imagine that, on hearing the news, Blair immediately recognized the hand of statecraft and perhaps even his own numb complicity.

Maybe this is what accounts for the 9/11 synchronicities of The Lone Gunman pilot. Rather than Chris Carter being tipped off, perhaps he tapped into it.

Many of us have been intuiting spoilers to the story arc of the Iraq War for years: The death squads and black ops creating untenable chaos, sectarian strife and intentional failure to the bogus "mission" of democracy, with the objective of generating the "regretable inevitability" of partition. "Civil War" was talked up, because the End Game for Iraq was always division into impotent colonial Bantusans.

It seems like the End Game has arrived, because suddenly partition, which "just months ago was largely dismissed as a fringe thought," is now being described by the usual suspects in the Pravdas of this empire as being the "surest - and perhaps now the only - way to bring stability to Iraq." And just as The Washington Post chimes in, Joe Biden shows up in The New York Times with an editorial contending that Iraq should be split into three separate ethnographic regions.

If we lack independent thought, then so do they. And if we can see it coming, then maybe we can do something about it before it arrives.


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