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Bloglines - Zarqawi Said to Declare Separatist Sunni State

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Zarqawi Said to Declare Separatist Sunni State

By Cyte

Iraqis Say Zarqawi is US Psy-Ops
Aimed at Dividing Iraq

Iraqi Source

Iraqi analysts believe that Zarqawi is nothing more than American psy-ops. The real Iraqi resistance has always condemned Zarqawi crimes which fostered civil war and tarnished the reputation of the patriotic fighters against occupation. Now, Zarqawi is hinting at declaring a separatist Sunni state in the middle of Iraq. This American psy-op move is very alarming to all those who love Iraq.

Unlike these mercenaries-in-black, the real Iraqi resistance is fighting for the liberty and unity of Iraq. They now feel that the United States has decided to split Iraq and blame the split on psy-ops Zarqawi: Kurds in the north, a Zarqawi state in the middle, and a Shiite state in the south. Real Iraqis will now have to do what they hate most: aim their guns at Iraqi separatists.

It is a lose-lose game, they say. If they leave the separatists alone, Iraq will be torn apart. If they fight against the separatists, they will be participating in the US-manufactured civil war.

American patriots in the Administration, Congress and the Pentagon must intervene to stop this madness. Splitting Iraq is not going to benefit the GOP in the mid-term elections. No one will believe the lie that the Iraqis want their country torn to pieces. Nobody will buy the claim that the US has done its best to keep Iraq together, but failed.

The buck stops with the occupier.

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