Sunday, April 16, 2006

Re: [political-research] Re: Why the Washington Post (and the Rest of the MSM) Are Going Down

The Washington Post is considered to be "liberal" in conventional public opinion.  It is in fact NEOLIBERAL -- that is neoconservative.  This is why the Washington Post, like the neoliberal New York Times, was a major promoter of the Iraq War.
Nor does it bow to power -- the billionaires who own the mainstream media ARE the power.  The government bows to the mainstream media, not vice-versa.  The neocon billionaires who control the media are much more powerful than any government officials.  Most cabinet level officials are, relatively speaking, disposable paupers and lackeys compared to the small club which owns and controls the mainstream media.  The MSM can make or break them with little effort.

LeaNder <> wrote:

Thanks Deborah Howell (or Sean), well done, this is perfect! And I am
admittedly puzzled by the many people that have this huge excuse on
their lips or in their writings, baffled indeed. There are many ways
to avoid facts, this is a perfect deconstruction.

Now, Washington Post is considered left or democrat in your system?
What does it mean if they bow to power just as much as the usual
republican organs? This is frightening indeed. I realize that  hadn't
I paid so much attention - mainly due to your list - I would now
easily buy into the big CIA-got-the-intelligence-wrong myth.


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