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[political-research] Ayoon wa Azan (Sacrificing American Youth)


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Ayoon wa Azan (Sacrificing American Youth)

Jihad el Khazen Al-Hayat - 15/04/06//

There are official information and definite, confirmed declarations that President George Bush wanted to wage war on Iraq regardless of the nature of intelligence information on WMD or the Security Council position on the attack. It is enough to mention Bob Woodward's book, "Plan of Attack", the novel by Richard Clark, the then head of the antiterrorism unit in the White House, and several British documents that record meetings between Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair to confirm this.
Notwithstanding, when the prominent journalist Helen Thomas asked the President why he wanted to wage war on Iraq, he responded:" No president wants war ".
I am not saying that President Bush was lying, but American journalists and commentators accused him of lying following his interview with the veteran White House journalists.
I sense that Black media, or cheap USSR-like media did not fade with the collapse of the Soviet Bloc. The second bloc was rather contaminated by it; hav! ing lain dormant for a while, it soon spread with the Iraqi war. Having started with an example of President Bush, I would like to resume the course of examples on lying, impertinence and fact twisting, as practiced by the White House and others. The reader has complete freedom to compare with the worst examples of the Cold War when the term "Democracy" in any State was synonymous of totalitarianism.
Addressing the World Affairs Council of Charlotte last week, President Bush gave a key political speech and said:" I fully understand that intelligence was wrong, and I am just as disappointed everybody else is."
Had I had enough space, I would have examined the President's speech closely, but I will keep to the preceding. He says that the intelligence agencies were "mistaken", but this is false because they were "lying" and there is a huge difference between the two terms. Mistakes are only human, but what happened was that traditional US intelligence agencies were unab! le to provide the required information to justify the war. Thus Paul W olfowitz, the Secretary of Defense at the time founded with the ministry's third man, Douglas Faith, the special planning office that would provide the required information under the joint supervision of secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney.
For his role in the murder of 100 thousand Iraqis and 2300 Americans, Wolfowitz was awarded the presidency of the World Bank while Faith went back to private businesses and Cheney is conspiring with Rumsfeld to attack Iran.
The President was naturally not disappointed, because as I mentioned earlier, he sought war and there are plenty of evidence supporting this fact, admissible in any court of law.
If the reader needs further evidence, he shall find it in the story that broke out a few days ago on the investigation with Lewis Libby, one of the most dangerous of the administration's Israeli gang, for his part in leaking the name of the CIA operative Valery Plume, when he was under Chene! y, as revenge against her husband the former ambassador Joseph Wilson who denied Iraq's alleged attempts to buy uranium from Niger, having been in charge of the investigation on the matter.
President Bush, who says he did not want war, was seemingly upset by Wilson's non-cooperation. Thus special investigator Patrick Fitzgerald said that Libby confessed his superior Cheney asked him to leak the name, upon the president's insistence.
Is this the work of a man who does not want war? More importantly is the President's previous protests on the official information leak. The President had said (sic): "I've constantly expressed my displeasure with leaks, particularly leaks of classified information…If there is a leak out of the administration, I want to know who it is. And if a person has violated law, the person will be taken care of."
Keith Weissman and Steven Rosen, among the main figures of the Jewish lobby APAC, are facing punishment on charges of transferr! ing intelligence information, some of which are extremely confidential , to Israel, through members of its Washington embassy and others. (Not forgetting the other accused Lawrence Franklin).
How does the Bush administration punish Israel's spies? Almost all the members of the administration spoke in the yearly APAC convention despite the lobby's spying on its own country for Israel's benefit. Vice president Cheney was the star of the convention, preceded by John Bolton, the US ambassador to the UN.
Does the reader want more impertinence? A few days ago, Israeli newspapers published that the Lobby's efforts were crowned with a resolution that the House of representatives will vote on, to punish the Palestinian government for charges of terrorism, although the Israeli army is the Middle East's biggest terrorist institution that killed five times as many Palestinian civilians as the Palestinian factions killed Israeli civilians.
We now know that the US and the EU cut aids to Palestinians for practicing democracy as they were aske! d. It would seem that the evil cabal's wishes are the administration's "commands". The Weekly Standard, which speaks in their name, published an article by Erwin Stelzer, claiming that unconditional aids destroy economic growth and transform their recipients into parasites.
The US offers Israel three billion dollars in yearly economic and military aids. The Israeli government then uses this money to murder Palestinians and build-not destroy- its economy, on the US' expense. John Bolton threatened Iran to abandon its nuclear program, or else…
Israel's cabal wants to drag the US to a war with Iran. If such war occurs, it will incur manifold the victims of the Iraq war. But for the sake of Israel, the cabal will sacrifice American youth every time.

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