Monday, April 24, 2006

Re: [political-research] Re: Bloglines - The Truth About The DLC and friends

Irving Kristol (the father of William Kristol) and Norman Podhoretz are often described as the co-godfathers of neoconservatism.  Everything you need to know about neoconservatism can be found at
If you scan the tables of contents of Commentary for a few decades, a certain xenophobic agenda becomes readily apparent.  Above all, neoconservatives are people who are obsessed with their ethnic enemies, whom they perceive to be everywhere.  They are demanding that Americans fight these enemies for them -- hence the current American mess in the Mideast.

LeaNder <> wrote:
-From Jackson's office: Paul Wolfowitz Richard Perle Frank GaffneyFrom
Moynihan's office: Elliott Abrams Abram Shulsky Gary SchmittIn 1999,
Norman Podhoretz, known as the "father" of neo-conservatism,"

It's of cause always a bit problematic with fathers, but so far I
thought it was Irving Kristol?

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