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1. The New York Stock Exchange Goes Global
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2. TrineDay needs your help
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3. Dam Break for "9/11 Truth?" - Sheen And RBN's Tarpley hit the Mainstream
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4. U.S. Hiring Hong Kong Co. to Scan Nukes at ports Address:http://www.g
5. Lawdragon Web site will lift veil on judges
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6. Anatomy of a Fraemup
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Message: 1
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 12:22:58 -0500
From: "norgesen" <>
Subject: The New York Stock Exchange Goes Global

Since 1913, the Federal Reserve has evolved into a very powerful entity globally. The Federal Reserve Act has been amended over 195 times with greater empowerments in the last ten years that have included more types of discount window loans.


By Joan Veon
March 8, 2006

On Wednesday the New York Stock Exchange world�s biggest stock exchange founded 213 years ago will go public. Its goal is to build a war chest in order to buy up other stock exchanges around the world. These actions herald a new phase in the new world order.

With stock exchanges around the world going public, it is the New York Stock Exchange that is the last of the private non-profit companies to offer shares to the public. You can imagine that if all the exchanges in the world are listed companies, then the mergers and acquisitions that are common among other stocks will also be part of the stock exchange empire. Can you imagine the NYX, as the new public company will be called, buying the Euronext and/or the London Stock Exchange? Talk about power! This is a parallel to the central banking power that now runs the global banking system.

Furthermore, within the last eleven years, the coming of a global stock exchange will compliment an evolving global currency and global tax. For those who say world government is far off, you had better point them in this direction. In order to understand what Wednesday really means, let us review structures that have been put in place that compliment a global stock exchange.

When Andrew Jackson was elected President in 1828 he announced in his first message that he would not renew the charter of America�s first central bank. He ended up vetoing the law Congress passed to re-charter the Bank. Jackson pointed out that the bank�s stock, valued at $8 million, was held by foreigners--chiefly in Britain. His concern was that a majority of shares of its stock might fall into alien hands, which if we were involved in a war, could use its influence against the United States.

In 1913, the question of a central bank came up again. The people involved in this effort included some of the wealthiest people in America: Senator Nelson Aldrich (grandfather of David Rockefeller); Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, an international banking house; Piatt Andrew, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; Henry P. Davidson, Senior Partner of J.P. Morgan & Company; Charles D. Norton, and Frank Vanderlip, President of National City Bank which today is CitiGroup. The passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was done through chicanery. Those in the Senate who favored the Act did not go home while those that were against it went home for Christmas. In a special session convened with quorum, the Act passed at 11:45 p.m. on December 24, 1913.

With the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, our monetary system changed back to one of control by a private corporation and not the U.S. Treasury. Our currency now says, �Federal Reserve Note.� Earlier in the day on December 24, 1913, Congressman Charles A. Lindberg, Jr. stated from the House floor: �This Act established the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized�The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking bill.� We should note that President Woodrow Wilson could have vetoed this bill like Andrew Jackson did, but he was put in power by the same powers that passed the bill.

Since 1913, the Federal Reserve has evolved into a very powerful entity globally. The Federal Reserve Act has been amended over 195 times with greater empowerments in the last ten years that have included more types of discount window loans. The discount window is where banks borrow from the Fed overnight to maintain their stated level of capitalization. The Fed now accepts for collateral: Treasury and federal agency securities, gold certificates, Special Drawing Rights, foreign currencies, and discount window loans made under Section 13 of the Federal Reserve Act. What this means is that as the indebtedness of America grows, the Fed is willing to take more types of collateral to secure their loans to the government!

As a result of the Asian Crisis in 1997-1998, the Group of Seven finance ministers, under the direction of President Bill Clinton and then Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin invited the central bank ministers of the G7 countries to join them in their discussions. Since 1998, it is both the G7 treasury secretaries and the central bank ministers who are directing the global economy.

The role of central banking in the United States was seen after the crash of the stock market in 1929. The Crash came about as a result of (1) America reducing the gold content of the dollar by 40%, (2) Speculation in the stock market, much of which was financed by credit, (3) Foreign investors selling their stocks, and (4) the Federal Reserve taking money out of the banking system which the Fed thought would stop the frenzy. In other words, this private corporation used the same technique used to burst the Nasdaq bubble seventy-two years later�they took money out of the banking system which made the market drop.

The Fed or any central bank is able to create market highs or lows by the amount of money they pump into the banking system (they buy U.S. Treasuries, which puts money into the system) or by taking money out of the banking system by selling U.S. Treasuries. When the Federal Reserve took money out of the banking system, it caused the Depression. John Maynard Keynes, a British socialist and economist, came over to advise President Franklin Roosevelt. His solution was to go into debt in order to stimulate the economy. President Roosevelt financed all of his New Deal programs by borrowing money.

The legacy today of Roosevelt and Keynesian economics is that every level of government is broke: local, county, state, and federal and every level of government is selling assets in order to pay down debt. In the last several years, the City of Chicago sold the Chicago Skyway, a toll road to Spain�s Grupo Ferrovial and to a unit of Australia�s Macquarie Bank for $1.8B. Since then other toll roads around the country are being sold. The ports are part of the same equation.

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected on his �New Deal for the American People� program, his first act as president on his inaugural, March 4, 1933, was to declare a national bank holiday. For the next 8 days, banks were closed because of the number of people withdrawing their savings in gold.

A little more than a month later, on April 20, Roosevelt passed the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 which took America off the gold standard. It put an end to the following: (1) Convertibility of notes into gold for Americans but allowed foreign countries to convert their gold-backed dollars at any time and (2) Private ownership of gold was made illegal except if you were a rare gold coin collector. In essence the American financial system was transferred from a standard of accountability which used gold to guard against excess debt, to a system in which there is no accountability. All a government has to do is print money. This opened the door for the massive debt which is Keynesian economics at its finest: a world in debt to a private group of bankers.

However, if you really want to control the monetary system of the world, not only do you have to control the banking system, but you have to devalue its money. It was President Nixon who severed any remaining ties the dollar had to the gold standard in 1971. Between 1933 and 1971, foreign countries that owned gold backed dollars were able to redeem them for gold. However, when Nixon closed the �Gold Window�, it changed the monetary system of the world from one in which currency was gold-backed to a paper system. Basically what Nixon did was to DEFAULT on millions of dollars that those countries held in their vaults.

There is no other historic incident that can equate the financial devastation that Nixon did when he took the dollar off the gold standard. Never before in the 6,000 year history of trade, was a piece of paper been used. During Biblical times and earlier, traders used animals, jewels, expensive clothing, and gold and silver to trade. These all have TANGIBLE value. Today, the world is on a fiat monetary system that has nothing of value supporting it. The purchasing power can drop simply by government printing more paper money! From what we can understand, this was the first phase of changing the monetary system of the world.

The second phase was to internationalize it. In 1944, finance ministers from over 40 countries of the world met in New Hampshire to set up financial international institutions that would deal with a post-War world: the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Their objective was to set in place global institutions that would facilitate the financial and economic integration of the nation-states. That however was not the immediate objective. Both of these institutions were set in place to facilitate loans to help rebuild war-torn Europe. Today on a bi-annual basis, finance ministers from 186 countries of the world meet to determine the state of the world�s finances. Both of these organizations have been instrumental in �harmonizing� financial growth around the world and redistributing growth from strong countries to weaker countries. In fact, the World Bank established the International Finance Corporation that has established over 60 stock exchanges in third world countries.

From an economic standpoint, if you are going to put a global economic infrastructure in place, it must also be political and encompass trade. The United Nations was established in 1945 and the final piece of a global trading system was birthed in 1994 when our Congress passed the 27,000 page General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs which established the World Trade Organization. The purpose of which is to have a completely flat trading system�no barriers of any kind. No longer does the American farmer, accountant, manufacturer, or engineer compete with his competition across town, but he now competes on a global playing field. Since President Bush II has been in office, 2.7 million jobs have left the U.S.

Open borders supported by the World Trade Organization need for the countries of the world to de-regulate laws that restrict where people can invest. In 1980, during the Carter presidency, Congress passed the Monetary De-Regulation Act of 1980. It impacted the U.S. in several ways: First, it changed various federal laws as foreigners could now invest in America and Americans could now invest outside the United States. These changes led to the proliferation of foreign and global mutual funds, global mergers and acquisitions between companies, and $2T in stateless money running around the world daily looking for higher returns and a quick currency play. Obviously the integration of investments and corporations is part of making the world one and in changing its currency from individual nation-state currencies to a global currency. Secondly, it gave the Federal Reserve more power over the U.S. banking system.

At the 1995 Group of Seven meeting in Halifax, the heads of state and the G7 finance ministers embarked on putting in place a �new international financial architecture.� It included a number of deep empowerments and structural changes being made to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in order to prepare it for a world without borders. The IMF has the responsibilities which include �surveillance� of the world�s banking systems and the flow of monies worldwide. In addition, the IMF makes available lines of credit for countries in trouble, our Congress graciously made $18B available for this purpose. These changes were touted by both Robert Rubin and his successor Larry Summers as necessary for the 21st century. This is all part and parcel of the evolving global stock exchange.

Of course, no take-over of the global economic infrastructure would be possible without changing key laws. In 1999, Congress passed HR10 which was the �Banking Modernization Act.� It helped modernize our banking system by repealing the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act which separated commercial banking from investment banking. HR10 merged these two activities, thus returning the stock market to pre-1929 times. In addition it provided for foreign banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms to buy American banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms.

So now if you are going to globalize the entire financial architecture, you then need international accounting standards. Using Enron as an exampled, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker called for international accounting standards. The fact that he is chairman of the Board of the Trustees for the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) which is located in London was very convenient! Now countries around the world are converting to these new rules.

Getting �Joe Average� into the market was also necessary. By the end of the 1990s, the highest number of Americans, 45%, owned stocks either through a 401k, IRA, or personally. Today, the market has a psychological affect on people. When it is up, people feel good and when it is down, they are not happy. When Greenspan was Fed Chairman, the bottom line is that �When Greenspan speaks, the markets listen.�

Lastly, to facilitate a global financial architecture, you need �market-based democracy� � that is what Treasury Secretary John Snow called it in February, 2004. He basically told the world that every market is dependent on growth in another country and that we need to let market forces work.

Secretary Snow was signaling the new MARKET BASED GOVERNANCE SYSTEM in which the stock, bond, commodity, and currency markets now rule the world. This change has been coming for some time and began with President Reagan and the privatization or selling off of government assets that he encouraged. Those assets, in some cases, went into the market. The World Bank also developed the market by setting up stock exchanges in many developing countries where there were none: China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Ghana, Poland, etc. To help these countries have stock to trade on their new exchange, they sold or privatized state owned assets: railroads, banks, telephones in order to list them on their new exchange. According to the World Bank, more than 80 countries are selling state-owned assets.

At one point in our banking history, banks held the loans they made as part of their portfolio: mortgages, automobile loans, credit card loans, and personal loans. Today, banks have sold them and transferred the risk that they use to assume to the market (you and me). This technique is called �securitization.� What this means is that the market now is like the kitchen sink�everything is in it: mortgages, auto loans, credit card loans, home equity loans, stocks, bonds---everything and now stock exchanges!

In 2002, based on remarks by Dr. Jacob Frenkel, I asked him if he saw a global currency in the market for a globalized world. He told me that before we could have a global currency, we needed harmonization of economies. Eighteen months later I asked former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker if we needed a global currency and he told me, �For the long term�but it�s a long ways off, if we are going to be successful in a globalized world, we should have an international currency.� Since 2004, I have been asking key officials at the Bank for International Settlements in Basle about a global currency, they have told me it is a long way off. I don�t know what they call �a long way off� for chief economist William White just issued a Working Paper, #193, in which he says the global imbalances that the world economy currently has will lead either to a return to the gold system (which is highly unlikely since you can�t print paper like we are currently doing) or an international currency.

So now we have the harmonization of world economies, the calls for an international currency, a market based system in which all assets are now traded on the stock or bond exchange and we are seeing now the rise of a global stock exchange! All we need now is global taxation and that too, is in the works.

The United States is the only country in the world NOT to have a Value Added Tax and this is now part of President Bushes �tax simplification� measures. As well, France is the first country to put a tax on airline tickets to help the poor countries of the world. There are ten other countries that are considering it as well. I asked French President Jacques Chirac what he thought about a tax on airline tickets and he told me that if it was success, �many more global taxes of this kind� were being planned. Welcome to the new world order. World government is not coming. It is here.

� 2006 Joan Veon - All Rights Reserved

Joan Veon is a businesswoman and international reporter, having covered 64 Global meetings around the world in the last ten years. Please visit her website: To get a copy of her WTO report, send $10.00 to The Women's International Media Group, Inc. P. O. Box 77, Middletown, MD 21769. For an information packet, please call 301-371-0541


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Subject: TrineDay needs your help

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you feel would find this of
interest. I'm not asking you to spam for me, just to send this as far and
wide as you conscience allows (of course, your whole mailing list would be

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* Ambushed - Secrets of the Bush Family, the Stolen Presidency, 9-11, and 2004
* Blue and the Red - Tales from the Pirated 2004 Election

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Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 15:46:38 -0800
From: "smacko" <>
Subject: Dam Break for "9/11 Truth?" - Sheen And RBN's Tarpley hit the Mainstream

Dam Break for "9/11 Truth?" - Sheen And RBN's Tarpley hit the Mainstream
March 23, 2006 - It was a first for America's mainstream media on Wednesday night (3/22/06). CNN Headline aired an interview with "9/11 Truth" author Webster Griffin Tarpley on Showbiz Tonight. Tarpley commented on Sheen's remarks and sized up the various schools of "9/11 conspiracy" thought on CNN. The new edition of Tarpley's "Synthetic Terror" points out the different viewpoints on 9/11, which range from the Bush administration version, to the "bungling negligence" theory partly espoused by the 9/11 commission, to the "Let It Happen on Purpose" or LIHOP theory, a compromise popular among liberal intellectuals like Michael Moore. CNN's move comes in the wake of a far-reaching article in New York Magazine on the 9/11 controversy this week, which cited Tarpley, plus hard-hitting comments by actor Charlie Sheen on the Alex Jones talk radio show, on Monday. Read More & View CNN Video


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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 01:50:49 -0500
Subject: U.S. Hiring Hong Kong Co. to Scan Nukes at ports Address:http://www.g

U.S. Hiring Hong Kong Co. to Scan Nukes
at ports

Ask The White House What Part of NO ! They Don't Understand About - No
Foreign Country Providing Security for Our Ports ?


C. Sheen & C. Sheehan

CNN Poll Shows Three-Quarters Support Sheen

Charlie Sheen 9/11 Story Goes Viral

Google Caught Censoring Charlie Sheen 9/11 Story

MSM Attacks Charlie Sheen Over 9/11 Comments

CNN Produces Balanced Piece On Sheen 9/11 Comments

Charlie Sheen 9 11 - Google News


Message: 5
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 10:48:52 -0500
From: "norgesen" <>
Subject: Lawdragon Web site will lift veil on judges

Lawdragon Web site will lift veil on judges

By Gina Keating | March 4, 2006

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The "secret society" of U.S. judges is about to be invaded by a Web site that lets people who have appeared before them rate judges in the first such public forum.

The tooth-comb scrutiny will come from, run by Katrina Dewey, an attorney and former editor of the Los Angeles Daily Journal, the largest U.S. legal daily newspaper.

Lawdragon set out last summer to become the first Web site to allow legal professionals and clients to evaluate the nation's 1.1 million lawyers and judges.

"I though it was important to ask the tough questions and to say when they did a bad job," Dewey said of her fellow attorneys. "You might want to know that they are lazy or not prepared. These are things that you want to know whether you are a litigator or a juror or a client."

Diane Karpman, a nationally recognized legal ethics expert, praised the site, saying: "The reason that Lawdragon is so good is that it provides the public and profession with education about our judges, which is basically like a secret society."

Next week, begins posting thousands of evaluations of judges and lawyers submitted by colleagues, clients and legal watchdogs -- a sort of of legal professionals.

Federal judges and most state judges come to the bench as political appointees. Federal judges keep their posts for life.

State judges stand for reelection but rarely face opposition even if lawyers believe them to be incompetent, said Karpman.

"We live in an era where you can't find out a lot about our judges," Karpman said. "Most of the public goes to the polls and reelects judges without a clue, and these are the people who enforce the laws."

Karpman said although most bar associations do some form of judicial evaluations, that information is usually available only to the legal community.

Federal judges, who keep their posts for life, can be removed only by impeachment and were once protected by a law barring lawyers from publicly criticizing them because such speech was seen as a means of judge shopping.

The American Bar Association rates federal judge candidates as "well-qualified," "qualified" or "not qualified" before they take the bench but does no other evaluations, ABA spokeswoman Nancy Slonim said

Los Angeles attorney Stephen Yagman, who set a 1995 precedent by removing the bar to lawyerly speech about judges, said an open marketplace of unqualified opinion may not be the best way to rate judges.

"You need to talk to someone who has been in front of that judge and many other judges of the same court so there is the direct observations as well as a comparative evaluation," Yagman said.

Dewey, who left the Daily Journal in 2005 after nine years as editor, hired eight legal journalists to solicit evaluations of attorney and judges, then to vet them to insure that each contributor has standing as a client, opposing counsel, or qualified observer of the person they evaluated. now receives about 100 evaluations per day and last week scored 400,000 hits for its legal news content and lawyer directory.

The one-page evaluation, which can by submitted online, promises confidentiality but requires evaluators to reveal their names to Lawdragon staff.

The form asks evaluators to rate attorneys and judges on their expertise, professional dealings with other lawyers and clients and whether clients get their money's worth.

The site also plans to offer a comparison of attorneys fees.

"This is a legal community online where you can have your voice heard," Dewey said. "At Lawdragon, they will be able to find the best lawyer, the cheapest one or somebody that can see them right away."

"The quarterly magazine provides us with great visibility for the Web site. Because many of the decision makers in the legal profession are not in the Internet era yet, it was important to provide a forum that they felt comfortable with."

Next? Dewey envisions dossiers on all 8 million legal service providers worldwide. "We believe there is a great opportunity ... as business becomes more global, as people do business in countries they are not familiar with and in practice areas they don't know."

� Copyright 2006 Reuters. Reuters content is the intellectual property of Reuters or its third-party content providers. Any copying, republication, or redistribution of Reuters content, including by caching, framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters.

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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 11:23:34 -0500
From: "norgesen" <>
Subject: Anatomy of a Fraemup


(c) 2006

"Honey, I can't wait for you to get home," cooed Navy PO1 Jim Praefke's wife into the telephone as the veteran petty officer called Oak Harbor, Wash. from a refueling stop enroute back to the United States after seven hard months of duty in Afghanistan. "Here's the kids," she sweetly said, as they each took turns telling "Daddy" how much they looked forward to his return.

"And, Jim. I've got a big surprise waiting for you when you get here."

She sure did! "Sex abuse charges" and maxed-out credit cards, as well as wild accusations to the media that her husband was a dangerous "terrorist." Praefke was immediately taken into custody by salivating NCIS agents, eager to add another notch to their "politically-correct" arrest scoresheet.

The Navy had to know there were serious problems with the wife's accusations and her credibility, but since when did that stop the prosecution of an enlisted man with a clean record? "Let the games begin!" as Caligula used to shout in the Roman Colliseum


Hard-charging, super-aggressive JAG LT Jodi Bell tried her best to paint Praefke as an evil "child molester" at court-martial, but failed. The petty officer was acquited on all sex charges.

He did plead guilty - on advice of legal counsel - despite his stated innocence, to specious charges he "stole ammunition, illegally stored explosives (a dummy grenade)" and made "false official statements."

That was enough to destroy his military career, send him to the brig and make him ponder the irony of that old phony claim: "The Navy takes care of its own."

Strange how the Navy's turned a blind eye to LT Bell's "false official statement" she knowingly and maliciously inserted into the record, whereby PO1 Praefke's NCIS "wanted bulletin" contained false and extremely defamatory information that could have led to his death, if apprehended.


Look on our home page or "click on" the "related stories box" at the end of this article.

It's "circle the wagons" time, as the Navy PAO refuses to even return MCC's phone calls. We've complained to the Pentagon and been assured we would at least be given the courtesy of a response, but apparently the tactic decided upon by "the powers that be" is to "stonewall" us and other media, hoping the scandal of a JAG breaking the law blows over without any damage to her "career."

We've got news for them. calls for a formal investigation into LT Bell's misconduct and we'll be glad to provide the Navy with copies of her e-mails, which - in her own words - prove her intent to perpetuate a lie and a deliberate canard. "Political correctness" or gender favoritism should have nothing to do with whether or not a JAG officer is held to the same standard of the law as anyone else. If not, the whole system breaks down.

One has to wonder, if LT Bell would engage in such dishonest conduct as we reported in this space in our previous story, then, is it any stretch of the imagination to wonder if she might do other things illegal in her fervor to send PO1 Praefke to the slammer? Perhaps the entire court-martial was tainted by unfairness, which would put things in a very different light if the petty officer were to voluntarily return to Navy custody, as we have urged him to do.

[MCC is appealing to Praefke to give himself up peacefully to famed defense attorney and former Navy CDR John "Bull Dog" Wells. The retired officer has asked NCIS not to harm the Navy petty officer as long as he contacts Wells ( telephone: 1-800-817-5123; e-mail: ) and offers to return to custody. In our initial story (see "related stories" box below), we told NCIS what the "ground rules" were for Praefke's safe return to Navy control. Getting an escaped prisoner back without bloodshed should be the goal of everyone concerned.]


While the Navy has so far succeeded in keeping the Praefke court-martial transcripts away from the media, they didn't count on us getting hold of a copy of the paperwork on the Article 32 (preliminary hearing). There's enough in there to make one blanch at the decision to take this case any further. Was it the unsubstantiated "sex abuse charges" leveled at the petty officer by his "loving" wife that forced prosecution, regardless of the facts?

We have studied the documents closely, and with the help of former Navy LTCDR and Naval Academy graduate Walt Fitzpatrick, come up with many reasons to suspect Jim Praefke was railroaded and framed.

Take for example, the serious charge of smuggling a grenade - albeit an inert and "dummy" one - in from Afghanistan to the United States. When Praefke was questioned by Customs officials upon arrival back in this country he was specifically asked if he had any weapons or ammunition in his baggage. He said "no." That was because he didn't! So, how did it get there?

Well, first of all, if you read the sworn testimony of Carolyn Lockhart, the Customs and Border Protection Officer, Port of Anacortes, Wash., she says the grenade "was in a weird-looking box that was inside another box" in Praefke's marked bag.

But then, just five pages more into the transcript and you find Government witness Boatswains Mate First Class Matthew Broderson, from the EODMU 11 Detachment Northwest, Whidbey Island, testifying: " . . . the master-at-arms took me into the hanger bay and pointed to where there were a number of integrated storage containers holding the crew's gear and equipment. He pointed to an unzipped bag containing the hand grenade which I saw as plain as day. The grenade was in plain view. I took a picture of it, then unzipped the bag the rest of the way."

Hold on here! What happened to the "weird-looking box within a box?" You can't have it both ways. Or can you? Maybe you can, if you're the Navy and you want to convict somebody, never mind the facts. Does the thought occur to you, dear reader, that the grenade and scattered rounds of ammunition "found" in Praefke's bag might have been "planted" there? The bag was not locked. We know that from Broderson's testimony, that the top was "unzipped."

Were Praefke's fingerprints or DNA found anywhere on the grenade? The NCIS papers show there was a 3% chance it had Praefke's DNA. Let's see. Do the math. That means there's a 97% chance it wasn't him at all! Hey, gang, that's all we need. Get out the rope. He must be guilty!

More problems arise from the testimony of NCIS Agent Mark Young who swore under oath that he "received a call [on 2 February 2005] . . . indicating a grenade had been identified in Hanger 12." But the Evidence Custody Document, obtained by MCC, records the grenade was recovered on 2 February from Hanger 5 at 12:20 p.m. Which is it? What hanger, and was it in a box within a box, or out in the open? Serious questions that demand answers.

According to PO1 Broderson, "Grenades are tracked from the time they're made, to the time they're expended." But we found no evidence that any attempt was made by investigators to trace the grenade's point of origin. Why not? Because it might have come from local stock and therefore could not have been smuggled in from Afghanistan? Whoops! There goes the main charge against Praefke. So what to do now? Ah, how about dispose of the evidence! Yeah, that's the ticket!

In a stunning development, has learned from an active duty Navy member [name withheld to save him from retaliation], that: "Hell, EOD (Emergency Ordnance Disposal) blew up that grenade the day after they found it. I know, because I saw them do it."

As for PO1 Praefke, he was arrested upon arrival at Whidbey Island on 1 February, so he was in lockup all day and could not have been in either Hanger 5, Hanger 12 or anywhere else. He denied from the very beginning any knowledge of having such a grenade and we believe him. But the Navy, who couldn't even get it's own story straight, decided to take Praefke to court-martial anyway!

Later on in this report, we'll explain how and why that material might have gotten there, but first, let's ponder the two widely divergent accounts of how the grenade and ammo were "discovered" in Praefke's bag. It made the much-decorated Navy veteran a "criminal" and destroyed 19 years of unblemished military service.


Why would someone want to "set up" Praefke? has been told by an active duty member that the petty officer's wife needed him "out of the way." Allegedly, Praefke's "frau" was seeing another sailor while hubby was off fighting in Afghanistan. It wouldn't be the first time that sort of thing happened.

Our investigators questioned former Navy buddies of the petty officer in Maine who told us that the wife (with the "big surprise") had cheated on her first husband, also a sailor, when he was at the Brunswick Naval Air Station back in the 1990's. She "latched onto" Praefke, we are told, with four kids in tow from the first marriage. "He should have known if she'd do that to her first husband, it could happen to him," said our source. "But, he didn't want to think that, and look what happened."

Since the wife - we don't reveal her name for legal reasons which should be obvious - made charges that were the linchpin of the Navy's case against PO1 Praefke, one would think her veracity and conduct would be carefully investigated. If it was, it was ignored.

For example, NCIS gleefully taunted the petty officer by telling him they had found "sex toys" (a vibrator") that had "DNA on it" in his home. Yeah, from the wife, two children, and a man! What the liars and cheats at NCIS didn't tell Praefke was that the DNA was from an "unidentified male" and did NOT match his!

This means that wifey may well have had a "boyfriend" while husband was gone. Somehow the vibrator was used on wife, kids and the unidentified male. Another sailor, perhaps? Gee, that sounds like a good reason to accuse Jim Praefke of "molesting" his step-kids. Why, he is Superman! He did it all the way from Afghanistan!


While Praefke was cooling his heels in the brig for months on end before his court-martial began in 2005, he discovered his wife had "maxed out" his credit cards, lost $6,000 gambling, and run up bills of as much as $800 a month for telephone calls.

He obtained copies of the bills, and with the help of friends, painstakingly traced where the calls went to. Someone using wifey's phone made a lot of calls to EOD at the Whidbey Island Naval Base. Wonder why that was? What reason would his loyal wife - or her possible boyfriend - have to talk to them? Maybe to find out how to get hold of a grenade and some ammo to plant in Praefke's baggage? Hmmmm. It was known ahead of time when the petty officer's plane would be landing.

Retired CW2 Glen Banks, USMC, tells he sent his friend Jim Praefke a check for $500 "to help him out while in the brig." But Banks mailed it to the petty officer's home, thinking it would be automatically forwarded. It wasn't. As he found out when he got a telephone call from the bank saying Praefke's wife had tried to cash the check! "I've got her signature right on the back. I can send you a photocopy," the mad Marine said.

Between the "sex charges" and weapons "violations" it'd be a good bet that the 6' 3" tall, 220-pound husband would be safely "out of the way" so his estranged wife could "get on" with her life. Or so she may have thought.

We don't know for sure if Praefke's wife tried to "frame" him or not. But she had to know that folks like NCIS, CID and OSI just chomp at the bit for a chance to go after anyone accused of "sex crimes" with all the subtlety of a pack of wild dogs chasing a bleeding deer across an open field.

While we have not named Praefke's wife in this account, and thereby cannot be accused of slander, in the spirit of fairness upon which this web site was founded, we are going the extra mile to offer this woman an opportunity to have her say on these pages. That's right, if she disputes anything we have reported, we'll be happy to retract it publicly upon presented proof of error.

But, let her know, that if she comes forward to give her account, we will avail ourselves of the opportunity to investigate every word she says, and, if she is caught lying, that will be duly reported on these pages as well as passed on to the appropriate authorities.

As of the moment, the estranged wife has, shall we say, "gone to ground" and cannot be located by us or other media organizations. Maybe she's still "frightened" of her "terrorist" husband. We doubt if he's stalking her. He's probably too intent on avoiding capture right now, after walking away from the Navy Brig at Bangor, Wash. Not that he might be more than a little "upset" at what his wife did to him. And the United States Navy.

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