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Re: [911InsideJobbers] More amateur tapes showing no planes at 2nd

> Added on May 20, 2006, 12:58 AM
> by medster (39 videos)
> "...Amateur Vid of second plane hitting tower, listen to what they are saying... the 2nd plane was a missle... too fast to be a plane..."
> Dialogue between guy and his girlfriend:
> Man: "**k. What was that?
> Woman: "I don't know"
> Man: "..they're f**in bombing it...
> Must have been a rocket or something.."

Alex was asking for that vid recently. Is it something like 2nd Hit
Version #30 in the Alex catalog. It is also the vid with a
"white seagull" type holobird near the end of the clip:

From long hours of freeze-framing, slow-motioning and staring at the
Naudet and Canale dvd's, I posit:

orbs were numerous on 9/11

orbs can cloak

cloaked orbs can project white laser-like shadow discs onto building surfaces,
which can morph into 2D "white gulls," "flying" along building surface,
which can then levitate out into "white gulls" flying in 3D.

I posit that the "thing" at WF link above is the final stage of such
a sequence, and that the process amounts to a kind of TELEPORTATION sequence.

I haven't yet figured out whether there's a next step, something the
3D white gull can morph into--perhaps back into a regular dark uncloaked
orb, completing a cycle?

What it all means is a deep mystery to me, but it's self-evident to me
that it's some kind of manifestation of some revolutionarily exotic
optical physics principles.

I do NOT make a leap from here to saying some Ghost175 version was a
live hologram. But I do claim that exotic optics (and other exotic
physics) were definitely happening in the Manhattan sky on the morning
of 9/11.

Here is another example:
(from Naudet movie)
black orb flying in 3D
(with a "companion" which is alternating between black and white)
black shadow moving in 2D
white shadow moving in 2D

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