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Peter Lance has not be reliable in exposing the whole truth of 9/11 in the past.

Able Danger Blog
Able Danger was a small, military intelligence unit under Special Operations Command. It was created as a result of a directive in September 1999 to develop a campaign against transnational terrorism, specifically al-Qaida. According to claims made by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer and confirmed by others, Able Danger had identified the 9/11 attack leader, Mohamed Atta, and the three other lead 9/11 hijackers as possible members of an al Qaeda cell operating in the United States by early 2000.

Triple Cross and Able Danger

By TopDog08

Peter Lance's new book, Triple Cross, which you can pre-order online at Barnes and Nobles or Amazon, should reveal significant new information about the Able Danger case. You might recall his email to Able Danger Blog back in March:

...Boesen went on to do many, if not most of the Able Danger link charts.

Further, I have a booklet on al Qaeda that he co-wrote with Dr. Preisser in 2002. It's a little known monograph that he autographed for me.

I tried for weeks to reach Boesen after Cong. Weldon broke the Able Danger story in August. On the eve of the Specter Hearing in Sept. Boesen's son told me that his father couldn't talk to me because his "company" forbade him too, since I was a member of "the press."

In addition, we have learned that a two hour documentary he is working on for National Geographic Magazine, also due out in September, will discuss Able Danger. You might recall that a previous documentary of theirs mentioned it briefly, but you can expect a much more thorough discussion this time around. There are also rumors that a major news organization might be planning a in-depth follow up on Able Danger to coincide with the fifth anniversary of September Eleventh. Maybe there are some real journalists out there after all. Now, if only the witnesses weren't all afraid of losing their jobs, we might finally start to make some progress here and have a small chance of changing things so we can better prevent the next strike on the US.

Here is an introduction to the new book due out in September:

"TRIPLE CROSS: How Bin Laden’s Chief Security Adviser Penetrated the CIA, the FBI, and the Green Berets"

Investigative reporter Peter Lance returns to uncover the story of Ali Mohamed – a trusted security advisor of Osama bin Laden who hoodwinked the United States for more than a decade. As Lance reveals for the first time, this one man served in a series of high-security positions within the United States security establishment while simultaneously helping orchestrate the al Qaeda campaign of terror that led to 9/11, a feat worthy of John le Carre. How did he move in and out of and around the U.S.? How did he become a naturalized citizen, marry an American woman and infiltrate three of America’s top intelligence agencies: the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the FBI? With utter complacence, ruthlessness, and ease, and with no small amount of oversight from the outflanked U.S. intelligence community. TRIPLE CROSS penetrates Mohamed’s secret past to tell the story of the most dangerous triple-agent in recent history. Peter Lance is a five-time Emmy Award–winning journalist and the author of the groundbreaking 1000 YEARS FOR REVENGE, COVER UP, and the novel FIRST DEGREE BURN, he is a former correspondent for ABC News and has covered hundreds of stories worldwide for 20/20, Nightline, and World News Tonight.

Publication: September 2006 (SH)
Estimated length: 320 pages with 16-page color insert
Manuscript available: May 2006

From Dingbat Magazine:

BAT:It sure is. You’ve given the public plenty to be outraged about and maybe the government will start feeling the pressure.

Finally, what are you working on now?

LANCE: A new book called TRIPLE CROSS, on the greatest enigma in the war on terror: Ali Mohamed, the al Qaeda spy who infiltrated the Green Berets at Fort Bragg, the CIA and the FBI. He's the rosetta stone that helps to explain so much of why the FBI and the DOJ failed to stop the 9/11 attacks. It is due out in Sept. and the National Geographic Channel will be doing a two hour documentary based on the book and my reporting.

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