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Asteroid/Katrina-watchers, YouTube owns YourStuff

Any Day Now

I gotta plan

Alex Jones' Bilderberg Report
Click here to listen to the MP3 summary.
- Canadian immigration officials almost deported Alex's crew on the orders of Bilderberg until the media arrived.
- Agent provocateurs, one apparently operating on behalf of Queen Beatrix, were trying to stir up trouble and provoke peaceful protesters into becoming violent.
- One Dutch individual expressed his desire to kill Freemasons and attack the Bilderberg Group - yards away from police who were waiting to pounce if any of the peaceful protesters and independent media agreed.
- Police intimidated Alex's crew for parking in clearly permitted parking spaces and threatened to arrest them.
- Police attempted to remove protesters from what was shown to be public property.
- Alex was able to bullhorn the Bilderbergers - in his own words "crossing the line" and demanding their attention.
Security were figuratively ripping their hair out and staring at Alex with total hatred as his screed loudly echoed across and bounced back off the buildings.
- After his experience Alex is more enlightened to the ultimate agenda of the new world order and he is more energized than ever to oppose it.
Further articles about the Bilderberg expose are coming this week.

My Iraqi Photo Album

Former Saddam aide dragged from court

More fun and games at the Saddam trial railroad 12/06/2006 - 18:19:50

Saddam Hussein’s former intelligence chief was manhandled by guards as they dragged him out of court today for arguing with the judge, fuelling defence protests that it is being treated unfairly in the trial of the ousted Iraqi leader and members of his regime.

An American lawyer on the team, Curtis Doebbler, said the defence is at a “serious disadvantage,” accusing the court of ignoring its requests, intimidating witnesses and rushing it while giving the prosecution all the time it needed to present its case.

The trial was further thrown into confusion when a judge read out what were said to be confessions by four defence witnesses who were arrested after giving their testimony two weeks ago. In the confessions, they admitted to committing perjury.

The defence said the witnesses were made to sign confessions they hadn’t read. Two of the witnesses said they were beaten and forced to give the confessions.

The session turned tumultuous when chief judge Raouf Abdel-Rahman ordered the removal of Barzan Ibrahim, Saddam’s half-brother and former intelligence chief, after he accused the court of “terrorising” the defence.

Iraqi guards grabbed Ibrahim by the arms and pulled him out. He tried to shrug them off and they held his left arm and pushed him into a wall as they tried to hustle him out the door, causing an uproar among the defence lawyers.


Asteroid-watchers worry about cosmic Katrina

Former astronaut presses campaign for global preparedness

Image: Gravity tractor
Dan Durda / B612 Foundation
In this artist's conception, a "gravity tractor" positions itself near an asteroid
Below the belt
Learn about close encounters of the asteroid kind
The bright side
Asteroids can also be a valuable economic resource in the coming years.

By Leonard David
Senior space writer
Updated: 8:47 p.m. ET May 6, 2006

LOS ANGELES - Natural events such as hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes rock this planet from time to time. But when Earth gets stoned by an asteroid, consider it akin to a Katrina from outer space.
When Hurricane Katrina slammed into the United States in August of last year, it became a deadly, destructive, and costly episode —
one that has also become a metaphor for lack of government action, both pre- and post-strike.
At the current time there is no agency of the U.S. government —
or of any other government in the world —
that has the explicit responsibility to develop and demonstrate the technology necessary to protect the planet from collisions with near-Earth objects, or NEOs.
The latest attempt to rebrand the web, "Web 2.0" has been evangelized as a platform for sharing - but it's increasingly looking like a platform tilted steeply in one direction.
The latest attempt to rebrand the web, "Web 2.0" has been evangelized as a platform for sharing - but it's increasingly looking like a platform tilted steeply in one direction.
Millions may be about to discover what singer Billy Bragg found out recently -
that "community" hosting web sites can do as they please with creative material you submit.
In its Terms & Conditions, the wildly popular video sharing site YouTube emphasizes that "you retain all of your ownership rights in your User Submissions".
There's quite a large "BUT...", however. Not only does YouTube retain the right to create derivative works, but so do the users, and so too, does YouTube's successor company. Since YouTube has all the hallmarks of a very shortlived business -
it's burned through $11.5m of venture investment (Sequoia Capital is the fall guy here) and has no revenue channels - this is more pertinent than may appear.
A Brampton, Ontario justice of the peace has imposed a publication ban on the proceedings against 17 terror suspects, just hours after lawyers for the suspects said their clients endured "cruel and unusual punishment" behind bars which amounted to "torture.

tRussia is ready to expand military and technological cooperation with Western countries, according to Vyacheslav Dzirkaln, the director of the Federal service for military and technological cooperation.
You can listen to Alex Jones live on the Genesis Comunications Network from 11:00AM-2:00PM and 9:00PM-12:00AM CST. Click through to live streaming audio of the show. Don't forget, you will need an audio player, either the lastest version of Real Player or Winamp (you can use the free version of both of these).

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