Wednesday, June 14, 2006

[political-research] Global Guerrillas: Requiem for Preventative War



As we have seen in the Middle East, the attempt to remake Middle East politics by toppling regional dictatorships to ensure low-cost oil exports from terrorism free nations has backfired. The collapse of these states hasn't resulted in a flowering of democracy but rather the rise of revisionist opposition. This has taken the form of political Islam (Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, and to an extent Afghanistan) and fragmentation of nominally cohesive populations into primary loyalties (that drive the creation of open source warriors). In effect, big bangs do destabilize things as expected, but the result is the exact opposite of what was intended -- ie. the map melts even faster. As a result, the catalyst of big bangs particularly through the acceleration of open source warfare's ability to disrupt systems (which is growing more sophisticated through experience in Iraq's proving ground), threatens the very oil supply that we intended to save.

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