Wednesday, June 14, 2006

[political-research] Bloglines - Matthews On Iraq: We May Be The Bad Guys (VIDEO)

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Matthews On Iraq: We May Be The Bad Guys (VIDEO)

By Ian on Anti-Americanism

(via Newsbusters)

Chris Matthews: “Let me talk about Haditha or ask you to talk about Haditha. It seems to me a lot of people would like to have some reason to get out of Iraq. We can’t win is a good reason. There’s too much bloodshed would be a good reason. But on the other hand, the difficulty of the task is an argument for a lot of people to stay in. ‘We know it’s tough,’ the President says. ‘We know we’re taking casualties, but we gotta win this one and these people are sacrificing their lives and their family members for this work. All the more reason to stick with the fight.’ But there’s one thing that turns people off. The sense that we might be the bad guys. My Lai, Haditha. In your reporting for Time, do you think Haditha is gonna measure up to one of those pivotal moments where ya say, ‘This war smells bad, it tastes bad. We’re getting into situations of counterinsurgency, which are brutal. We don’t want to be there.’”



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