Sunday, June 04, 2006

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War Coverage

War Coverage

LA Times columnist Tim Rutten excoriates right wing press and bloggers for their unhinged attitude toward Iraq war press coverage: (reg req)

"As the war ground on — and so much of the news became so inconveniently bad — the tenor of this commentary changed. More recently, there has been a drumbeat of criticism alleging that the press corps in Iraq is misleading the American people because it is either too cowardly to leave the relative safety of the Green Zone, or too culturally biased to recognize what they see when they do."

"THIS week, moreover, many of the right-wing’s most ardent press critics did a 180 and denounced correspondents for reporting too much out of Iraq. The stories they find so objectionable concern allegations that U.S. Marines executed as many as 24 civilians, including women and children, in the village of Haditha and, earlier, another civilian in Hamandiya."

"This time, critics say, the problem is that the press is saying too much. In fact, some online commentators insist that any reporting on these incidents or the investigations into them is an act of disloyalty and an attack on the morale of our soldiers and Marines."

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