Sunday, June 04, 2006

[911InsideJobbers] 9/11: The lost 'plane crash' into WTC7


nico wrote:
June 3, 2006
Dear NIST and the planehuggers,

it appears to me that the investigation on WTC 7 an d 9/11 is still
questionable, because there is apparently new footage of a new
'plane' crashing into WTC 7?

Since it wasn't established yet, who was the camera operator for
W-ABC 7 (including a WESCAM set) of the official second hit,
maybe you can shed some new light on their identities or also
about this new clip?


nico aka ewing2001
truthseeker new york city

9/11: The lost 'plane crash' into WTC7
June 3, 2006

Lost Footage, Reality, TV Prank or another revenge of the 'planehuggers'?

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