Thursday, May 18, 2006

[political-researchp] Bloglines - Substitute Teacher Put on Leave for Voicing 9/11 Opinions

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Substitute Teacher Put on Leave for Voicing 9/11 Opinions

By dz

9/11 Opinion Lands Teacher in Hot Water
A substitute teacher by the name of Tom Mustric was put on administrative leave for voicing his opinion about 9/11.

He was talking to another teacher in the lunchroom and said that he believes that there may have been U.S. Government involvement.

Apparently, the other teacher told this to the Principal of the school he was subbing at, and he was put on leave, pending a hearing on Monday, (May 15th, 2006), which may see him fired. (He is already on a blacklist of sorts, where other schools in his district are advised not to call on him for work.)

This news item was reported on the NBC affiliate in Columbus, Ohio, WCMH, and broadcast on the 11 o’clock news, Wednesday, May 10th. The story has not been posted on the station website, so I called the reporter, David Wayne, to confirm details.

My phone call to Columbus Public Schools resulted in a dead-end. I was told that this information is not shared with the public.

Good find by Reprehensor. I am also glad to announce that Reprehensor will be joining us here on the team, bringing our new roster to 4 - myself, Somebigguy, GeorgeWashington, and now Reprehensor - welcome to the team!


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