Thursday, May 18, 2006

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New Pentagon Video: Eminently Ignorable

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Russell Pickering of Pentagon Research does a fine job of shooting holes in the newly released Pentagon video. “It strikes me that something flew into the Pentagon. I don’t know what to say though because it also appears nearly as certain from all of the comparisons that the size, bright color and reflection of the object in the videos does not match what you would expect from a 757-200,” he writes. “They could pull something solid (or apparently solid) out of the bag and ridicule us later. We should focus on the irrefutable evidence like the demolition of WTC7, the free-fall speed of the towers, Norad, PNAC etc., in other words, things that are WELL documented. The Pentagon situation is always going to be a sticky mess. I think they have made themselves look bad enough without any more help from us.”

In fact, the moment I managed to take a look at stills of the video, I thought precisely the same thing—they are attempting to motion the truth movement over on a side rail and make it look more ridiculous than it now looks, what with all the blue screen and pod nonsense floating around, about as relevant as UFOs and Big Foot.

All this “irrefutable evidence” aside (and there is enough of it to convict our rulers and send them packing in orange jumpsuits to a small penal island somewhere in an isolated stretch of the Pacific), I believe this latest video is not worth the stream of bytes the images encapsulate. It should be studiously ignored while other, more relevant and damaging evidence (the obvious demolition of the towers and Building Seven) is brought to the forefront.

Obviously, the latest video is a transparent attempt—with Judicial Watch serving as an apparently willing patsy—to hijack the argument and make nine eleven truth seekers out to be tinfoil hatters. It is interesting to note this new video surfaced as British Labor MP Michael Meacher announced his intention to screen Dylan Avery’s Loose Change (a film that trounces the official version of what happened at the Pentagon on nine eleven) on June 14 at the House of Parliament. It is hoped this new video will make truth seekers and nine eleven researchers look like idiots and churls prior to this screening.

Incidentally, a Google News search of “Michael Meacher” and “Loose Change” produces one result from UKFilm, while a general search produces a handful of results gleaned from alternative news and information sites. In short, for the corporate media, the fact members of the British government have been invited to see a documentary that effectively destroys the official version is not newsworthy, while the freshly minted bogus video, “issued to dispel conspiracy theories,” receives well over 800 results from the usual suspects, including CNN, the New York Times, MSNBC, Slate, and a bevy of left gatekeepers, most notably Democracy Now.



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