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The house that Jack bought....

By Joseph

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Ah. Seems the ACLU (ya gotta love 'em) has forced the Secret Service to turn over logs of Jack Abramoff's visits to the White House, reportedly over 200 times in the first ten months of Bush's tenure.

If you're like me, you initially just brushed that aside into the "very large Biblical" numbers bin, and moved along.

If you're also like me, though, in a pique of boredom in traffic or on the train, you found yourself actually calculating the rate of those visits during that time.

This is fun, easy puzzle stuff, kids; have a seat and put on your thinking caps!

Ok. Let's divide a month into four weeks of five days each. That's simple; twenty work days a month. Standard.

Next, let's multiply that by ten, the number of months recorded in this particular log (er, allegedly). And that comes to, lessee, ten times twenty is....

Right! 200!!

It appears that Jack Abramoff may well have visited the WH every single work day at least for the first ten months of Bush's presidency.

Which would also mean that Jack was working far more than the President, of course.

Now wasn't that fun?

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