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Subject: [911InsideJobbers] Re: Conspiracature ......... the poster
"Silverfox" lays it out beautifully..
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 18:53:38 -0000
From: Lynn Ertell <>

I feel like quoting "Silverfox" extensively here.
Because it states the psychological reality with such striking
I wish I could have said it this way myself ...
(Anyone know who this "Silverfox" is ?
Can we get him/her to post here ?)


a brief excerpt from a longer post by "Silverfox" at
"Now the main reason an elaborate and controlled demolition is
significant is that it places the planes themselves in a far different
context. They are not the event, merely the rallying call to come and
see it.
Not just a simple circus act in two parts to impress New Yorkers with
the outlandishness or reckelss abandon of any mere terrorist
hijackers. It becomes a contrivance to draw as many people and as much
media to the scene to witness the buildings coming down.
As a matter of fact as soon as that attention could be seen to have
reasonably peaked the first building was blown.
After giving the shock and dust just enough time to settle even if
people's wits hadn't, the second one followed to reinforce and hammer
home "the message".
So the conspiracy that needs to be tracked and found is not just the
one to blow the buildings but the one determined to create and use the
"psychological effect" from that to maximum advantage."

and later .... another equally insightful post from "Silverfox"....

Your "doubts" and mistrust of your own judgement in the matter is
part of that overall "psychological effect" I was referring to.

It's like some spreading disease that weakens the cognitive
processes with feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty about the
ability to judge or determine the truth of things for yourself.

What I'm trying to tell you is the event was staged to get the
maximum emotionally shock AND just as importantly be incomprehensible,
inconcievable, or simply astonishing at the same time.

My point to you is that it wasn't any of that in reality. None of
it. Not the ruse to keep the hijackings a secret, the timing of the
planes crashing, and certainly not the "piece de resistance", the
blowing up of the buildings.

The whole thing was planned and scripted from start to finish
right down to it's mind (and body) blowing climax for maximum
psychological effect and minimal risk for those who actually staged it.

There was no blind "luck" or anything left to chance about any of it.

Everyone was set up like pins in a bowling alley with a little
"high" human drama and some arial action scenes worthy of Hollywood to
keep them looking up.

Meanwile the ball that was silently rolling down the alley right
at their feet had a fuse on it and they never knew what hit them when
it went off. Most still don't.

More than two thousand people were deliberately and brutally blown
to bits and incinerated right before the eyes of a completely
unsuspecting audience. Just think about that...hmmm?

No warning at all. No normal creaking, groaning or rending of
steel or popping of glass. No bending, shaking or tilting either. Just
"Prest-o-change-o!" and just like magic a huge piece of reality just
dissappears forever in a collosal puff of smoke!

And just in case you missed what a really fucking nifty trick it
was you got to see it again and the second tower went kabango the very
same way. Not to be outdone as a parting gesture these magicians even
sneeringly tipped their hand and took WTC7 with them too, but people
were just too dazzled and frazzled to notice. They still are.

All any mind could think of is "I don't believe this...", "This
can't be happening..." but it was, and it was real people just like
you and me that were permanently dissappeared in their thousands right
along with them too....

You don't want to believe it. You still can't believe it. No one
could possibly ever be as rotten, despicable, callous, and inhuman
enough to cold bloodedly calculate and carry out something like
that...hmmm? Staggers the imagination, doesn't it?

There just has to be some other explanation even if it's bizarre
or freakish, as long as it's got the remotest possibility it's damn
sight better than having to imagine or think about that...hmmm?

Well I have news for you. There are ruthless bastards who can and
do do those kind of things all the time. Not only that, there are
whole agencies chock full of them on the payroll of the US government
who will do that and a good deal more for the "America" they happen
believe in.

Now if you want to co-opt and completely control something the
size of the United States, push it towards a fascist dictatorship,
wage unlimited wars for fun and profit and be able to walk away from
it all at the end of the day with a smile on your face and having
wrung just about everything and anything you possibly can out of it,
that's exactly what you do.

You simply deliver a massive and crushing blow to both individual
and collective psyches while everyone is totally off guard in the
honest and deep felt concern for what they are aleady intently
watching and they're putty in your hands after that.

And don't forget how Bush even helped to push that hopelessnes and
being out of it along by telling people essentially that there was
really nothing they could even do. He said the best thing to do was
"go shopping" for God's sake!

Perhaps to wander the streets and malls utterly stunned by just
how completely powerless and out of the loop they really were to have
nothing better to do about it than that...hmmm?

Well you're only "out of the loop" if you don't realize what
you're actually dealing with and what depths the real monsters behind
this will stoop to.

The event has already forced far too many as it is to simply defer
or abandon their personal power and judgement to "someone" or the
"experts" or higher "authorities" who simply must know better...hmmm?

If people can't trust their own eyes and judgement on this key
element they can't trust themselves on any of the other equally
important things that were served up right in it's wake, or question
or logically challenge the altogether disturbing oddities and
anomalies in them either.

So the Patriot Act, the war and so forth all roll forward, despite
the fact that they're not quite making any real sense either and minds
are all still locked in that same damaged pattern of looking for a
bizarre or freakish excuse any excuse rather than face the reality of
what they are too.

Now in the little matter of rescue workers, firefighters and other
emergency workers. They are NEVER allowed to place their lives
directly in harms way regardless of who or what is at stake, nor do
they ever allow themselves the luxury of being anything but practical
and level headed even in the worst possible scenarios imaginable.

They are literally "drilled to death" on their methodolgy and
always aware that to deviate from it in any way can only make things
worse for all concerned. Every risk is carefully balanced, every
avenue of escape duly noted and confirmed. Equipment and additional
staff are all well placed ahead of everything and based on options.
There is NEVER any move forward towards that danger without enough of
those options on the table to ensure they all come back alive.

======== end of quoted excerpt by "Silverfox" at Jeff Wells' site...

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> sarcasm meets confusion -:)
> I guess is referring to the (military jet-)pod people
> George Nelson, Colonel, U.S. Air Force (retired), no ex-government
> helpful idiot Phil Jayhan and some 9/11 truthlings, associated with
> Jim Fetzer, but i'm not sure who else is the loudest "former Bush aide"
> pod supporter?
> ""-Fred Burks? (former Presidential interpreter)...?
> "...the most noisome "researchers" supporting the ET hypothesis have
> been disseminators of military disinformation. Or how, suddenly, the
> voices for "9/11 Truth" are those of former Bush aides and lifelong
> Republicans, beating the drum for - dig it - no passenger aircraft
> struck the World Trade Center...."
> > Wednesday, April 12, 2006
> > Conspiracature
> >
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> > You're invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal - Bob Dylan
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