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Condi and the Bush Monarchy Above the Law

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Not only is the “decider” Bush—the Monarch of America, our Napoleon Bonaparte, the First Consul of the Straussian neocons—above the law, so are his court minions. “Lawyers for two lobbyists accused of conspiring to obtain secret defense information said Friday that they intended to prove that senior administration officials, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, provided the lobbyists with some of the sensitive information,” reports the Los Angeles Times. “Ratcheting up their defense against espionage charges, the lawyers, representing former employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, got tentative clearance from U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III to subpoena Rice and three other officials in the case…. It was unclear whether Rice and the other officials would agree to be questioned or to testify,” in other words they are above the law and subpoenas are little more than toilet paper.

It should come as no surprise Rice and other “officials” had “real-life dealings with the defendants in this case” since AIPAC essentially runs both the White House and Congress and has for some time.

In 1982, AIPAC “convinced” the Reagan administration and Congress to veto a French-supported UN resolution condemning the Israeli Invasion of Lebanon. A decade later, AIPAC president David Steiner resigned when after he was heard on tape boasting how the Bush Senior administration was in the hip pocket of Israel. Steiner had arranged for “almost a billion dollars in other goodies” for Israel and was “negotiating” with the up-and-coming Clinton administration over appointing a pro-Israeli Secretary of State.

But packing the Clinton administration with Zionists was not enough for AIPAC and the settlers in Israel—in 2000, the Straussian neocons, all Israel Firsters to a man and woman, managed to have the Supreme Court appoint their man and then, four years later, subvert the already badly damaged election system in America and fix Bush for a second term (not that it mattered—the other “candidate,” John Forbes “Kohn” Kerry, was a consummate insider determined to kill more Iraqis than Bush and heap even more cash on the tiny outlaw state of Israel).

Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman may serve as sacrificial lambs. However, the three Israeli diplomats who received the classified information stolen by Larry Franklin and handed over by Rosen and Weissman, will not be compelled to provide depositions to the court because as Judge T.S. Ellis II noted, he does not have the authority to do so. In other words, the case will stop short of implicating the criminal state of Israel.

The AIPAC case is a struggle between Zionists and Israel First traitors and the “national security” apparatus in the United States. Israel needs the United States military to fight its wars of conquest and destruction in the Middle East and the process is well underway with the Straussian neocons breathing the rarified air at the top of the dung heap with a commanding view of the White House, Congress, and the Pentagon. Condi will probably not be compelled to testify in the case against AIPAC. But even if she does, it will not change the subversive nature of AIPAC or scale back one iota the influence the Jabotinskyites have over our government and foreign policy.

In the old days, Americans ran traitors and snake oil salesmen out of town on a rail after tar and feathering them. Now they are too busy watching Rod Stewart nuzzle up with American Idol finalists on the mind control tube to bother. Meanwhile, the country, once a proud constitutional republic, is parceled out to criminals, foreign interests, and thieving transnational corporations and other flimflammers.


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