Monday, February 13, 2006

Re: [911InsideJobbers] Re: Why Electromagnetic Weaponry & Not Planted Charges?

That's right. The guy was showing us the evidence.
And how about horse shoe shaped beams without any sign of scorching or burning.
And how did all that paper come sailing down from the towers? The towers had small windows because the guy who designed it had a fear of heights and assumed that he would be doing everyone a favour. Did it all come out the holes made in the walls? Papers are normally kept in filing cabinets and folders. Why all these loose sheets?
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> Yes, I saw those blue flash events right over the top and through the smoke [wasn't too concerned at hitting the antenna] and where all the helicopters were pointed out on screen. Could have been looking for people on the roof, though or media taking flash shots.
> No this is what is going to sway the people.
> Steel bent like a horseshoe. An antenna surviving not only the fall but to be recognised as the antenna in the debris yet a filing cabinet ending up a shrivelled piece of junk. The people involved in these videos were giving us the clues.

Moreover...that same "melted" metal file cabinet contained UNBURNT paper.

Chew on that little tidbit for a while.

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