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Re: [911InsideJobbers] a message from rick seigel -- Jan 21

That is the moment when the starboard wing "disappears" but we know from the "pod" shot angle that it is still attached to thing. Since the pod is under the starboard then it is a reasonable guess that the pod creates some cloud, exhaust smoke or explosion upwards that cames between the camera and the wing and the wing goes out of sight. There is obviously something that creates a long beam of light seen along the fuselage. A guess would be it is a laser. A laser that may also cut through the outer east side wall.
But it don't make any sense.   
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Subject: [911InsideJobbers] a message from rick seigel -- Jan 21

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Subject:       Apologies Re: SHOULD 9/11 RESEARCH BE LIMITED?
Date:       Sat, 21 Jan 2006 14:58:18 +0100
From:       Rick Siegel <>

My profuse apologies, that went out before it was finished and I hit a
wrong key. I would like to continue and will compose this offline before

*Should research be stopped or limited? Should researchers only go in
"approved" directions?*

I am new to this 911 group, to me the fraud is larger, older and much
more terrifying than 911. As a lover of freedom and liberty I could not
imagine a restriction that anyone can impose on you or anyone else.
Further it would be a travesty if investigation of events surrounding
the 911 frauds were not tied to the root causes.

*Now for years we have been told to not go there, or here, or do this or
do that----supposedly from "our own" because*

Freedom and liberty are chosen paths. One can be told anything, what you
do is your path. If you do not like what someone says, don’t use it in
your life. We need room for billions of people, not just one. (Families
have the rights to be deluded as much as anyone else – one thing about
someone paying respects to their own dead is that you should leave them
alone at that moment – bad taste to start spreading your own gospel at
them when they are in harmony with their own thoughts).

*Keeping ready to stop the clip, tell me what you exactly see on the
RIGHT HAND side of the spires, as the plane goes behind the spires of
this bldg........all the way until the plane is completely inside the
tower. So what do you see?. Not only the right hand side of the spire,
but the left?*




I do not know what you are looking for Phil, the whole plane breaks up.
It is hard to tell where one is, where the camera is, if it is a
composite, it is so granular I am having problems with it. It is a flash
file, not attributed work. Looks like at some point the pixel boxes
finally line up to show box figures (which may find someone willing to
think they are the core structures)

Perhaps without a person who shot it, the actual footage, something
better than this? Maybe it is this stuff the movement is afraid of? I
think what I have learned recently is that the various theories
presented that were very hard to prove were a bane to the ones that were
very easy to prove. In fact, if one that was easy to disprove was in a
whole bunch of proved facts, the proved facts got tossed with the hard
to prove one in the basket.

I would then be begging someone NOT to use something as it would be used
to debunk all the 911 movement – which would be a sad thing. It is up to
the individual to make his own decision in the end. However releasing
something such as that above will only lead to a lot of speculation even
from a believer such as I.

One has to ask; is this solid evidence, or is it vague. There is enough
solid mass already there to make the argument, so bringing in vagaries
will only allow the whole issue to be obfuscated and buried by the vague

Now how about

Where there is a human behind the imagery, a digital master, a verified
observation by an objective digital recorder and regular signatures of
explosives visible through the dust which can be mapped to the core
itself (which is also visible with the sun shining through it). All in
real resolution and with a name on it that would walk (if still alive at
that time) into court, there may be something to walk with.

I apologize to all in this rather rude introduction of myself. But I see
a lot of the evidence in this movement comes from unidentified sources
and that is a shame. I have seen such blatant Photoshop work and special
effects loops that I can understand the “911” movements care in what it

Even in releasing my footage we are taking every care to place it where
it will carry furthest without extravagant embellishments.

I have only recently seen Alex Jones’ film and am in awe at his strength
to go the lengths he does for freedom. In their face Alex! GO! I hope
you make Billions Alex and continue what you are doing with it!

I feel as a brother to you all, and hope I can in some way help the
march to freedom for my country. I am at all your service at anytime and
thank each of you for giving me so much material to digest. I hope I can
only serve any cause for freedom and liberty in exposing the fraud the
powers are and represent.


Rick Siegel

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