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Re: [911InsideJobbers] Doubls about Mariani

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Last time i read about Mariani from a close contact of her,
she didn't believe, that her husband died in a plane, crashing into the
towers. Therefore she could be still on our side.

I think, she also backed up from Flocco and definetely from Berg.

> Doubts about Mariani
> Example: Ellen Mariani: I assume she has a pleasing personality, and I
> say that from the silence from the skeptic community on some glaring
> problems with her story. Has anyone checked out her background? If her
> was ticketed on a non-existant plane, complains of being unable to locate
> any fellow family members from her husbands flight of #175, what doesn't
> that send up flashing lights with anyone?
> Her atty was clearly foreordained to control and protect the conspiracy
> thru various planned fumbling. The hopes of the skeptics and families
> duly pinned on seeing how this case came out, reducing the need of others
> looking for attys' willing to sue the Bush bunch....You know that old
> protocol of Zionism or Machivellian move to create your competition so you
> control it....
> Now, we know Flt 175, or whatever hit the wtc2 was not an airliner, and
> from appearances, was consistent with a missile. No people riding
> shotgun--and for a public person receiving all sorts of publicity, or
> enough to reach any other families of flt 175, Ellen Mariani should have
> >from them IF THEY EXISTED. (The applicants for the 911 Victims
> compensation Fund of are likely to have rogue applicants as payoffs.)
> Then Mariani cancels the suit conveniently as the date draws near. No way
> is that story credible with me. Why couldn't they both have been a
> team--he the fumbler, she the victim of a scoundrel lawyer, the two of the
> successfully derailing any legal moves by families? Reading her comments
> is a propagandist's dream. (We gotta go get those [arab] terrorists.)
> Mostly debunking her atty......
> ""I'm mad and it's very hard to express yourself when you're angry," she
> said. "This should not have happened, period. But we can't just sit here
> take it, take it. We have to act because now, these terrorists have gone
> too far."
> "Mariani cried as Bush acknowledged Lisa Beamer, whose husband, Todd,
> rushed attackers on a hijacked plane that ended up crashing in a western
> Pennsylvania field.
> "She clapped when Bush said that "the state of our union is strong," kept
> her eyes shut while he talked about the human lives sacrificed to serve
> terrorists' "radical visions," and rolled them in disgust as the president
> explained why terrorists hate Americans.
> "What went wrong?" Mariani wondered, as if in a daze. "With all this
> sophisticated equipment we have, how could this happen?"
> "Mariani is grateful of the support shown by people from around the world,
> but lamented that it took a tragedy "to bring us all together."

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