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Subject: [political-research] Re: propulsion engineering & the
Electrodynamic Structure of the Nucleus ...
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 19:16:21 +0000 (GMT)
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Magus2003ad wrote:

Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 08:58:58 -0000
Subject: Deuterium Etc. Plasma Vortex Wave Propulsion ...

Millenium Twain,

Am I correct in saying at some time you worked for some company
that dealt with propulsion?

I maybe wrong, I think I remember something from a few years ago?

Your ideas are interesting and you have much detail there. Tell me
where is all this going too?

What have you got on all of this already?

Have you read Heim? What do you think of his physics?



'kia ora' for the acknowledgement, and question, Paul!

as to Heim, well, we all recognize gangland nonsense (90 percent)
when we see it. but hey, that makes it as good as or better than
of the other institutional physics or propulsion press.

but Plasma WAVE, yes! as you, and most of the other young and
dissident experimenters and theorists know -- the plasma vortex
wave wisdom (a helicoid) has been utilized by true physicists and
engineers for a century. there is no such thing as gravity or
but there IS INDEED the universal experience of ULTRA ULTRA low
frequency and COSMIC amplitude group-plasma waves. these simple
and obvious group plasma helicoids with wavelengths from the AU
scale to the LightYear and kilo-LightYear and mega-LightYear scales
make up the NODES and Troughs in which planets, and star systems
and galaxies sit, orbit, and reside! simplicity itself, which I am
applying to the X49 Electrajet plasma vortex engine/aeroshell
as a planet, we ride in, are pushed AND pulled by the group EM wave
and plasma envelope!

and yes, propulsion has always been the main focus of my studies and
work. at Space Sciences we specialized in building satellites, so I
only had the opportunity to STUDY propulsion (not engineer it), and
invite the best in the world to lead lectures and workshops. I
studied intensively under Edward Gomersall, Rudi Beichel, Gary C.
Hudson, Philip Bono, Robert Salkeld, Dietrich E Koelle, Max Hunter,
Henry Kolm, Bruce Roth, Robert Carroll and others. Philip Bono
coached me well, and provided extensive references from his library.

Edward Gomersall donated his whole library to me (along with his
passport!) and an Air Force pilots 'Blue Book' reference for guiding
their differing trajectories to Earth orbit!

it wasn't until my middle years, at Stanford and Pacific American
Launch Systems, that I got to have hands-on with rocket engine and
EML (coilgun) design, assembly and testing. Gary Hudson, of course
was my closest and most influential friend and mentor in the
business. he never excelled at physics, but his singular economic
and logistical and engineering sense (for SSTO, Single State To
Orbit) was the best that the late 20th century offered. with Gary, I
got to work with James Grote, Eric Laursen, Bevin McKinney (an early
student of mine at Berkeley) and others on chemical rocket engine
theory and design, fabrication and testing. the work was done in
silicon valley, California ... and the testing conducted at our test
sites adjacent to the Mojave airport. I also, on my own and with
Bruce Roth, did some coilgun experimentation to get the feeling for
that very VERY low cost launch technology.

only after I left Hudson's team, and moved to New Zealand, did I
finally utilize my physics credentials -- to break the 'rocket
equation' and do the REAL math to determine the methods by which the
Air Force had had routine access to Earth orbit for half a century.
(during the 80s and 90s I DID circulate the numbers for the ACTUAL
fuel or energy costs to get to orbit, ref. Gordon Woodcock (Boeing)
-- only about 20 cents per pound delivered to orbit, about a
hundred-thousand times less than the US government's fraudulent
charges for orbital access.)

although I had worked with Gary Hudsons RocketPlane design team in
the early 1990s, and the Roton team in the late 90s, it wasn't until
I was on my own in New Zealand in 1999 that I began looking at the
SSTO logistics, environment, trajectory, propulsion and topology --
began looking at it with the same unprecedented scrutiny that I had
applied to the whole of physics during the 1990s. that is I
ALL assumptions, and noted all that were patent political and
economic frauds, and started from scratch. [and also at that time I
played around with hydrogen peroxide as a rocket fuel, and got the
enthusiastic Kiwis and Maori involved in the hand's on and the
publicity. no one will ever forget my 'cooking' the fifty-percent
concentrate hydrogen peroxide, in an empty office down the hall from
FireShips and the dentist, simmering it over a hotplate, with
open, until it reached 80 percent concentration.]

while my computer 3D CAD skills developed, applied to fuselage
designs from 1999 to 2001, I looked first at simple air-refueled
BWB (blended wing body) spaceplane designs (non air-breathing) and
then air-breathing hydrogen-fuel BWB scramjet spaceplane designs. it
was then, spurred on by a telephone request from the Times of
that I composed and circulated several versions of the SpacePlane
Equation -- revealing forever for an international audience the
simplicity of the fraud of spacelaunch costs and spaceplane design.

it is a RARE and exciting point in a space physicist's lifetime when
he is able to break through the 'matrix' programming of the rocket
equation and other cult icons -- to on-your-own write the ACTUAL
space equations -- and to yourself become the teacher and mentor for
a generation of students and colleagues. [ref. the standard bilge
required reference, "Rocket Propulsion Elements".]

at this point I would like to note the wonderful influence of my
teacher Robert Carroll on my studies and work in space propulsion.
up until the early 1990s I was still regurgitating and living under
the delusion of the cult program, that an accelerating spaceship's
mass increases continuously (without limit) over time -- whereas in
reality it's velocity increases continuously without limit! -- and
further that lightspeed was either a constant, Vc, or limited to the
maximum of Vc. each of these silly promotions are promulgated in a
fraudulent 'scientific' marketplace that never learned simple
algebra, nor how NOT to divide by zeros. I remember asking the
question point-blank, at the founding conference of the NPA (Natural
Philosophy Alliance) in 1994, asking it of Carroll during his
lecture. the point had gone completely past the other audience
members, although they were amongst the best the world of physics
to offer. Carroll was warmed to note that at least one member of the
audience understood not only the substance of what he was sharing,
but the fundamental ramifications and applications of that truth.

it wasn't until then, early 1990s, when I had unlimited access to
SLAC and Stanford's voluminous library systems -- and the vast
literature of a global community of institutional, alternative and
dissident physics -- that the ubiquity of subluminal and
lightwave and plasma velocities (and hence starship speeds) became
overwhelming and trivial. it was then that I showed the obvious,
'Black Holes' do not exist, that rather the supermassive
phenomena that populate the centers of galaxies and denser
plasma-cosmos regions are TOROIDAL SUPERSTARS, with 'horizon'
rotational velocities, and polar particle beam speeds, that exceed
(the AVERAGE velocity of light). [and, of course, it was 1994 when
the hundreds of pages of my math and illustration and scribbling led
to the discovery of the 3-frequency superluminal lissajous topology
of the proton. [a standing, self-reflected, or re-connected
electromagnetic wave. just look at the Lissajous figures on your

though I have had many many teachers over the decades in the areas
propulsion and velocity, I still look to the day when I have even
colleague in the world who has (honestly, ethically) studied,
reflected, and written on the superluminal electrodynamic (OBVIOUSLY
dynamic, non-static) topology of the atomic nucleus. in other words,
nucleon-group topological dynamics. (which ARE indeed
electromagnetic, so-called 'weak' and 'strong' (QED and QCD) fields
being transparent pure red-herring misdirection to take the cattle,
clones, away from looking at the ACTUAL electromagnetic wave
(picoscopic and femtoscopic variable wavelength, frequency AND
velocity) helicoidal topologies of protons, neutrons and their

I assume there are no 'Moo-Cows' amongst the group members reading
this, and thus you will not take personally these observations of
differences between MINDED individuals and mindless consumer
(the difference between a natural philosopher who has read hundreds
of books and papers, and one who has read thousands or tens of

or one who is simply awake, honest, globally-minded, and clear.

it is not about sex or sugar, it is about sacred respect.

for all our sacred relations,

Millennium Twain

oh yes, the only engineerning I have had time to do in the
last few years is the construction of my first WeebleRohr,
Hilsch Rankine (Whistler) Tube! that, and the Schauberger
implosion electric generator (next on my list) are the warmups
for desktop scramjet hydrogen engine testing.


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