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Re: [911InsideJobbers] Anyone heard of Timothy McNiven before? His story is pretty wild..

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Subject: Membership Info

James H. Fetzer,

I received an email about your organization and checked it out and
would like to apply for membership.

1.) I am United States Defense Department Intelligence Investigative
Office Supervisor to the Office of the Secretary of Defense Timothy S.
McNiven, I have 31+ years in service with the DoD.

2.) Since September 2001 I have been trying to get the information
about the US Congressional Commissioned US Military Study to Improve
US Air Travel Security I took part in while stationed on Strassberg
Kaserne in Idar-Oberstein,W.Germany assigned to C-Battery 2/81st FA,
US Army 1975-76. The purpose of the Study was to Identify Security
Lapses and submit Corrective Actions to the US Congress.

The part of the Study I took part in were Question and Answer
Sessions; on the first day I took part Lt.Teague explained to me that
I was going to be taking part in a Study to Improve US Air Travel
Security and described the Scenario that the Study was setup around
and that was, the Hi-jacking of an Ariliner and Crashing it into a 100
Story Building in America; and we were to think about how we would
carry out this Mission.

There were also what I called Side Conversations since they were about
topics other then the Hi-jacking of the Airliner and Crashing it into
the 100 Story Building. Some of these Side Conversations touched on
subjects that Critics of the US Government's Account have held up as
Evidence of Democratic - Republican Political Party involvement such
as; the use of Explosives. On two different days during the Study's
Sessions Lt.Teague discussed and talked about the use of Explosives to
bring the Building down. Another conversation we had was about the US
Government's use of Military Exercizes to get around the US Air
Force's Air Security Patrols.

Some of this information is posted online at the web site I put online
about the Study. The website was put online as an information
depository for reporters to see what information I had to see if they
would do an article on it; so the information is not complete.

I am currently under attack by the Government for my activities; on
July 6,2005 the Bush Administration sent four FBI Agents to my home in
Bellingham,Wa. They stated that the reason they came was to discuss
the Information Request I made of them over a year before:

At first they were civil and then they became belligerent and demanded
my DoD ID Card, when I balked at this one Agent who said he was from
the Seattle FBI Office yelled in my face that if I didnot give them my
ID Card then they were going to go to the Bellingham Police to get
Re-inforcements and come back and "Tear my apartment Apart". Since it
was a 4 to 1 situation with the FBI Agents being in their 20's and
30's and me being in my 50's with Heart Disease I surrendered my ID
Card thinking I woould get a Lawyer and take them to Court.

To date I havenot been able to find one Lawyer who will help me to
include the ACLU.

I even tried to find a Lawyer from another Country to help me and this
is his reply about the Corruption in the US Judical System.

Since the FBI never talked about the information I asked for I donot
think they came for that reason. I think that they came because I was
finally breaking the Bush Administration Censorship of my US Military
Study Information and getting it into the media. In March 2005 a Greg
Syzmanski wrote an article about the Study and by
June 2005 it got picked up by internet news sites from other
Countries; I found this one day while doing a Google search. The
Countries were Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil and
I was going to have my webmaster put links to these articles following
the 4th of July Holiday but the FBI arrived before I could do that.
After their visit a person contacted me through my website and I did
another Google search to get the information they asked for and found
the articles had been pulled from the internet just days after the FBI
came to my apartment. Greg wrote and article about the FBI visit in his
article he tells about him contacting the FBI Office and them
confirming that they did go to my apartment on July 6,2005 but
wouldnot give details.

I realize that the Legal Actions I have been involved in against the
Bush Administration is part of the reason for the Bush Administration
attacks on me. I was involved in the Ellen Mariani RICO Lawsuit that
was filed against he Bush Administration; my Affidavit for this
Lawsuit is posted on my website along with a copy of the Lawsuit that
my Military Study information is Count III. I would like to point out
that US Attorey General John Ashcroft didnot have me Arrested for
Impersonating a Federal Agent when I identified myself as the DoD
Agent I am in the first paragraph of my Affidavit. Every person who
has said they do not believe me or my information I point this out to
them that the Legal Opinion of the US Attorney General's Office is
that I am the Federal Agent I state I am; and then ask them to show me
the Law that says that their Legal Opinion is of a higher Legal level
then that of US Attorney General John Ashcroft: noone has ever
answered this question or even contacted me again. I also submitted my
information to the International Pannel of Legal Experts who wrote up
the Criminal Charges against Tony Blair for the ICC for them to use a
evidence that there could have been planning between the US and UK
Government's during the 25 Years between the time the US Congress
conducted this Study in 1976 and September 2001 to make a connection
between Bush and Blair so they can charge Bush as a Co-Conspiritor in
the ICC.

And the Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy,Inc. Lawsuit to have
the Feres Doctrine Repealed.

3.) What I would like to do is public presentations since it is my
Mission to get this information to the American People per my
Non-Resindable Orders to do this that I received during the Study to
tell the American People about this Study if we were ever Attacked in
the manner we discussed in the Study. (this is explained on my website)

The Democrats have been the most hatefilled attackers of me since my
information proves the Democrats are Equally involved inthe 9-11-01
Attacks with the Republicans. Within days of Cynthia McKinney comming
on National TV in the spring of 2002 and crying her eyes out for prior
knowledge I faxed her this information and got No reply. Five months
later I again contacted her and all I got was a one line reply since I
said; I would hand deliver it to her if that is what was needed to get
a reply from her.

In December 2002 Nine Eleven Survivors for Peaceful Tomorrows referred
me to a Kyle Hence since they said he was conducting a Citizens
Investigation into the 9-11-01 Attacks and got these replies.

I then waited for his next email to tell me when to travel to the news
conference; it never came so I thought it was taking longer then he
thought to hold it. Then I see he has his news conference and I am not
included but Cynthia McKinney is; I contact him and tell him that she
is one of the Elected Officials who was responcible for Implementing
the Security Improvements from the Study her Political Party conducted
and he told me he did not care since she had done other things for
him. Not thinking I would understand that she gave him Money and Money
was more important to him then the Truth. She has used her Democratic
Political Party Machine to keep me out of every 9-11 Truth event since
with this being expressed in an email I received from a Mr.Stuart that
he got from one of McKinney's major supporters, Glen Ford Co-publisher
of the Black Commentator in which he says that I should be "Organized

I know this is not all of my information but it gives you an idea of
how I can Verify some of the Claims that others have made since the
topics were discussed in the Study.

The most important thing for me is to get this information into the
media so that the other participants from the Study who were
threatened with Retaliation against their Wives and Children if they
were the first one to come forward with the information about the
Study as Sgt.Riggs told me so they will come forward since I will be
the one who told about it first. And since they are Sergeants and
Officers they have more and more detailed information then I have
since I was just an Enlistedman at the time of the Study.

In my opinion the most important thing the Study's information does is
that it proves the Democratic - Republican Poltical Party Knew that US
Air Travel Security needed to be Improved in 1976 (that is why They
conducted the Study) They had sufficient information to Remedy the
Security Lapses (the Corrective Actions that were sent to the US
Congress) Billions of Dollars in American Tax Payer's Money and "25
Years" to "Just Begin" to Implement the Security Upgrades and
Improvements from Their Own Study to do just that; Improve US Air
Travel Security in 1976. And, "After all, 25 Years is; a Quarter of a
Century" and if John Kerry and the Democrats - George Bush and the
Republicans "Didnot" do Their #1 Governmental Priority "National
Security" in that amount of Time; It is "Not" an International Legal
Reason for any US Military Actions let alone a 100 Year US
Congressional Declared World War.

For four years my information has been dismissed and censored by the
9-11-01 Truth Movement because it proves the Democrats are Equally
involved in the 9-11-01 Attacks with the Republicans and because of
this censorship the 9-11-01 Truth Movement is at a stand still because
it cannot prove the Bush Administration were the only people involved
because the Democrats were involved also and until the 9-11-01 Truth
Movement recognizes this and directs it's investigation into the
Democrats' involvement with the Republicans, the 9-11-01 Truth
Movement will go no where since you cannot investigate a Crime and
leave out half of the Criminals involved.

This is a brief description of my information and the Government
attacks I have been subjected to for trying to get it to the American


Tim McNiven

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...ermm, sorry but yawnzz :(
He's a limited hangouter, maybe with a real story, but totally messed up
with his own approach how to promote it.
I was in touch with him for a while, but then stopped communication.


----- Forwarded message from -----
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 14:53:37 GMT
Subject: Membership Info

James H. Fetzer,

I received an email about your organization and checked it out and
would like to apply for membership.

1.) I am United States Defense Department Intelligence Investigative
Office Supervisor to the Office of the Secretary of Defense Timothy S.
McNiven, I have 31+ years in service with the DoD.<<<

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