Monday, February 06, 2006

[911InsideJobbers] 2/20 March for 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?

2/20 March for 9/11 Truth NYC: The Tipping Point?

Malcom Gladwell in his new book:Tipping Point: How Little Things Can
Make a Big Difference believes "small actions can spark social
epidemics." I am counting on it. Ladies and gentlemen we need an
epidemic of epic proportions to spread - an awareness of the
reality of what happened on 9/11(A) To use the words of
Chossudovsky `The world is at the most serious crossroads in modern
history."(B)The fraudulent "War on Terror" threatens the very future
of humanity.

This coming February 20th in New York City offers a chance for
citizens action's to spark this
social epidemic. 9/11 activists and concerned citizens will confront
media figures keeping 9/11 truth under wraps. We will confront two
public figures seeking higher office on the back of 9/11. One is
former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, the man mistakenly
portrayed as a hero of 9/11, when in fact, he is a perpetrator of
the crime. The other, the Attorney General Elliot Spitzer; running
for Governor on a record that has allowed this monumental act of
False Flag Terror to go unaccounted for in his district. We will
ask for Spitzer to resign, for Giuliani to be placed under arrest.

The 9/11 truth movement is now over four years old. There have been
many false starts, many false hope campaigns and enough suffering to
go around for everyone. The moment in history for action is closing,
the machinery of war and the drumbeats for new conquests are now
deafening.It is our moment to stave off a near certain catastrophe.
9/11 truth is about more than justice for the past, it is about what
kind of world we want for our future.

Let us recall,that a lone drag queen threw a punch at Stonewall
thirty years ago and launched the Gay Rights revolution. A black
woman refused to go and sit at the back of the bus and began the
Civil rights Movement.. Can a letter and a warrant from the people
bring down the giant criminal enterprise that America has become? Do
we want to leave our fate to fate. The evil that destroyed those
majestic towers in New York did not come from a cave in Afghanistan,
it came from a dying militaristic Anglo empire. The book of
fate,despite what Shakespeare may have thought is not written for
us, it is ours to be written.

Please all come to Ground Zero in lower Manhattan on February 20th
(c)to meet and to march to restore sanity to our teetering world.
Please all come to Ground Zero and make your voices heard that we
know what happened on 9/11 and the lives of 2,986 Americans and the
nameless thousands killed in the illegal wars abroad will not go
unaccounted for. Please all come together to make our small
symbolical action a chance for the truth to be heard . let us hope
the tipping point will be here and now for an end to this frame-up
on humanity, falsely named of "the war on terror"This is a war on
freedom. Make Your voice heard in New York on 2/20, your future
depends on it.




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