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1. More on Fourth Reich Brownshirts
From: "President, USA Exile Govt." <>


Message: 1
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 07:21:04 -0500
From: "President, USA Exile Govt." <>
Subject: More on Fourth Reich Brownshirts

Forwarded with Compliments of Free Voice of America (FVOA): Accurate
News and Interesting Commentary for Amerika's Huddled Masses Yearning
to Breathe Free.

From: Henri the Celt <>
Date: February 11, 2006 6:10:08 AM EST
To: AAAHenri <>
Subject: 9/11: MK-ULTRA Tactics Used Against Seattle Resident

'Killing One Person Is Murder -
Killing Thousands on 9/11
Is Domestic Policy'

This Bumper Sticker Slogan on Seattle Resident's
Car Has Led to MK-ULTRA Tactics Used Against Her

By Greg Szymanski

The Bush administration spy campaign is reaching epidemic proportions,
as well as taking a page right out of Nazi Germany or the old Soviet
Union 'destruction of civil liberties handbook.'

"The state of the Union is deplorable," said Seattle citizen Susan
Elmes, who recently has been tailed and harassed by government agents
for displaying anti-administration bumper stickers on her car and
trying to organize 9/11 truth rallies at local libraries. "It's gone
beyond spying. They even entered my house and tried to poison my cats."

To show how the U.S. has deteriorated as a country, Elmes was
investigated by government thugs for bumper stickers like "Killing One
Person Is Murder: Killing Thousands At 9/11 Is Domestic Policy"--as
well as such things like MKULTRA street hacks carved satanic symbols in
library tables during a recent 9/11 film presentation.

And what gets lost in the Bush Spygate story, where people are calling
for his impeachment for bugging phone lines through the NSA, are the
horrendous violations of civil liberties going on to thousands of
others like Elmes-- violations sanctioned by the Nazi-like White House
authority run by a paranoid coward Bush.

While constitutional law scholars like Professor John Turley, formerly
of Tulane University, rake Bush over the coals for illegally
authorizing intelligence-gathering by the FBI, CIA and NSA, the center
of attention should be on the authorization of "torture and abuse" by
street thugs, not merely the wiretapping and data gathering.

"They gather data and wiretap so they can then muscle in on the
activist organizations with hired street gangs and MKULTRA-trained
individuals in order to stop dissenters before they reach the critical
mass," said one former San Diego Air Force Captain now trying to expose
the rampant neo-con corruption filtering down to even local peace and
charitable organizations not in step with the Bush agenda.

For rest of story go to
LET'S STOP KIDDING OURSELVES! No Arab group planned or perpetrated
9/11! It was simply the most startling act of terrorism - among many
others - of our own government AGAINST ITS OWN PEOPLE... with the
gleeful cooperation of Israel and the International Criminal Conspiracy
of the Self-Chosen. However, this time the act of terrorism was so
blatant and undeniable that it has created a worldwide mass
psychological tsunami! The American dollar, the source of strength for
International Zionism, is collapsing against gold, silver, copper and
other essential commodities. Let's call it the 9/11 GOLD BULL MARKET
and watch it go! It won't stop until the criminals are brought to
justice! It's an info war! Forward this article to the world!


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