Saturday, February 11, 2006

[911InsideJobbers] Re: Question: anyone know this troll S. King

A quick search shows that this person has been 'debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories' for quite some time. LOL :))

For example:
> Madrid Fire Re-opens 9/11 Questions: Why did the twin towers fall so fast?
24th February 2005 - 21h46 - Posted by 24.***.102.** You're not a traitor but you are comparing apples to oranges.

There are huge variations in building structures, materials used, fireproofing and on and on and on. One cannot compare WTC to Madrid on the basis you suggest.

One major difference is that the Madrid building was not hit with an airliner full of fuel which had two major effects on WTC. First, the impact weakened key structural parts in the area of impact AND the resultant destruction knocked off quite a bit of the spray-on fireproofing on the steel girders allowing the fire to directly reach the steel girders and soften and weaken them. The NIST study has concluded that both WTC buildings would most likely have remained standing had the fireproofing not been knocked off in key areas.

There will be studies of the Madrid fire to analyse exactly what happened, how the building survived the fire, and they will learn how to improve building construction and fire prevention techniques, as they are now as a result of the WTC experience.


And this:
Re: 911 Denila Movement Retards Who Lie. [In reply to] Quote | Reply wrote:
> Another passenger "said": "Mom ? This is Mark Brigham"
> His mom must have more than one Mark as a son, hahahahahahahahahaha
> another one "joked" about using his breakfast "knife" to counter attack
> the hijackers. As if they had time to have breakfast...
> The average american (almost all of them) is ready to accept all the
> nonsense in the world, as long as it's on fox news, in 65535 colors
> minimum, and in 16/9 format...

Boy, you are getting even more desperate, monnoidiot.

Please explain in 300 words or less why you believe in conspiracy
theories and reject facts and evidence that is inconvenient to your
conspiracy theory?

Rational people would really like to know what motivates you to believe
in your fairy tales?


I suggest that you just ignore the troll and it will go bother someone else, as attention is what feeds no minds such as this.

--- In, "Greg Nixon" <nxngrg@...> wrote:
> skyking@...
> This guy has been hounding me non-stop about 2/20 NYC and has
> Googled all my postings and sprayed his ill scent at every post to
> mark his visit.
> He claims to have had "debunked" Gerard back in 2002. Maybe Holmgren
> knows this troll? Rosalee could you ask him?
> Greg

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