Saturday, August 06, 2005

PBU32 Intelligent Design (and lost doggie :-( )

From: Deb
Date: 08/06/05 09:09:46
To: PBU Bloggers
Subject: PBU32 TOPIC – Target post date Monday 8-8-05
Progressive Blogger Union
This week's
TOPIC: Bush's remarks about Intelligent Design

Editor's ramblings: I know....I know! Bloggers have covered I.D. how many times? But now that Bushwhacked has applied the official Presidential seal of approval....let's do it again.

Preferred posting date: MONDAY / Please use your own unique title for your post

ACTION picks of the week :
Always looking for fresh writers: Peace Journalism
For your blogger tool box: Committee to Protect Bloggers
Another writing outlet: Local News Source.Com
And another art/activist site (new): Connections

Although I've listed CountingTheCost.Org before, the monies previously donated are being distributed. See "The Checks Are In the Mail". Your donation monies are being put to good use! Thanks.

The creator of another Flickr group "George W. Bush vs. The World" contacted PBU looking for anyone interested in joining. Link up if you can and help make America strong!

Newsletter Notes

My 11-year old dog, Whisper, has disappeared. We are trying all the usual things to find her. She is not a roamer. I'm very sad. Our car broke down while we were looking for her. We only need that vehicle for a few stinkin' more weeks. Drat.

And PBU member "Superhighway Crumbs" your mother please.

Many thanks for all you do.

That is all.

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