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An American Scandal: The True Story behind the Killing of 14 U.S.

An American Scandal: The True Story behind the Killing of 14 U.S.

An American Scandal: The True Story behind the Killing of 14 U.S. Marines in Haditha.


Dijla Waheed/ Communicated from Baghdad by Dr. Fadhil Badran

Today, Pentagon officials have concluded it was a massive roadside bomb that killed 14 Marines in the western city of Haditha! Some people were astonished and surprised by the announcement of this news. Many of us have multiplied this number by 4. All people were correct with respect to their surprise and expectation. But where is the truth?! Why did the American Administration and the Pentagon officials go out now and acknowledge this big loss in one operation?! What’s next to this declaration which disappointed the American’s public opinion including those who were pro-Bush and those who were beating the drums of war?

The key answer for these questions is the people of Haditha who had witnessed the whole event or some of it. Here is what they had to say – yesterday- and their stories have been confirmed today by the American pronouncement.

Following the retreat of the American troops from the areas of Haditha and Haqlania as a result of a massive fire and brave assault by the Iraqi resistance forces, the American Marines have kidnapped some old men, a little girl and some men who were praying in nearby mosques and held them as hostages. The Americans have also observed the retreat and redeployment of the resistance fighter around the towns and behind the enemy lines. The defeated Marines have tried the day before yesterday to trap the resistance fighters in ambushes installed in places they expected the fighters would pass through. The best of the Marine’s engineering officers have participated in the installation of the ambushes. However, they did not know that they were being watched ever since they entered the area by the resistance reconnaissance. The resistance fighters then attacked the Marines and killed three and took ten of them as prisoners of war, five of them were engineering officers. The resistance fighters have released one wounded Marine soldier in order to let him go and inform his commanders – who were in the neighbouring area- that the fighters were ready to negotiate the release of the Americans if the Americans were ready to release the old men and the little girl from Haditha who were taken hostages by the retreated Marines.

The criminal Marines have answered the resistance fighter by a new attack using all kinds of weapons including helicopters and cannon boats in an attempt to surround the freedom fighters. The brave Iraqi freedom fighters responded to the attack and lost four of their comrades. They then retreated and took with them the ten American prisoners. The freedom fighter realised that the Americans forces did not respect or even tried to preserve the souls of the best of their officers and soldiers. They also remembered the crimes committed by the American forces and their intelligence against Iraqi prisoners of war a few months ago. Namely, the Americans have tortured and killed in cold blood some captured Iraqi resistance fighters and threw them in the river over the Haditha-Haqlania Bridge which is now call the martyr’s bridge. The Iraqi freedom fighter had then no choice but to kill the American prisoners of war and threw them in the river the same way as the Americans previously did -over the same bridge- just to remind them about the crimes they have committed against the Iraqi prisoners of war and to let them bear the responsible for the lost lives of their comrades as a result of their refusal to negotiate the terms for their safe release.

Now, what the American forces gonna do when most of their officers have already been informed about what had happened? The death of the ten American officers – who were considered to be some of the best-, could have been prevented. How would the American Administration stop or prevent the spread of this scandal among its forces? How would it cover up the killing of ten of its best officers which had occurred before the naked eyes of hundreds of Marines and inhabitants of Haditha and Haqlania? They were not mercenaries from Latin America, South East Asia or Africa, they were Americans?! Therefore, the criminal American Administration has chosen to announce about their death today, 36 hour after their killing! The faked story about their killing by a roadside bomb was designed to cover up the failure to save their lives. The next step expected to be taken by the American occupation force following this announcement is the commitment of a new war crime against the innocent civilians in Haditha and Haqlania as a cowardly vengeance act in order to deviate the attention of the mass media away from their failure and unwillingness in rescuing their colleagues.

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