Sunday, August 13, 2006

Randi Rhodes Owes Neal Boortz $5000

Blogger Thoughts: It appears that indeed Rhandi Rhodes gave the insane people who approve of Boortz something to crow about.

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Randi Rhodes Owes Neal Boortz $5000

By Good Lieutenant

ON CNN's Larry King Live, rambling liberal talker Randi Rhodes duked it out with libretarian powerhouse Neal Boortz.

Per usual, Randi couldn't come up with substantive arguments to refute or invalidate any of Neal's positions or assertions, and quickly became domineering and obnoxious - King couldn't even keep her under control.

One point of contention. Rhodes made a claim that Boortz called "all Muslims ragheads" on his show (around 3:26 in the video). Over the next minute or so, she insisted repeatedly that Boortz said this. She also told him to go to Media Matters (quite indignantly), a Soros-funded leftist clearing house of leftwing bias, to check it out. Neal bet her on air $5000 that he never called all Muslims "ragheads" (even repeating it for clarity) and Rhodes stupidly bragged that he should write a check to her chosen charity.

I checked into that little challenge by Rhodes.

Sorry, Randi, but you're completely wrong. Here's the transcrip from the audio clip (scroll down) so you can listen for yourself:
Boortz: Well, I know you disagree with me. That's fine, you can disagree all you want. And I also believe that this Muhammad guy is just a phony rag-picker that created --
You lose, Rhodes. Not only did he not use the word "ragheads," but he was talking about Mohammed the prophet.

The devil's in the details when you're betting, babe. Pay up.

UPDATE: MK Freeberg at the House of Eratosthenes, an avid Boortz fan, picked up on this before I did. Had I read the blog that nobody reads before posting this post, I might have spared myself the work. Fweh.

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