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Bloglines - Israel's War Crimes: NGOs Need to Get a Clue

Another Day in the Empire

Israel’s War Crimes: NGOs Need to Get a Clue

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More useless hand-wringing from the humanitarian NGOs. “Humanitarian agencies sought ways to get aid to an estimated 100,000 people trapped in southern Lebanon on Friday and the mayor of Tyre said the port city could run out of food in two days,” reports ABC News. “United Nations and other convoys have been unable to deliver supplies to the region since an Israeli air strike destroyed the last bridge across the Litani river on Monday.”

It is interesting to note that these humanitarian organizations refuse to admit the obvious and act upon it—Israel and its patron, the United States, are criminal organizations and unless there is political consciousness realizing this fact and political action on the part of the NGOs and, indeed, millions of citizens in these countries, nothing will change.

Remarkably, International Committee of the Red Cross chief Jakob Kellenberger wasted a whole lot of precious time playing pattycakes in Jerusalem, attempting to convince the racist settler state to stop killing innocents in Lebanon. In other words, the good Mr. Kellenberger is a dupe for the Zionists, who have no intention of letting up on their diabolical ethnic cleansing and slaughtering of babies and grandmothers in Lebanon with depleted uranium and other illegal weapons. Kellenberger should refuse to talk with the Jabotinskyites and instead talk about organizing an economic boycott of the country.

“The U.N. World Food Program, overseeing logistics for U.N. agencies, said a 15-truck convoy to the eastern town of Baalbek halted at the city of Zahle due to shelling on the road ahead,” ABC News continues. “It also received Israeli clearance for convoys to Nabatiyeh, a town north of the Litani, but could not reach Tyre, the biggest city south of the river, or border villages.”

As we know, Israel not only purposely shells roads, preventing humanitarian assistance, but also targets ambulances and fleeing refugees, scurrilous war crimes all. It is all part of the Master Plan of “reshaping” the Arab and Muslim Middle East by way of mass murder and starvation, crimes reminiscent of the Nazis. In the short term, this plan includes ethnically cleansing southern Lebanon to the Litani and annexing hundreds of squares miles, much of it prime agriculture real estate and the crown jewel, the fresh water of the Litani River, a resource Israel sorely needs and has conspired to steal for decades.

Israel, driven insane by its own hubris and racist religious precepts, fully intends to clear all Arabs, both Muslim and Christian, from this snatched “security zone,” an objective only its demented leaders and military strategists believe can be accomplished. Hezbollah, an entirely legal resistance movement (minus its ill-advised rocketing of Israel), knows differently. Hezbollah understands from personal experience that people will resist occupation and slowly, methodically take out brutal occupiers one troop at a time, as the Vietnamese and Algerians did before them.

“It is now clear that Israel’s control over the occupied territories is, and has all along been intended to be, a drive to assert exclusive Jewish control, taming the Palestinians into submission and squeezing them into ever smaller, more disconnected segments of land or, failing that, forcing them to leave Palestine altogether,” write Kathleen and Bill Christison. “It is totally obvious to anyone who spends time on the ground in Palestine-Israel that the animating force behind the policies of the present and all past Israeli governments in Israel and in the occupied West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem has always been a determination to assure the predominance of Jews over Palestinians. Such policies can only be described as racist, and we should stop trying any longer to avoid the word.”

Or for that matter, the predominance of Jews over Lebanese Arabs.

Like a dim-witted fool who continually makes the same mistake over and over again, the ICRC and other humanitarian organizations seem dedicated to not solving the problem in Lebanon and Palestine, avoiding the obvious—Israel and its patron the United States are renegade, criminal nations and should be criticized at every turn, boycotted, shunned, and denounced. Otherwise, the insanity will go on indefinitely.

Or until Newt Gingrich and the perfidious neocons realize their World War Three. On that day, as the nukes fly and the planet begins its descent into irreparable damage, it will be too late to save not only the Lebanese, but humankind as a whole.


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