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GCN, Jack Blood, & Verbal attacks against Lisa Guliani

Ugly Language of the "Street"
Just saving for archive and possible future reference.
Wing TV - Connect The Dots

Warning: The following article contains extremely graphic language of a violent, hate-filled, sexual nature. Must be 18 years of age to read. If this type of material offends you, please do not continue any further.

Cunt. Whore. Slut. Bitch. Fuckin’ ho. Meth addict. Hooker. Hole. Porn actress. Prostitute.

All of these degrading words, and many more, have been publicly uttered by close associates of GCN radio show host Jack Blood in regard to WING TV co-host Lisa Guliani.

In fact, to give you the full picture of what type of people Jack Blood is involved with – people who he refers to as his “amigos” and “blood brothers” – here is an excerpt from a recent radio show by Sonny Crack (pictured).

Proof That Lisa Guliani Is A Street Whore
Sonny Crack – Revere Radio Network – June 25, 2006

Sonny Crack: "She was fuckin' so many people, she probably wouldn't be able to narrow it down."


John: "Hi, my name is John. I met Lisa Guliani in 1995 in Wisconsin. Although that was a very painful time in my life, I feel I should come forward. Lisa and I both shared a severe drug addiction and we enabled each other to become worse. That dumb bitch would lie, steal, fuck or anything to get a hit of meth. I had a problem, yes I know, but she was far worse. One time I forgot to pull out of her and I came in her. She got pregnant."

"She said she had a miscarriage. I found out she had an abortion. She couldn't give up meth."

"You can contact me at"


Sonny: "Everybody's got a past, Lisa. You know, I've done some dirt. It's nothin' to be ashamed of. At the end of the day, nobody really gives a fuck whether you were a street hooker, a porn star or fuckin'...a bad girlfriend."


Sonny: "It has come to my attention that Lisa Guliani is a former prostitute who has reformed her ways. Tonight we do have her actual pimp on the line. This is Payroll the Pimp."

Sonny: "This girl I'm having problems with used to be one of your hookers. You're a real life pimp, you know what I mean."

Payroll the Pimp: "The bitch was really a bum bitch. I think the bitch was from Wisconsin and I caught the bitch on the Greyhound bus."

"The bitch was no superstar lookin' ho, you know.."

"The bitch really had a dope problem."

Sonny: "You've told me before that white bitches are usually easier to pimp on. Did she give you any problems as far as like, bringin' your money back?"

Payroll the Pimp: "I had to cut that ho's head a few times...she took a good ass whoopin' too."

Payroll the Pimp: "She was like what you'd call a $2.00 ho'....just to get her some cigarette money."

Payroll the Pimp: "I had to teach the bitch how to read, how to write, the bitch couldn't even read the money."

Payroll the Pimp: "A smart-mouth, dope fiend type bitch."

Payroll the Pimp: "I polished the ho up."


Payroll the Pimp: "Man, Sonny Crack, that bitch sucked the skin off my dick. She loved black pole, don't let that bitch fool you, man. Hey man, that ho eat the corn and the peanuts hulled outta my shit if I told her to. Man, she LOVED that shit. Loved the black dick. And whoever she fuckin' with now, you can rest assured that bitch got a black dick around the corner she suckin' on on a regular mothafuckin' basis..."


Sonny: "So, how did you meet Lisa Guliani?"

Payroll the Pimp: "I had the bitch you know, pretty much cross country, whorin' all over the mothafuckin' country..."

Payroll the Pimp: "I told the bitch. Don't date no black dudes, but she can't keep away from black dick, man. It was the first day, and she jumped in the car with a nigga."

Sonny: "Oh mannn..".

Payroll the Pimp: "The bitch was a bum bitch. You could put a pig in a wig, man, but it's always still a pig."

Payroll the Pimp: "The bitch is on that crank real bad man. Look at her face. Look at her face. All you gotta do is look at her face and all you see is a dope fiend."

Sonny: "You got a really successful Internet radio show, The Payroll Show, tell us a little bit about that."



I could continue, but I think you get the picture. [And just so there's no mistake, Sonny Crack blatantly lied about everything written above, including "Payroll" being Lisa Guliani's pimp. He is, in fact (at least by his own claims), a 37 year-old black man living in Miami, Florida.]

So, throughout this article, I’m going to show how GCN radio show host Jack Blood’s (pictured) forum is one of the primary nests where dozens of posts have been made that promote violent sexual abuse toward Lisa Guliani, as well as misogyny, obsessive stalking, threats of violence, and the sickest filth imaginable.

Lisa has hundreds of pages of documentation, photographs, screen shots, audio clips, and various other articles of evidence proving this sexual harassment in Jack Blood’s forum (not to mention other venues) – and all without a single word of objection from Jack Blood. To the contrary, Blood has even encouraged these monsters and applauded their twisted psychopathology.

Who specifically are the culprits to which I'm referring? The ringleader is a sadistic "gangsta rapper wannabee" named Sonny Crack who does a “radio show” on the Revere Radio Network, which is run by Robb Revere. As mentioned earlier, in the past, Jack Blood has referred to Crack and Revere as his “amigos” and “blood brothers,” and even cheered, “Long Live Revere Radio!” We also have photographs of Blood (below, left) together with various members of the Revere Radio Network during a recent drunken binge in Austin, Texas.

Speaking of which, this is what Jack Blood had to say (March 2, 2006) in regard to a "monthly forum meeting" in Austin, Texas which was attended by his "amigos": "Tomorrow night we will be WELCOMING our friends from Revere Radio Network who are visiting our fair city for the first time." He continued, "If you are not familiar with the great Revere Radio Network, you should check them out. They are balls to the wall patriots (in the true sense of the word)." Finally, he concluded, "Let's see everyone there to give Revere Radio Network a real Texas welcome!"

So, not only does Jack Blood consider these guys his "friends," but he refers to them as "patriots in the true sense of the word" and as "great!" Repeat: he characterizes Sonny Crack and his Revere gang-bangers as being "great." Incredible.

Blood cannot deny these statements, for Lisa Guliani – the target of this ongoing abuse – has saved hundreds of pages of commentary from Jack Blood’s forum detailing the obsessive, spiteful, hate-filled, and defamatory harassment that has persisted for over a year. And remember, this forum bears Jack Blood’s name; his radio show title (Deadline Live); and its “conduct guidelines” were written by Jack Blood himself. It's HIS forum, and he's responsible for its content.

I realize that the above excerpts from Sonny Crack's "radio show" probably made your stomach turn, but how about a few other examples to show what is being promoted on Jack Blood’s website. Lisa Guliani had her photograph altered by a Revere Radio show host named Roxdog (a Jack Blood forum moderator) where a dildo was positioned in front of her mouth. Sonny Crack has also said that Lisa “sucks his big fat dick”; he’d like to “suck her titties”; and that he paid her $500 to get sodomized by several men while he recorded it. [Note: each and every one of these examples is verifiable by documentation that Lisa Guliani has been saving which proves their systematic stalking of her.]

Also, before I proceed, it should be noted that everything written thus far, and all that follows, has been posted in Jack Blood’s forum (which is then subsequently forwarded to other forums by these same individuals, thus further increasing the damage to Lisa Guliani). In addition, Genesis Communications Network (GCN) owner Ted Anderson is fully aware of this information involving Jack Blood, Sonny Crack, and the Revere Radio Network; and he has not done one thing to cut the ties between his network host, Jack Blood, and the psychopathic sexual abusers at Revere Radio.

Inexplicably, Jack Blood even had Robb Revere and Sonny Crack on his radio show on GCN, and he’s likewise appeared on their network (on The Sonny Crack Show). These are his “blood brothers” and “amigos” (in his own words).

But as I said, there’s more. Sonny Crack has devoted at least four shows to sexually degrading and defaming Lisa Guliani in the vilest way imaginable. During one broadcast, he played the audio from a porno movie and identified the female's voice as that of Lisa Guliani (a complete lie).

Crack also said that he personally sexually degraded Lisa Guliani for money (another complete fabrication, for they have never even met). Then, during a radio broadcast last week (June 25, 2006) he even had her supposed “pimp” and “John” on the show (again, utter lies that are paraded as truth).

All of this information was posted very openly on GCN radio show host Jack Blood’s forum (as well as in other online forums by the Revere crew), and then cheered by its members. And not one word of objection from Jack Blood.

Worse, Sonny Crack even resorted to extortion toward Lisa last summer:

June 28, 2005 e-mail from Sonny Crack (verbatim): “So.. Lisa, when you gonna have me on your show? If you put me on your show, I won’t trash ya again like I did last time. If you ignore this, than Imma have more fun at WING TV’s expense.. Take it or leave it.” [By the way, in a legal sense, extortion can apply to money, products, or patronage.]

Of course we didn’t allow ourselves to be victimized by this extortion, so Crack resorted to his sadistic, standby abuse, such as posts like this on Jack Blood’s forum (June 8, 2005): “Hey Lisa.. Get those fingers wet and ready for my show friday.. I’mma make you hot and BOTHERED.. Swallow that.. WING TV aint Shite.”

Now remember, GCN host Jack Blood has had this mutant aberration – Sonny Crack – on his show, and has never once publicly objected to even one word of this material, or the radio show links that were posted on his forum. Needless to say, these offensive, defamatory posts about Lisa violated Jack Blood's own forum rules.

Think about that. What kind of human being would let Sonny Crack openly post this garbage in their forum – month after month – then, at one point, proclaim, “Long Live Revere Radio!”

Or, how about this post by Jack Blood on June 29, 2005: “I have to say, good work on Revere’s part to antagonize such a whirlpool of reaction. It’s great to see someone out there who has nothin’ to lose, and goes for it.”

Jack Blood will naturally say that he doesn’t “condone” the type of behavior exhibited by Sonny Crack in his forum – the one with Jack Blood’s own name on it – but here is what Robb Revere, who runs the Revere Radio Network, said about GCN radio show host Jack Blood (verbatim): “God, I shouldn’t get into someone’s conversation, but I just came in my pants when I read what Blood Brother wrote:

“Long Live Revere Radio!”
Jack Blood

[Note: what a strange use of words: he "came in his pants" after reading something Jack Blood wrote. How peculiar, to say the least.]

Again, Jack Blood and Revere refer to each other as "blood brothers." And, as can clearly be seen, Jack Blood is not only condoning their repulsive behavior, he’s applauding and encouraging it. Plus, a number of pivotal members in Jack Blood’s forum who participate in defaming Lisa Guliani on a regular basis are Revere Network radio show hosts, such as Sonny Crack and "Roxdog". In fact, the sexual degradation of Lisa Guliani (outlined throughout this article) has become an obsessive “sport” on both the Blood and Revere forums; a pasttime which they obviously derive quite a bit of fiendish delight from.

In fact, to prove the direct link between Blood and the Revere Radio Network, a guy named Roxdog, who is a Revere radio show host, also serves as a moderator on the Revere message board, as well as on six different forums on Jack Blood’s website. And, Lisa Guliani saved a very recent post on Blood’s forum (June 20, 2006) where site administrator Kris Smith was conferring with Blood on steps they were making to move and/or update his site: "I have talked with Jack about it and will talk some more. Jack would still have control over the forum, as he does now" (emphasis added). This post shows very clearly that Jack Blood is still VERY involved in the daily happenings on his message board. Moreover, Robb Revere runs a "mirror site" of Deadline Live which, in layman's terms, aims to be an exact duplication of the original site, thus proving more collusion between Blood & Revere (i.e. a symbiotic relationship).

And here’s the kind of filth that has been posted on Blood’s forum within the past few days by Sonny Crack (June 27, 2006) --- a "song" that he is very proud of and brags about:

Excerpt from a Sonny Crack Rap Song

S and M stands for “Sonny’s Mad”
Bitch, take off your clothes
I’ll skull fuck ya first
Cause you been a bad girl
I’ll bust babies on ya head
Til your hair starts to curl
I like inflicting pain on the pussy
I like inflicting shame on the pussy
If you into that kinda thing, hit me
Here’s my dookie hole
I just shitted, come lick me!!!

Real classy, huh, especially for a supposed PATRIOT.

Now, in June 2005, after Sonny Crack’s initial barrage of sexual abuse and Robb Revere/Sonny Crack's multiple harassing phone calls to our house (again, all documented), Lisa Guliani and I contacted the local police, a State College detective, and the FBI to see if we could put an end to this nonsense. And in all honesty, what would YOU do if what I listed above (i.e. cyber-stalking at its very worst) was directed at your girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, or sister? You’d obviously take action, and that’s what we did.

But do you know what Jack Blood did? Rather than denouncing Sonny Crack and his degenerate friends for their sexual defamation, he invited them onto his show, then mocked us for “turning a patriot” into the FBI.

Can you believe it? Jack Blood considers Sonny Crack a PATRIOT! I want every individual who thinks Sonny Crack is a patriot, or who condones his behavior, to personally contact me and say so themselves so we can post their names on our website. Then we’ll see what real patriots think about them. Oh, and by the way, here are Sonny Crack's own thoughts on how he views "patriots" (April 19, 2005): "I'll put it like this ... Patriots are like dumb hoes ... They are easy, and easy to get money off of."

In essence, what Jack Blood has done for over a year now is align himself with Sonny Crack and his psychotically perverse attacks, and then he mocks us for trying to stop the abuse. He’s actually taken their side in this matter!

Then, when I (and others) stood up for Lisa and tried to stop the sexual hatred being directed toward her, do you know what it was called: being a decent human being. It’s called being a man with a conscience. Yet Jack Blood applauded Sonny Crack and mocked us (labeling us STING TV, as in a “sting” operation because we went to the FBI to stop the stalking).

Y’know, John Stadtmiller was correct during his February 21, 2005 radio broadcast when he said, “Jack Blood is a sociopathic piece of crap.” I couldn’t agree more, because I’ve never met one person in my entire life who would applaud, support, and side with this appalling crap pulled by Sonny Crack. Likewise, during an October 29, 2005 telephone conversation, Rick Stanley uttered the following words to me: “As a human being, sure, Jack Blood is a piece of shit.”

Think about it. Not once – not even once – did Jack Blood speak out publicly against the violent sexual onslaught by Sonny Crack and others. And I’ll tell you what: as much as we’ve written about Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Mike Ruppert, and others; if Sonny Crack wrote that kind of garbage about their wives, girlfriends, or family members, I’d be denouncing it from the highest rooftop. This type of sickness is unconscionable, and it has to stop now … especially in what we refer to as the “patriot movement”.

But the blame for this pattern of sexual abuse goes even higher on the food chain than Jack Blood, for the man who carries his radio show – Deadline Live – is GCN owner Ted Anderson, who was notified prior to us contacting the FBI in 2005 about what was going on with Blood, Sonny Crack, and the Revere Radio Network.

After hearing the Sonny Crack broadcasts, Ted Anderson e-mailed on June 28, 2005 and admitted, “You are correct, this guy is obscene”. But thus far he has done nothing whatsoever to alleviate the situation. In fact, Sonny Crack and Robb Revere actually appeared on Ted Anderson’s radio network (GCN) via Jack Blood’s show – after he knew the FBI was contacted, and after he heard the Sonny Crack tapes! Even worse, these creeps appeared on GCN after their first appearance was initially cancelled (via a phone call from Ted Anderson to Jack Blood). Thus, this shows that Ted Anderson had a full awareness of their wrongdoing, yet the Crack/Revere duo still appeared on Blood’s GCN show at a later date.

Further, on June 21, 2006 I spoke with GCN President Ted Anderson to inform him of what was taking place with his host, Jack Blood, and how Blood’s forum was serving as a nest for this deviant activity. I also told him (again) that the Revere Radio Network had been "pirating" GCN shows by re-broadcasting them, and had been doing so for over a year. The only thing Anderson did was try to minimize his connection to Jack Blood.

But here’s the bottom line: Ted Anderson owns the network (GCN) which broadcasts Blood’s show. Thus, without Anderson acting as the primary source from which Blood's show originates, he wouldn't have access and/or exposure to such a wide audience. Thus, Anderson and GCN are the literal "genesis" of Blood’s radio show --- a venue upon which Sonny Crack and Robb Revere have appeared live!

On top of that, the Revere Radio Network’s My Space website has listed as their “friends” Jack Blood, Alex Jones (four times), and the Genesis Communications Network (GCN). It is my understanding that the only way someone can be added as a "friend" on My Space is if a specific request is made. I pointed this fact out to Ted Anderson; and so we have to ask: is GCN a “friend” to the Revere Radio Network; and if so, why? There certainly seems to be quite an abundance of links and connections between the two.

In closing, I’m going to further explore the links between GCN, Jack Blood, Sonny Crack, and the Revere Radio Network by showing how they’re using blatant thug tactics in an attempt to silence us. But in the meantime, I will state that we have been in contact with several law enforcement agencies to put an end to this ongoing pattern of abuse against Lisa Guliani and WING TV, while every available legal avenue is also being agressively pursued in this matter. In addition, we are going to very systemmatically inform every GCN sponsor and advertiser, plus their gold affiliates at Midas Resources, about the sexually degrading filth being supported by one of their hosts – Jack Blood – and how Ted Anderson is fully aware of this situation and continues to broadcast Blood's show, obviously condoning the defamation, cyber-stalking, gender hate speech, and sexual harassment being perpetrated and encouraged in Blood's forum. This sponsor-advertiser information will also be made public and disseminated widely on the Internet.

And y’know what – Jack Blood can mock us all he wants to, because now everything is out in the open for the world to see. Lisa Guliani never did anything to Robb Revere, Sonny Crack, Roxdog, or any of the others in their wannabee "gang". In fact, neither Lisa nor I have ever written any articles about them until today, nor have we ever mentioned them on our TV or radio show. I’ve never even e-mailed these people. All we’ve done was write exposes about Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Jack Blood, and GCN. Not a word has EVER been publicly uttered about Sonny Crack or Revere until Lisa began publicly addressing this issue in the last two weeks.

Furthermore, Lisa Guliani is not, nor has she ever been, a porn actress, a street whore, a meth addict, or any of the other vulgar accusations leveled at her by Sonny Crack and his cohorts – many of them on Jack Blood’s forum via links to Sonny Crack's shows and commentary. They are all blatant, vicious, unabashed LIES; and any man that engages in such cowardly behavior should be ashamed of himself. It’s inexcusable.

What these close associates of Jack Blood have done makes Howard Stern look like a choir boy, for they are sexual predators, women-haters, gangbanger sadists, and wannabee gangsta rappers that glorify violence and brown-shirt thuggery (more in my follow-up article next week). And don't be fooled: what Sonny Crack has done is not satire or parody. It's pure ugliness and EVIL that is on par with, or even surpasses, any of the New World Order's dirty tricks; and it was intended solely to terrorize Lisa Guliani. Moreover, since I write at least 90% of the articles on WING TV, why are they almost exclusively going after Lisa Guliani in such a defammatory, sexual manner? Such cowardice will not go unnoticed by people reading this story.

Take another look at the picture of Sonny Crack at the beginning of this article, re-read his verbal assaults, and then listen to the audio files provided below, then ask yourself: is this the face we want for the patriot movement? Is this the direction we're heading, and do we really want to wallow in the cesspool and sewer created by the likes of Sonny Crack and his cohorts?

Also, if GCN wants to allow certain radio show hosts to attach their future and public image to Sonny Crack & Revere Radio, that's their perogative. But as I told Ted Anderson on the phone last week, Jack Blood doesn't give a damn about his network, and we're going to let the patriot community know in a big way what's taking place.

So, go ahead, Blood, if you want to be an enabler, keep showing the world what type of person you are by applauding Sonny Crack, allowing his degeneracy on your forum, and mocking us for trying to stop him. Any moral, decent, humane person would know that what Crack has done is not only patently wrong; it’s criminal.

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  • To be continued next week

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