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Asylum [Chamish]

Posted by: "norgesen" norgesen

Wed Jun 14, 2006 8:11 am (PST)

WEEK TWO - ASYLUM by Barry Chamish

Week Two in asylum has seen an improvement. Three Messianic Christian congregations in Denver provided me with large and enthusiastic audiences. Here's a little promo I sent to ten or so people:

I just completed 3 marvelous lectures in Denver at Bet Messiah, Restoration Messianic Fellowship and Hageegah.
The crowds were large and reaction strong. I would like to spread the word of my new speech and the fact that for
at least 4 months, I will arrive at any date from within North America and that can mean little or even no travel expenses.

I'm sending a message to all eligible churches and missions. Would you care to say a few nice words about me for
the message? Oh yes, please do add a few words about yourself.

Thank you for your trouble. And maybe consider inviting me yourself. Best, Barry

Phone 303 304 5025

After lecture three, George of the American Freedom Network invited me to speak with his friend, Rabbi Stivak of Monsey, NY and get a date in a Jewish venue. I had my doubts. I was in Toronto a week and the Jews couldn't find me a permanent room to stay in. It seems I'm too dangerous to live near. But George assured me that Rabbi Stivak was one of the brave ones. I picked up the phone:

"Yes, of course I've heard of you."
"Then you'll be interested in hosting my new lecture. I've been calling it here, Why Europe Hates Israel."
"I only have a small congregation, maybe 100 people."
"Perfect number."
"But only forty will show."
Now I was wondering how far he'd push it.
"But half are half-deaf morons, and half of them are semi-congruent borderline drunks."
But I caught on. I gave the phone back to George and said he'd found me another Jew coward.
I may never be invited to speak at another synagogue. Thank goodness for Christians who don't scream at Israel's shadow.

But good news. Two of the really bad Jews came down hard. There was this Plout who I will sue within 4 months for calling me a Nazi and opening a web page to spread the lie. I'm in America earning the funds for the day. Meanwhile, the jerk just lost 95,000 shekels for calling someone else the same thing:

U.S.-born professor guilty of libeling colleague

By Ira Moskowitz

Haifa University economist Steven Plaut was convicted last week of libeling a fellow academic, Neve Gordon of Ben-Gurion University's Department of Politics and Government, and ordered to pay the plaintiff NIS 80,000 in compensation plus NIS 15,000 in legal fees.

Plaut, who teaches in the Graduate School of Business Administration, has called Gordon a "fanatic anti-Semite" and a "Judenrat wannabe." Such statements overstep the bounds of free speech and constitute libel, Nazareth Magistrate's Court Judge Reem Naddaf ruled last week.

This Plout sits on the board of Daniel Pipes unread monthly magazine and thus receives his little benefits from the Council On Foreign Relations. For years I've been saying that Pipes' role with the CFR is to make sure American Jews despise Arabs. But he just can't keep his secret, as revealed by Prof. Eidelberg:

Dear Dr. Pipes:
I have long praised your courage and much of your work, but you have crossed a redline with this outrageous article “Muslim Zionism.” It is utterly irresponsible and even treacherous, that you should give your name to what is by no means an in-depth study. All your essay will do is reinforce the greatest evil confronting Israel AND the West. This intellectually shallow journalism will NOT wake up Jews—if that was its intention—but only arm their enemies. Disgraceful!!!

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Muslim Zionism

by Daniel Pipes
New York Sun
June 6, 2006

Might Muslim Zionism be stronger than Jewish Zionism?
Although the question may sound preposterous, it is not.
Jewish Zionism evolved out of a steadfast three-millennium-old love of Jerusalem that flourished despite a dispersion that settled Jews far from their holy city.

Life hasn't changed for good. Jews are still shameful cowards but/and Christians aren't afraid to sponsor me. But two of the very worst of the Jews went down...I terribly miss my family and friends in Israel. Still, week two of asylum wasn't all that bad.

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