Thursday, June 15, 2006

[political-research] Bloglines - Bush and those pesky shades

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Bush and those pesky shades

Bush and those pesky shades


I saw this also, but Wonkette was the first to post it today:

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Today, at a presser, this exchange happened with Peter Wallsten of the Los Angeles Times:

Bush: You gonna ask your question with shades on?

Wallsten: Yes...

Bush: But there's no sun out here.

Wallsten: It depends on your perspective.

Bush: Touché.

Wallsten is legally blind...

We kid the President. It doesn't look like the reporter minded, but it's just another day of "Bizarro" Bush conferences.

Peter Daou: The point of this post is not that Bush intentionally taunted a blind man, but that his insistence on clowning with the press is undignified and highly inappropriate--Bush to a man in a wheelchair: "You look mighty comfortable" on

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