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Who Killed John O'Neill?

Posted by: "norgesen"   norgesen

Tue Jun 6, 2006 6:34 am (PST)

frontline: the man who knew


The lost terror drills - 9-11 training exercises


The head investigator of the USS Cole bombing is assassinated


John O'Neill - a real American Hero

Frank Levi - Feb 2002


Just for a few moments, let's delve into the world of the conspiracy theorist and make a few assumptions.

Let's start by assuming that the real motives for the 9-11 attacks were much more than just a desperate attack by Islamic extremists on the West and the real motives and perpetrators are much more sinister as well as being conveniently covered by a smokescreen of government and media lies.

Let's say for example there is a secret government whose aim is control of the world's remaining resources and ultimately total global domination ? as Osama Bin Laden himself said a 'government within the government'. This so called 'Secret Government' used various intelligence agencies to arrange the attacks, deliberately arranged the collapse of the buildings and arranged a convenient cover story to justify the immediate invasion of Afghanistan. The immediate benefits of this being control of the vast oil resources in the Caspian Basin, not to mention the massive strategic benefits gained by controlling this area.

Suppose a high ranking figure in the FBI is doing his best to track down the leading figures of modern-day Islamic terrorism and just happens to start poking his nose in to business that may cause 'issues' for your hidden agenda - what do you do?

Suppose this same FBI character decides to start blabbing to some French intelligence experts about how his efforts to investigate the terrorist activities of one former CIA asset, Osama Bin Laden, are being blocked - what do you do?

1.. Smear him and/or damage his reputation
2.. Make it impossible for him to continue in the FBI
3.. Have him permanently removed from the equation

Meet John O'Neill

This article gives an excellent look at the career and personality of John O'Neill - a brash, outspoken womanizer whose single-minded pursuit of the terrorist threat led him into all kinds of trouble with the higher echelons of power in the U.S.

He joined the bureau in the 1970s and became head of the counter-terrorism section in 1995.

Some key points to note in this article about the huge hurdles he had to face in investigating the various attacks blamed on Osama Bin Laden:

Strange goings in on Saudi Arabia:

<<In July, over drinks at Elaine's, O'Neill began to open up to Brisard about his frustrations, which, it turned out, stretched back to the 1996 investigation of the Riyadh army-base bombing. O'Neill made several trips to Saudi Arabia, one with Freeh, but witnesses were executed before the FBI could question them. >>

<<O'Neill complained about the inability of U.S. diplomacy to obtain anything from King Fahd. He told the Frenchman that "every answer, every key to dismantling the Osama bin Laden organizations are in Saudi Arabia.">>

Blocked while investigating the Cole bombing:

<< He ran into another diplomatic barrier last year in Yemen, after the Cole bombing. Within days of arriving, he'd knocked heads with the ambassador, Barbara Bodine. While the FBI was interrogating witnesses, the State Department was trying to coax Yemeni diplomats into pledging not to support terror. The conflicting agendas, combined with O'Neill's determination, were explosive. He wanted his agents to carry automatic weapons, like their Yemeni counterparts; she insisted they carry smaller arms, like diplomats. By the time Barry Mawn arrived, Bodine was calling O'Neill an outright liar. O'Neill's comments about the ambassador, friends say, weren't printable. >>

<< When O'Neill came back for Thanksgiving, James was shocked to see him exhausted and twenty pounds lighter. He never returned: Bodine told Freeh that O'Neill wasn't allowed to. One more irony came after September 11. The FBI returned after Bodine left her job, and according to Mawn, Yemeni authorities were so moved by O'Neill's death that they began cooperating with the investigation again. >>

The real killer came whenever O'Neill decided to open up to the French intelligence experts, Guillaume Dasqui and Jean-Charles Brisard in July of last year. - an article on Brisard and Dasqui's book - Bin Laden, la verite interdite (Bin Laden, the forbidden truth) which claims:

<< Under the influence of United States oil companies, the government of President George W Bush initially blocked intelligence agencies' investigations on terrorism while it bargained with the Taliban on the delivery of Osama bin Laden in exchange for political recognition and economic aid>>

<< The authors claim that O'Neill told them that "the main obstacles to investigate Islamic terrorism were US oil corporate interests and the role played by Saudi Arabia in it". The two claim that the US government's main objective in Afghanistan was to consolidate the position of the Taliban regime to obtain access to the oil and gas reserves in Central Asia.>>

So now we have our background, let?s move back to those outrageous conspiracy theories

Smeared, Discredited and Heading for Early Retirement

This began with reports on the conflict with the Yemeni ambassador and continued with the suitcase incident detailed below

<<The scuffle with the ambassador made the papers. And before long, O'Neill's press coverage got worse. On August 19, the Times printed that he was under investigation. A year earlier, he'd attended a retirement seminar in Tampa, left a conference room to make a call, and come back to find his briefcase had been stolen. It turned up in a nearby hotel without his lighter and cigar cutter, but still with some classified documents that he shouldn't have taken from his office. O'Neill had reported it to the police and the Bureau right away. Under normal circumstances, this never would have been made public. But O'Neill thought he knew why it had.

"He thought the leak might have come from Washington," says Mawn. That same month, O'Neill told Mawn and others that Dick Clarke, the president's terrorism czar at the National Security Council, had asked O'Neill whether he wanted his name put forward to succeed him.

"It would be a powerful position," Mawn says. "That person would have direct contact with the FBI and turn around and influence top Cabinet people, and possibly even the president. So if I was somebody who didn't like him, it would be because he is getting into a position of power that could possibly get back to the Bureau to do things his way." >>

He left the bureau in July, a tired and frustrated man

The Hit

Shortly after leaving the FBI, John O?Neill was offered a job offering three times the salary he had previously received approximately $300, 000

The job was head of security for the World Trade Center.

His first day was the 11th Sept.

He apparently went back into the building to help with the rescue operation and was killed when the building collapsed on top of him

Is this just a coincidence? If it is, it's a very big one. We've all seen films, usually featuring organized crime conspiracies where the whistle blower just happens to get killed in a crash just before giving evidence - is it beyond the realms of possibility that this could be a similar situation?

Hopefully, this will at least have given you some insight into the life of a very brave man.


SMOKING GUN: The Evidence that May Hang G.W. Bush
Part III
John O'Neill: Was He a Casualty of the Bush Administration?

By Cheryl Seal

"No longer is it just the fear of being attacked by international terrorist organizations -- attacks against Americans and American interests overseas. A lot of these groups now have the capability and the support infrastructure in the United States to attack us here if they choose to do so."
-- John P. O'Neill, 1996

Until he resigned in August of 2001, John O'Neill was the director of counterterrorism for the FBI's New York office, not far from the WTC. O'Neill investigated the bombings of the World Trade Centre in 1993, a US base in Saudi Arabia in 1996, the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar-Es-Salaam in 1998, and the USS Cole.

In the course of these investigations, he became one of the world's top experts on Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, determined to hunt Bin Laden and his followers down and bring them to justice. Those who worked with him said he �lived, breathed and ate terrorism.� A scrappy, stubborn Irishman with a quick temper, a fondness for the ladies, and a reputation for being brutally blunt on some occasions, and pushy on others, O'Neill was often frustrated by the button-down boundaries of the modern FBI. But he was one of the best sleuths the agency had � as anyone who worked with him would be quick to acknowledge. U.S. attorney Mary Jo White says this of O�Neill: "John went at it comprehensively, yielding things from people in London or people in Yemen we never otherwise would have gotten." Another admirer, former FBI director Louis Freeh remembers O�Neill as � the paramount, most knowledgeable agent we had in the FBI, probably in the government, with respect to counterintelligence matters."

After years of investigating OBL and Al Qaeda, O�Neill came to the conclusion that "All the answers, everything needed to dismantle Osama bin Laden's organization can be found in Saudi Arabia." That conviction went with him to his grave. Unfortunately for O�Neill and 3,000 other men and women, at every turn after January 2001, the Bush administration blocked the efforts of the �most knowledgable agent it had� to investigate Saudi ties to Bin Laden.

O�Neill saw through Bush from the start and by the summer of 2001 declared that the main obstacles to investigating Islamic terrorism were U.S. oil corporate interests and the role Saudi Arabia played in furthering those interests. Bush not only thwarted an FBI investigation of the bin Laden family, he kept the specific nature of his family's business ties to the Bin Ladens as secret as Cheney�s energy task force list. A few disturbing facts are known, however. For example, Bin Ladens were investors in the Carlyle Group, the secretive energy-and-arms corporation cofounded by George Bush, Sr.. Carlyle was earlier reputed to have been a major stakeholder in Central Asian oil interests, though they have, not surprisingly, dropped from the foreground in the past year. Bin Laden money was also sunk into George W. Bush's first oil companies. A Bin Laden was involved in BioPort, the company that G.W. Bush granted a federal contract for producing anthrax vaccine, even though the company had failed three FDA inspections. It is hard to imagine, given this cosy history, that O�Neill had much use for the Bush clan. It must have truly enraged him when he learned (as he inevitably must have, given his position inside the intelligence grapevine) that Osama bin Laden had flown to Dubai for 10 days for treatment at the American hospital, where he was visited by local CIA agent Larry Mitchell on July 12.

But let�s backtrack to the year before 9/11, back to the fall of 2000.

In October of 2000, after entering the Port of Aden off the coast of Yemen, the USS Cole was hit by suicide bomber. The blast killed 17 and injured 35 Americans. O�Neill was sent over to investigate, as head of the FBI team. Accompanying O�Neill to Yemen were over 100 FBI agents, laboratory experts and forensics specialists, as well as FBI Director Louis J. Freeh. From the earliest moments of the investigation, O�Neill was sure Bin Laden was responsible. However, from the start, his efforts to work the case were sabotaged by US ambassador to Yemen, Barbara Bodine. Bodine refused to cooperate in the investigation or to encourage Yemenis to cooperate. Despite repeated death threats against agents, she refused to allow them to carry the type of weapons O�Neill considered adequate. O�Neill reportedly called Louis Freeh in the middle of the night once expressing anxiety about the safety of his men. The clash between O�Neill and Bodine went steadily from bad to worse, peaking when Bodine publicly called O�Neill a liar. Incredibly, Bodine claimed that through her actions, she was merely trying to keep diplomatic relations running smoothly.

But a look at Ms. Bodine�s history suggests a very different motivation. Throughout her career, Barbara Bodine has served primarily under rightwing old boys and in areas where the oil interests of said old boys are being furthered. Under Reagan, she served as Deputy Principle Officer in Baghdad, Iraq. Under Bush, Sr., she served as Deputy Chief of Mission in Kuwait and was there during the Gulf War. She has also worked for Bob Dole, and far more ominously, for Henry Kissinger. So, in 2000 we find her in Yemen, and though a Clinton appointee, impeding the Clinton administration�s efforts to conduct an investigation of a crime of terrorism in which the chief suspect is the son of a Bush family business associate (see

What makes Bodine�s actions toward O'Neill particularly indefensible is that there is credible evidence that she herself was to blame, at least in part, for the Cole disaster. Kie Fallis, a Defense Intelligence Agency counterterrorism analyst, had issued a report before the disaster, warning of the danger of just such an attack in Yemen. As it turned out, the report was suppressed by senior DIA officals, and by Bodine and Gen. Anthony Zinn, who decided to allow the Cole to enter the Port under the lowest grade of secdurity permitted in the Middle East � though they were both aware of the warning. Fallis quit in protest the day after the bombing.

The report Fallis refers to was �officially� issued six hours after the attack by the NSA. The report said terrorists were known to be actively engaged in �operational planning� for an attack and had traveled to Dubai and Beirut in preparation for this attack. Yet, on Oct 29, senior intelligence officials issued a statement claiming that the warnings they had received were too vague to have justified issuing a stronger alert. (Sound familiar?) (

The Clinton administration intervened in the investigation, and an arrangement was made that at least made it possible for agents to question suspects (thanks to Bodine, even this had been impossible before). O�Neill returned to the States for the holidays. By that time, Bush had succeeded in pulling off the theft of the presidency. O�Neill was barred from returning to Yemen to continue his investigation. Shortly after he returned, while attending a seminar in Tampa, O�Neill�s briefcase, which contained some sensitive papers, was stolen. Although the briefcase was found intact shortly afterward, with only a cigar lighter missing, the incident later proved to be something much more than a petty theft, as you shall see.

From this point on out, incidents, actions, and decisions become so complex and interwoven that a chronology seems the best way to present the information.


Late January: Within 10 days of being sworn in until a few weeks before 9/11, Bush becomes preoccupied � obsessed, some have whispered - with trying to cut a deal with the Taliban that would make Afghanistan a new playground for American oil interests. The game plan involved swiping the oil-rich Caspian region from Russian control � proving just how loyal Bush is to his �soul mates� (Putin). From January through August, a time during which he felt sure he could cajole or pressure the Taliban into playing ball, Bush did not consider the Afghan religious despots "evil." In fact, he is reported to have described their repressive regime �as a source of stability in Central Asia" that would provide the ideal environment for the construction of an oil pipeline

February 2001: In a masterpiece of conflicting signals, Bush, after expressing interest in negotiations, orders the Taliban government offices in U.S. closed. The Taliban responds by saying it might be willing to turn over Osama Bin Laden. This suggestion is ignored.

March 2001, Laila Helms, daughter of former CIA director Richard Helms, brings one of Mullah Omar's advisors, Sayed Hashimi to Washington. During that visit, Hashimi meets with the directorate of Central Intelligence at the CIA and the Bureau of Intelligence and Research at the State Department. At one meeting, says Helms, Hashami proposes that the Taliban would be willing to hold bin Laden in one location long enough for the U.S. to locate and destroy him. However, this offer is refused by the Bush administration.

April through August: one warning after another of terrorists attack directed against the U.S. come into the Bush administration, from the UK, Russia, Egypt, Israel, France, Germany, and Russia.

Early May: FBI director Louis Freeh, after being the subject of an intensive rightwing smear campaign (see various NewsMax stories as prime samples) quits - or, more accurately, is forced out.

May: Bush gives Taliban $43 million in what is reported to be a "pot sweetening deal"

June: Freeh now gone, the last of the FBI agents investigating the Cole are suddenly pulled out of Yemen, ostensibly because of the lack of progress and danger.

June: O'Neill meets with French intelligence expert Jean-Charles Brisard in Paris and expresses his frustration at the Bush administration. He tells Brisard he believes the key to making headway against terrorism lies in Saudi Arabia, but that oil interests lie in the way of any serious investigation.

Brisard and his associate Guillaume Dasqui�, an intelligence analyst and the editor of Intelligence Online, dedicated their book "Bin Laden: the Forbidden Truth" (released in France in November 2001) to O'Neill. The book has been vigorously avoided by U.S. publishers and everyone in the mainstream U.S. press except Paula Zahn, who has presented excerpts of it.

July: Francesc Vendrell and Tom Simmons (former ambassador to Pakistan)meet with Taliban in Berlin on Bush administration's behalf. A deal that offers a coalition government and a pipeline is proposed to the Taliban. When Tom Simmons threatens the Taliban with military action as an alternative to not accepting the deal, the Taliban reps storm out of the meetings.

July: Possibly as a way to mollify the Taliban, Bush directs FBI to back off Osama Bin Laden

July 6: In response to public pressure, the FBI is sent back to Yemen, but O'Neill is told he is barred from entering the country.

July 10: 'An FBI agent named Kenneth Williams who is based in Phoenix AZ sends a memo to John O'Neill that he suspected an OBL hijacker in training was taking flight lessons at a local flight school. The memo never gets further than whoever O'Neill transmitted it to. And, knowing O'Neill's history, there is no doubt the info was transmitted.

July: 12: Osama Bin Laden receives treatment at an American hospital in Dubai and is visited by CIA agent Larry Mitchell

Mid July: O'Neill meets with again with French intelligence analyst Brisard, this time in NYC. He again expresses frustration at Bush's refusal to pursue OBL or Saudi terrorist ties seriously. It is absolutely certain that O'Neill by now realized that even the memo from Williams would not be followed up on.

August 2. Christina Rocca director of Asian affairs at the State Department, meets the Taliban ambassador in Islamabad to reopen negotiations. Her message from Bush according to intelligence reports repeated in Brisard and Dasquie's book. "Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs." This medieval offer is refused.

August 6: The most serious terrorist attack warning is delivered to Bush. At this point, it should have been clear to the Bush that, having just four days before threatened the Taliban with military action, there would be a very good chance that something serious might happen, perhaps in the nature of a preemptive strike. Yet it is at this point that Bush decides against taking serious action on the threats.


The answer seems painfully clear. As of August 6, we have a president who has delivered an ultimatum to the Taliban, threatening to bomb them. However, there is at this point no pretext to justify "carpeting" Afghanistan with bombs. We also have a president whose ratings have tanked to below 50% and thus needs the sort of infusion of public support a war would provide.

With the warning on his desk, Bush must have seen an opportunity. All he needed to do was... nothing. Time will tell whether or not he realized the scope of the resulting disaster.

Early August: Dick Clarke, the president's terrorism czar at the National Security Council, tells O'Neill he would like to put his name is as his successor. "It would be a powerful position," fellow agent Barry Mawn says. "That person would have direct contact with the FBI and turn around and influence top Cabinet people, and possibly even the president."

Mid-August: A flight school in Minnesota flight reports Zaccarias Moussouai to the local FBI office after Moussouai requested training in how to fly a jet, but not in how to land or take off. Although Moussaoui is arrested, agents did not search his computer and thus missed vital clues.

August 19: New York Times reports that O'Neill is suddently under investigation for the "brief case incident." Tom Pickard, second in command at FBI tells O'Neill he can pretty much kiss the promotion chance goodbye. It is clear O'Neill, like Freeh, is being squeezed out. Friends of O'Neill have said that Pickard, who was very cozy with Ashcroft and the Bush team, acted as the number one road block to O'Neill's efforts to progress in the agency. After Sept. 11, Pickard, who, unlike O'Neill and Freeh, had NO experience invetsigating terrorism (his speciality was white collar crime) was placed in charge of the Sept. 11 investigation and also the anthrax investigation. In November, Pickard retired.

Late August: O'Neill quits the FBI

Early Sept.: O'Neill takes a job as head of security for the WTC. He mentions to friends in New York that he fully expects the building to be targeted by terrorists in the future.

September 7: The CIA's Promis program begins picking up unusual trading activity for United and American Airlines.

September 11: On O'Neill's second day of work on the 34th floor, the WTC is hit by the first plane. O'Neill makes it out of the building safely, calls his son to say he is OK,. then goes into the other tower to help guide those still inside to safety. Minutes later, O'Neill, along with hundreds of others, is dead, killed by the terrorist the Bush administration refused to allow him to pursue to the best of his ability.

History will be kind to John O�Neill� It will not be kind to George W. Bush.

Tracking the alleged hijackers and their doubles

Posted by: "norgesen"   norgesen

Tue Jun 6, 2006 6:34 am (PST)

Tracking the alleged hijackers and their doubles

Introduction to Update I :

I�ve completely updated all files on the 19 alleged hijackers. While at first I intended to clearly mark the changes to help readers that have already read the first version I�ve finally decided not to mark anything for the simple reason that the files changed very much, e.g. the file on Atta is three times as long as the first version.
The main change is that I�ve worked through the annotated timeline by denydeny:
This page contained some (to me) unknown stuff.
I also worked through the �Terrorist Travel� a work by the Commission detailing the life of the alleged hijackers:
Last but not least the evidences presented at the Moussaoui trial have been incorporated as well.
Certainly the files have gained a lot in depth but surely there is still a lot left to do, e.g. the work of Daniel Hopsicker is on top of my list of things still to do. But certainly as well there are still mistakes. I don�t pretend that this work is perfect. It can�t be. The topic is way to complicated. Therefore I very much appreciate every correction and constructive critique.
One thing hasn�t changed though. On the contrary:
The original suspicion that there have been many doubles involved in the operation of 911.
The use of the word �double� does by no way imply that e.g. every alleged hijacker had one for themselves (so all in all 38 people). There is a variety of possibilities: e.g. there was one physically different person following in the shadow of the alleged hijacker, planting evidences etc. Or there was one person leaving paper trails for several other alleged hijackers, or there was one person working as a double (being physically present at a different location) for several alleged hijackers, so only vaguely resembling them.
In my eyes it is neither the aim nor the interest to prove exactly which double was when where. The aim is to prove that one physical person cannot possibly have done all that the alleged hijackers are supposed to have done. Therefore in order to refute the double theory you have to find an explaination for every single event that indicates the presence of a double. So far nobody has ever come up with only trying to refute the double theory on any forum.
Please also read the article:
�This might be a smoking gun� (Andre II)
where Andre II explains why proving that there were doubles is logically also proving that 911 was an inside job.

One word concerning the method:
I�ve decided to keep as much quotation as possible. Even if sometimes the files might be repetitive I prefer this method in order to present the reader with the original sources and not with my interpretations. My interpretations are clearly marked in italics and in the introducing summaries at the top of each file. This gives the reader the original material with the possibility to make up her/his own opinion and has my comments indicating contradictions, raising questions etc.
A special Thanks to Kevin Fenton who has done some very valuable research on the alleged hijackers (e.g. investigating their identification documents, working through the complicated stuff on Fayez Banihammad etc). He kindly allowed me to use his work. I appreciate this especially as he doesn�t share my opinion on the doubles at all and is convinced that there is another explanation.
Last but not least: Help, critique, further information etc is very much appreciated and I thank especially freedomfiles and Zaphod 36 for adding material.

Here is the plan to unite U.S. Mexico & Canada as one Country + + +

Posted by: ""   ranger116_2000

Tue Jun 6, 2006 12:09 pm (PST)

Here is the plan to unite U.S. Mexico & Canada as one Country + + + +

Former Supreem Court Justice Sandra Day O' Connor
says US edging near to dictatorship
Lawyers need to do Something !


Here is the plan to unite U.S. Mexico & Canada as one Country

Done by the government leaders of these three countries and do away with
the borders and bring in the new Amero Currency and New North American

SPP Home

(this is a govt. website)


It's time to really organize Peoples. Many might come
out of the closet if there is a sign of strength in
This is the key. Numbers of people that are
sick and tired of the corruption and falsely justified
wars. Here we see the draft is back up for a vote
thanks to Charlie the two faced Rangle democrat Rat
traitor that he is.\

To many of these false faced politicians in power.

This is the problem. If we get to the election, we
need honest people running with long checkable
background records of community service behind them.
None should be elected that belong to any private
groups or organizations IE, CFR, Bildabergers,
Tri-Lats and high grade masons in General. They all
cow-tow to a higher power called Mammon!
We are moving into "Taking back America" Plan B.
It is time to force the truth into ANY politicians
face that has passed the pre-screening background
check, and force the 911 issue into the battle front
of politics. Force it into every one of their faces.
No dodging this issue. Who ever runs on the campaign
of Immediately Impeaching and Prosecuting ALL THOSE
involved in the 9/11 Event should be elected no matter
what party they are from. They must be found out now
and fully supported with all the energy the groups can
manifest. The future winners MUST speak out loudly
about this issue. The Truth will empower who ever
takes up its Holy Flag. If only there was a strong
Uniting behind any third party. Any party that does
not cow-tow to the globalistic new world order of
bankster luciferians and satanists.
These are two new things to already come from Chicago.
We must get these publications.
This is a book the will blow the lid off the media
complicity in the 911 cover up. Gotta love it!!! It's
not out yet, but here is the best source:\

And we MUST GET issues 10 and 11 if possible. Several
copies to copy and distribute. Time is ticking
for the awakening and the taking back of America

So there you go. Get DVDs, books, and these magazines,
and then stick them in the faces of all the
prospective candidates and thereafter question them on
their view points of this huge issue. There is too
much evidence to not be able to bury them all in it.
Dedication ladies, is an everyday walk. We
are fighting for our Country and this is a FACT!!!
We must heat up the awareness of the group to heat up
ANY politician that thinks they want to run for
office. Sticking the 911 info into the faces of ALL
THOSE running for office is the next God sent idea. If
we wake them all up, they can use this issue to win
the election.
Some democrat says---I WILL VOTE IMMEDIATELY TO
Yaaayyyyyyyy sez the people.
We must all organize and focus on this project.
Project--Stick in Their Faces!
Give thanks to God for the Guidance.
This is the way.....
(6-3-06 was a great show as were the last three)

Taking Back America---Plan B
Good Peoples, The next step is here. It's time to really organize
Peoples. Many might come out of the closet if there is a sign of
strength in numbers. This is...

Was the 2004 Election Stolen?


1,400 Civilians killed in May in Bagdad - In May 2006

" Mission Accomplished ? !" - Baghdad targeted civilian killings soar in May - Jun 6, 2006


Stop the Beast -- Bush War Machine


The Insane United States Senate


Mustaqim - Musings of a flying Imam


The 9/11 Truth Movement Convention
9/11 Revealing the Truth


WP: Bathroom breaks vs. grades? - Highlights -
Taking away grade points if you need to go to the bathroom during class

(Insanity is alive and well at the school management level - I hope they
get their asses sued off !)


Poor Paul McCartney and the one legged porn actress

(How did this remain silent for the past few years ?)

News: Lady Macca's porno past



Fw: SPP and Amnesty

Posted by: "norgesen"   norgesen

Tue Jun 6, 2006 1:34 pm (PST)

----- Original Message -----
From: Vicky Davis

Please distribute widely

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Monday, June 05, 2006 8:37 PM
Subject: SPP and Amnesty

Jane: Please forward this letter as our independence depends on us defeating the Security and Prosperity Partnership plot to create regional government and make us slaves in a third world country. Sincerely yours, Adrian L. Arp, Ph.D.


The reason President Bush has only given lip service to controlling the borders and illegal alien immigration is that he and his elitist Council on Foreign Relations friends in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada are plotting to merge these nations into a single regional government similar to the European Union. This is being done with the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) agreement.

The SPP will greatly expand The North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The SPP will integrate the three countries into a North American Union with tri-national economic and security by 2010 with a common outer security perimeter. This means integrating the U.S. with the corruption, socialism and poverty of Mexico with wide-open borders. Goods, people and capital will move freely across the SPP established international borders.

It will require that U.S. citizens effectively surrender our citizenship to the North American Union along with a new currency, the Amero.

Eight tri-national "working groups" were created and are already implementing new bureaucracies and "public-private partnerships" which are best described as corporatism which is the foundation of fascism.

SPP will strengthen tribunals which will destroy our Constitutional Republic law system that protects individual rights. The SPP is being implemented without Congressional approval.

The Bush administrations "guest worker" (amnesty for illegal aliens) program is a key part of the SPP integration scheme.

To prevent the U.S. from becoming a third world country we citizens must mobilize to defeat amnesty and the SPP regional government plan. For details see .

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men
do nothing." Edmund Burke.

Sincerely yours,

Adrian L. Arp, Ph.D
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301

Vicky Davis

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. ~ George Orwell

Climate Control, Beijing-Style

Posted by: "shane_digital"   shane_digital

Wed Jun 7, 2006 3:18 am (PST)

Climate Control, Beijing-Style
The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain, but in China? Well, the
government will decide.

Newsweek | June 4, 2006
By Melinda Liu

June 2, 2006 - The rainy season has come to northern China, and it's a
brave new world out there. Actually the natural rainy season doesn't
start until July. But the season of man-made rain is upon us, and
Chinese rainmakers have been busy. Over the past month they've
mobilized cloud-seeding aircraft, artillery and rockets to enhance
rainfall. "We've ordered technicians to try to make it rain again
today, but so far they haven't reported back on the results," says
Zhang Qiang, a businesslike woman who heads the Beijing Weather
Modification Office (yes, that's the official name of a real Chinese
government agency). "We did it many times last week to increase the

Not content with simply making it rain, now China's weather modifiers
have taken on another meterological mission: to help guarantee perfect
weather when Beijing hosts the Olympic Games in 2008. "In China, we
haven't done this type of thing on a very large scale yet," says Zhang
during an interview in a west Beijing compound housing five
antiaircraft guns used to shoot chemicals into the clouds. "The
Russians have experience creating good weather, and we can learn
something from them. We still have two more years for testing. I'm
sure our preparations for the Games will go well."

Zhang's office, which employs 30 people, is part of the Beijing
municipal government and the nationwide China Meteorological
Administration. Her unit uses two aircraft and 20 artillery and
rocket-launching bases to help modify weather around the city.
Springtime is the busiest season for agricultural purposes. But more
and more, Zhang and her colleagues are experimenting with weather
modification to try to create blue skies. Toward this end, they've
spent nearly a month and a half total researching the effects of
certain chemical activators on different sizes of cloud formations and
at different altitudes. Chinese meteorologists claim that similar
efforts helped create good weather for a number of past VIP events in
China, including the World Expo in Yunnan, the Asian Games in Shanghai
and the Giant Panda Festival in Sichuan.

And why not? The central-government leadership�dominated by
engineers�has been messing with Mother Nature ever since the Chinese
Communist Party came to power. They've built the world's biggest dam,
the world's highest railway and even the world's biggest Ferris wheel
(in Nanchang, still awaiting verification from the Guinness World
Records). Why not perfect the science of climate control?

Well, um, there is the small political question of what happens to
apparatchiks if they get it wrong. At least that's what was on Zhang's
mind on Sept. 30, 1999, as Chinese leaders frenetically prepared for
Beijing's National Day celebration the following morning. Marking the
50th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China,
Oct. 1 was slated to be a bash with a full-on military parade,
goose-stepping militiawomen in red miniskirts and a flyover of
aircraft and helicopters buzzing Chinese VIPs on the rostrum above
Tiananmen Square.

But there was one problem: a storm system threatened to make it rain
on Beijing's parade. China's rainmakers debated whether to induce a
strong downpour just before the gala, increasing the chances of blue
skies on the big day. "I was on duty," recalls Zhang. "I intended to
modify the weather by using artillery."

But Zhang understandably fretted about Mother Nature's
unpredictability. "I worried that if the techniques I used weren't
good enough, there would be a big problem. I could make things even
worse," acknowledges Zhang, inferring that she could have lost her
job. "So I didn't dare do anything." To everyone's relief, the rain
stopped of its own accord.

In the beginning, the idea was to improve harvests for Chinese
farmers, who still comprise nearly three quarters of the nation's 1.3
billion people. Chinese scientists began researching man-made rain in
1958, using chemicals such as silver iodide or dry ice to help produce
condensation in moisture-laden clouds; such efforts can enhance
rainfall during planting seasons or minimize the destructive effect of
hail. Firefighting is another function; last autumn, authorities in
northeast China induced artificial rain to assist 10,000 firefighters
battling a massive forest fire in Heilongjiang province.

Today Chinese rainmakers are among the world's busiest. Beijing's
nationwide weather-modification budget exceeds $50 million a year. The
communist regime's 11th Five Year Plan, which kicked off this year,
calls for the creation of 48 billion to 60 billion cubic meters of
artificial rain annually (somewhere between 12 trillion to 16 trillion
gallons of water). Beijing needs it. Right now is when fruit trees and
crops need life-giving water; the parched North China plain has been
stalked by drought since 1998. Normal precipitation is between 22 and
24 inches annually, says Zhang, but Beijing had only 18 inches last
year. And drought continued around China's capital city this spring,
"so we're increasing rainfall using our own means," says Zhang. "But
man-made efforts can't solve the drought problem altogether; they can
increase rainfall by only 10 to 15 percent."

And tampering with Mother Nature has been known to backfire.
Cloud-seeding shells and rockets have sometimes gone astray, damaging
homes and injuring inhabitants. City dwellers have raised concerns
about environmental pollution, though meteorologists insist the silver
iodide is used in such tiny quantities that it brings no negative
health consequences. And the rainmaking scramble became so intense in
2004 that five Henan province villages reportedly squabbled over
"cloud theft" after they all seeded the clouds simultaneously but only
one district received the lion's share of rain.

Still, Chinese authorities have discovered weather micromanagement can
bring psychological relief from heat and dust. In 2004, when
Shanghai's sweltering temperatures soared above 95 degrees in July,
weather modifiers induced rain to break the heat wave and reduce
demand on the city's overstretched power grids. "Shanghai was the
first city in China to use man-made rain to cool down temperatures,"
boasted Yu Zhaoyu of the city's Meteorological Bureau.

This spring Beijing suffered from unusually fierce dust storms, which
swirl out of the Gobi desert each year and coat the capital in fine
yellow grit. One day in April a monster dust storm dumped 300,000 tons
of sand on Beijing, according to local media. The city was still
shrouded in gritty powder when temperatures and pollution levels began
rising a week ago. To dispel the haze, technicians of the Weather
Modification Office fired rocket shells packed with cigarette-size
sticks of silver iodide into the clouds. It worked. Beijing enjoyed
its heaviest rainfall of the year, which helped "alleviate drought,
add soil moisture and remove dust from the air for better air
quality," reported the official Xinhua news agency.

The idea of creating good weather received political support from
China's former party head Jiang Zemin after he attended a 2000
celebration in Russia marking the 55th anniversary of the end of World
War II. Jiang was impressed when the Russians induced rain to
successfully clear up clouds for the ceremony. "When he came back,
Jiang said China should do the same thing," says Zhang, "We're trying
our best to be ready for the Olympics. Already we've succeeded in
clearing up small cloud formations." Dissipating larger formations
that cover hundreds or thousands of square miles remain a challenge,
she says. At any rate, heavy rains typically aren't so prevalent in
August, the month when the 2008 Games are scheduled. So when the time
comes, China's weather modifiers may ironically get a little help from
Mother Nature.


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