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[political-research] Bloglines - RCMP Changes Fertilizer Story

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Another Day in the Empire

RCMP Changes Fertilizer Story

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Now, instead of securing the purchase of three tons of ammonium nitrate for the alleged Ontario terrorists, the cops in Canada “learned of the alleged purchase and intervened, switching the fertilizer, which can be used to make a bomb… [of the sort] employed in 1995 to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City,” according to the Toronto Star.

“The Official Story is now the heroic one that the RCMP intercepted the shipment and replaced the dangerous fertilizer with an non-dangerous substance,” writes the blogger Xymphora. “Obviously, some bigwig at the RCMP realized that the sting story would be used by lawyers for the defendants, and ordered that a safer story be spread. Rapid changes in the Official Story is a sure sign of official shenanigans,” as such changes severely weakened both the official nine eleven and London bombing stories, not that the corporate media bothered to point this out, so eager were they to stumble over each other in an effort to suck up government propaganda.

No doubt the flimsy and ludicrous case against the Canadian “al-Qaeda inspired” terror cell, comprised partially of teenagers, will eventually crumble, although the desired result will be achieved—imparting to audiences in Canada, the United States, Britain, and Europe the scary message there are “homegrown” terrorists among us, ready to perform evil.

Of course, the only sane response is to surrender what remains of our civil liberties, consent to a national ID card, maybe a microchip down the road, surrender our DNA to sprawling databases, get accustomed to the NSA-CIA-FBI snoop state, turn in our guns (or have them RFID tagged), and accept checkpoints, ever increasing “terror drills” at high schools, and more intrusive police state behavior at airports and, sooner or later, on all modes of transportation.




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