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1. video - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
From: "smacko"
2. AT&T Insider tells of years of spying for the CIA in Court
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Message 1
From: "smacko"
Date: Fri May 19, 2006 5:22am(PDT)
Subject: video - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime

Video: Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
The long awaited new film, "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" from is available here:

Download links:

911Podcasts link - High Quality MP4 (230 MB) | WMV (116 MB)
(note: New version of MP4 with the audio fixed has been uploaded )

Google Video Link - Medium Resolution

Torrent link

Special thanks to John Albanese, the producer of the movie, for providing this film for public distribution. Here is a message from John:

I wanted to pop in and let you guys know what the status of this film is.

You can expect some general announcements to come out very soon. We are currently putting the final touches on some of the lingering technical difficulties of getting this film prepared for online distribution � and Google is currently reviewing our submission.

The Tribeca screening went very well, and I am extremely grateful for the outpouring of support I am receiving for all over the world. Unfortunately, the volume of inquiries is making personalized responses impossible.

Additionally, the volume of traffic to my website has been monstrous, and my site is in danger of shutting down.

I would encourage you to feel free to copy this film, and post it, and stream it, everywhere and anywhere you can, to help relieve the traffic to my sites. I would only ask that you not edit the film in any way � or attempt to sell it in any way. I would also ask that you attempt to not post any heavily compressed versions that will make the film hard to view.

Additionally, 911blogger has very graciously agreed to convert and post my film on their site. My heartfelt thanks goes out to them for their generous offer and partnership. It is exactly this sort of community partnership that will eventually win the social revolution for people�s hearts and minds.

Additional footage from the Tribeca screening will be available online shortly as well. The film was very well received, and I think there is some power in showing the standing ovation we received, to help normalize people�s perceptions on 9/11. Representative from RawStory and Scope Magazine were in attendance � and a copy of the film has been provided to Vanity Fair upon their request.

I believe that UNITY is the most important attribute that we as 9/11 activists should strive for in 2006. There are many different opinions and theories and approaches to cracking this nut. Lets agree to disagree - but, ultimately, the only thing that matters is that 9/11 is exposed, and this tragic USA foreign policy that threatens to engulf the world be STOPPED!!!. We must remember that this is not a competition, and not seek to undercut each other�s efforts. We have enough barriers to overcome, without creating our own.

We move into an unprecedented dangerous time for American foreign policy. I believe that the 9/11 movement holds the keys to bringing sanity and true power into the hands of the people.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone for your support.

posted by somebigguy


Message 2
From: ""
Date: Fri May 19, 2006 3:28pm(PDT)
Subject: AT&T Insider tells of years of spying for the CIA in Court

AT&T insider tells of spying for CIA in Court-NBC BushStepDown,9/11CoverupSuit+

( But first this Bulletin from me. Jeff Rense and NBC )

NBC Audio: David Gregory Asks Bush If He Should Quit on Network News


Pass it on

AT&T Insider tells of years of spying for the CIA in Court

Secret rooms built into phone company buildings to house the CIA spy

Stumbling Into a CIA Spy Scandal



NBC Network TV News Reporter
Dave Gregory Asks Bush -- On Network News !

��" Do You think it is possible like Nixon and Watergate, That the
American People have rendered a final judgement of disapproval on You
and Your War in Iraq ?? "
(click NBC website below to get audio)
�In other words - Do you think it is time to step Down ? !

Yes !! This is the First Shot Fired By The Network News Media to get the
Bush Crime Family Out of Power ! (;^))

Pass it on !

MSNBC - NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams Front Page


English as National Language

They didn't dare say Official ! I have been in this battle for a long
time, Got the Fla Constitution changed to English as the Official
Language of Florida.

They must be starting to worry about getting voted out - They are
actually doing a couple things people who can vote actually want + It
will take less translators at the CIA to translate the phone calls in
the future this way !

But don't think they will stick with it after the November election and
/ or if five Hispanics or Spanish speaking Mexican Indians proclaiming
to be Hispanic protest in front of the Capital Building with signs that
say racist !

Senate endorses English as national language


Mexicans say nothing will Stop them from Crossing the Border !

(They ain't met Buba and his twelve gauge Yet !)


Woman Sues Newspaper over 9/11 Coverup - News paper covers the story

News Flash!!! Judith Story in the Durango Herald

Dr Jay Reporting
Womans Story is Reported in the Newspaper She is Suing

May 19, 2006
Today's local rag, the Durango Herald, has actually published a news
story about Judith's action to sue them. They really published an almost
true rendition of the actual story. In the Truth warrior business, a
little closer to truth is better then no Truth at all. Thank God we are
getting closer to the real Truth about the 911 cover up.
In the article, the Publisher says he will defend the Paper. She is
looking forward to asking Mr. Richard Ballentine why exactly after being
given all those DVD's, 133 911 related web sites, the Petition, and
supporting documents he still feels that they have no responsibility to
print the Truth about the 911 cover up. The People want to know why he
is still covering up the cover up.
In the beginning of the article they make it sound as if this is
all her very own idea and opinion about this tragic story of the 911
cover up. What they are in remiss of is that this factual knowledge is
known by millions around the world and millions want to know why the
media is complicit in the cover up. Millions of People around the world
already know about this horrible crime of 911.
Why is our local rag involved in covering up the cover up? The
questions should rightly be; PROVE the government story about a 757
hitting the Pentagon is true. PROVE the Government story about planes
and hijackers armed with "box cutters" brought down the trade towers.
PROVE there were no explosions that actually were the cause of these
buildings falling at the same speed as gravity. And most of all, PROVE
that Larry Silverstien had nothing do do with Building Number 7 being
imploded with explosives later in that horrendous day to bring it down
after he blatantly said on National TV he had "made the decision to PULL
the building" which is a demolition industry term for destroying a
building using high explosives.
Also in this article they say they tried to reach Judith for
comment and this is more deceptive media tactic trying to make her look
bad. She gave them her pager number which is all she can afford, and she
also gave them her e-mail address that they could have easily used to
contact her for comment. This writer has also sent her contact info to
them several times. Today, she is going to make sure whoever the mystery
writer is that wrote this story has her number and e-mail to contact her
for comment. She is breathing fire now and is ready for the perpetrators
of mis-information.
May the force of Truth flow through this Nation as the infusion it
desperately needs to save itself. May People CARE enough to support her
actions to try and save our Country.
Dr Jay

Links to the Jack Blood show that Judith Pfeif was on: That's is hour 1 That's hour 2

And Jack Blood's Report:



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