Saturday, May 20, 2006

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What's the Truth - Full Length Video Download

By dz

A few months back we posted a preview of a video by Dem Bruce Lee Styles. A bit after that I got my first glance at the current full length version, and even had my fiance proofread it. Shortly after that I got word that he had decided to abandon the idea of doing a quick ~30 minute video and had instead decided to take the time to do it right, and make a full length movie. What's the Truth - How Indeed Did the Twin Towers Collapse was definitely worth the wait.

Focused almost entirely on the 'collapses' of the twin towers and building 7, Dem Bruce Lee Styles has made what will be my top pick movie regarding controlled demolition, and has included very short and pointed mentions of other 9/11 related subjects that hit at the crux of the issue without straying from the main focus of the movie.

A very big thanks and congratulations to Dem Bruce Lee Styles. You can find the video downloads via the link above, and I am very hopeful that others will find it a great addition to their 9/11 media collections as well.

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