Saturday, May 20, 2006

[political-researchp] Bloglines - Randi Rhodes Has 9/11 Questions

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Randi Rhodes Has 9/11 Questions

By reprehensor

Randi Rhodes has questions. Lots and lots of questions! Yesterday, she dedicated a significant part of her show examining the various anomalies surrounding the Pentagon hit, Hani Hanjour's wicked awesome flying skills, the lack of NORAD response and had several clips from recent media coverage.

She invited her listeners to take a hard look at the "5 frames" and assess what they saw. She spent a solid hour of Air America prime time radio raising the questions that so many of us have had.

Drop by her Message Board and say thanks!

Also, drop Paul Thompson a dime or two, I do believe that Randi relies on his incredible timeline quite a bit: Cooperative Research

Here is a temporary location for an MP3 of the show, sans commercials, I'll try to post a mirror later: Click to Listen

(Not sure how much traffic the above link can handle, please be patient!)

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