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[political-researchp] Bloglines - 542 +/- 24 mph?

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542 +/- 24 mph?

By Spooked

Is the speed of UA175 according to the final NIST report (NIST NCSTAR 1-2; Chapter 6).

This speed is coincidentally, right in the middle for previous speed estimates-- of a high of 590 mph by FEMA to a low of 503 mph by MIT.

What is amusing is reading how NIST initially tried a fancy complex analysis of the speeds using several different videos, but they couldn't get it to work (to give reliable speeds). So they resorted to a simple "displacement" technique for estimating the plane speed (how many frames it takes the plane to cross its length)-- much very much like I did some time back.

Except I found that "UA175" was going far slower than 542 mph. I calculated a speed of 327 mph as the plane hits the building, and 272 mph right before it hit the building.

My calculations were extremely straight-forward and I can't see how my calculations are wrong. (If you see a flaw in my calculations, let me know)

What I can say is that looking at the videos of the second hit, as I have many many times, the "plane" simply does not seem to be going super fast, i.e. 540 mph.

The plane looks like it is going fast, but only slightly faster than planes coming in for a landing-- and I see large jets slowly descending for landing multiple times every day. I say there is no way that "UA175" is going 540 mph.

Even if you look at the ground the plane covers in videos where the plane is seen longer, the plane covers about a mile in 8-10 seconds. That works out to 450 to 360 mph-- quite a bit slower than the NIST calculations (where they simply present their results, they never show any actual measurements, of course)-- but in line with my earlier calculations from the Ghostplane video.

Why would NIST (and other groups such as FEMA and the FBI) exaggerate the speed of UA175?

I think the reason is clear. They need an extreme speed to sell the idea that the plane was going so fast that it went straight into the building without breaking up and that the fast speed of the plane also caused major building damage. The official story REQUIRES a high speed for the building damage (even though it raises a separate issue of whether amateur hijacker pilots could fly the planes effectively at that speed).

IMO, this speed of 542 mph is yet another 9/11 lie.


Yet Another Nine Eleven Lie.

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