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1. Zionism is to Jews as Hiterism is to Germans
From: "Dick Eastman"
2. click and read
From: "Bugs"
3. Bush administration determined to punish and criminalize resistance
From: "Dick Eastman"
4. Joe Vialls on 1988 Zionist murder of jumbo jet full of people at Loc
From: "Dick Eastman"
5. Cheney Remarks Spark Talks of New ColdWar with RUSSIA+Cineese illega
From: ""
6. Re: Joe Vialls on 1988 Zionist murder of jumbo jet full of people at
From: "mojo_j_2000"
7. Re: Pilger: Ehe Salvador Option (terror by death squads) has been in
From: "mojo_j_2000"
8. Re: Retired CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Takes on Rumsfeld Over Justific
From: "mojo_j_2000"
9. Re: Former CIA Middle East Expert accuses Bush admin of organized ma
From: "mojo_j_2000"
10. Re: CNN: CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Exposing Iraq War & Rumsfeld
From: "mojo_j_2000"
11. Re: Fw: Mayor Daley in ISRAEL during Chicago 911 Terror Exercise
From: "mojo_j_2000"
12. Re: Good-bye US -- 'Perfect storm' as dollar is rejected worldwide d
From: "mojo_j_2000"
13. Re: Cutter Charges� Brought Down WTC Buildings
From: "mojo_j_2000"
14. ####Re: thermite was combined with sulphur to make it burn even hott
From: "mojo_j_2000"
15. Re: ashcroft is today working as a lobbyist for Israel Aircraft Indu
From: "mojo_j_2000"
16. Re: 9/11 flyer. List evidence of controlled demoltion-good for Firem
From: "mojo_j_2000"
From: "APFN"
18. Re: w
From: "mojo_j_2000"
19. Re: WTC according to NIST
From: "mojo_j_2000"
20. Re: Federal Reserve orders printing of trillions
From: "mojo_j_2000"
21. Re: remote control 757 (ref: 9/11)---BRILLIANT
From: "mojo_j_2000"
22. Re: Bush uncle makes millions from war
From: "mojo_j_2000"
23. Re: Bush�s IRS Wants to Make Your Tax Returns Public .....
From: "mojo_j_2000"
24. Re: chimpy's latest outrageous act
From: "mojo_j_2000"
25. Re: dem lantos and frank BLOCK IMPEACHMENT
From: "mojo_j_2000"


Message 1
From: "Dick Eastman"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 7:31pm(PDT)
Subject: Zionism is to Jews as Hiterism is to Germans

hi there


Message 2
From: "Bugs"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 7:37pm(PDT)
Subject: click and read

Click and read


Message 3
From: "Dick Eastman"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 8:19pm(PDT)
Subject: Bush administration determined to punish and criminalize resistance

April 23, 2006

Bush Brandishes Jail Time at Critics
By Robert Parry

Over the past five-plus years, the American people have gotten a taste of what a
triumphant George W. Bush is like, as he basked in high approval ratings and
asserted virtually unlimited powers as Commander in Chief. Now, the question is:
How will Bush and his inner circle behave when cornered?

So far, the answer should send chills through today's weakened American
Republic. Bush and his team - faced with plunging poll numbers and cascading
disclosures of wrongdoing - appear determined to punish and criminalize
resistance to their regime.

That is the significance of recent threats from the administration and its
supporters who bandy about terms like sedition, espionage and treason when
referring to investigative journalists, government whistle-blowers and even
retired military generals - critics who have exposed Executive Branch
illegalities, incompetence and deceptions.

CIA Director Porter Goss, a former Republican congressman long regarded as a
political partisan, has escalated pressure on intelligence officials suspected
of leaking secrets about Bush's warrantless wiretapping of Americans and the
torture of detainees held in clandestine prisons in Asia and Eastern Europe.

On April 20, Goss fired a career intelligence officer (identified as Mary O.
McCarthy) for allegedly discussing with reporters the CIA's network of secret
prisons where terrorism suspects were interrogated and allegedly tortured in
defiance of international law and often the laws of the countries involved.

Goss had said the disclosure of these clandestine prisons had caused "very
severe" damage to "our capabilities to carry out our mission," referring to
complaints from foreign officials who had let the CIA use their territory for
the so-called "black sites" and faced legal trouble from the torture

"This was a very aggressive internal investigation" to find who leaked the
information about the secret prisons, one former CIA officer told the New York
Times. [NYT, April 22, 2006]

WMD Fight

Goss was recruited to the task of putting the CIA back in its place by Vice
President Dick Cheney in 2004. During the run-up to the Iraq War, Cheney had
banged heads with intelligence analysts who doubted White House claims about
Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

Though many senior CIA bureaucrats bent to Cheney's pressure on the WMD
intelligence, some analysts resisted. After the Iraq invasion failed to find
WMD, some of the CIA's suppressed doubts began surfacing in the press and
causing Bush political embarrassment during the presidential election campaign.

After the November 2004 election, Bush and his allies sought retribution against
these out-of-step CIA officials. The powerful conservative news media joined the
drumbeat against analysts who were seen as a threat to Bush's goals in Iraq and

Conservative columnists, including Robert Novak and David Brooks, argued the
CIA's rightful role was to do the president's bidding.

"Now that he's been returned to office, President Bush is going to have to
differentiate between his opponents and his enemies," wrote Brooks in the New
York Times on Nov. 13, 2004. "His opponents are found in the Democratic Party.
His enemies are in certain offices of the Central Intelligence Agency."

Brooks justified a purge at the CIA because the spy agency had made Bush look

"At the height of the campaign, CIA officials, who are supposed to serve the
president and stay out of politics and policy, served up leak after leak to
discredit the president's Iraq policy," Brooks wrote. "Somebody leaked a CIA
report predicting a gloomy or apocalyptic future for the region. . A senior CIA
official, Paul Pillar, reportedly made comments saying he had long felt the
decision to go to war would heighten anti-American animosity in the Arab world."

In other words, conservative commentators saw what sounded like reasonable CIA
analyses as threats to Bush's authority.

New Disclosures

In 2005, as conditions in Iraq indeed worsened and anti-U.S. sentiment in the
Islamic world swelled, the Bush administration lashed out at other disclosures -
about the network of secret prisons (by the Washington Post) and Bush's decision
to ignore legal requirements for court warrants before spying on communications
by American citizens (reported by the New York Times).

Bush, his aides and their media allies claimed the news articles inflicted
severe damage on U.S. national security, but presented no precise evidence to
support those claims. What was clear, however, was that Bush was facing a steep
decline in public assessments about his judgment and honesty.

By March 2006, Bush's favorable poll numbers were sinking into the mid-30
percentiles with his negatives nearing 60 percent and his strong negatives in
the high-40s., which compiles state-by-state poll numbers, reported in March
that Bush had net favorable ratings in only seven states (Nebraska, Mississippi,
Oklahoma, Idaho, Alabama, Wyoming, and Utah). By April, Bush's net favorable
states had declined to four (Nebraska, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah).

In April, too, the Bush administration was stunned when a half dozen retired
generals criticized the conduct of the Iraq War and called on Defense Secretary
Donald Rumsfeld to resign. Bush's defenders struck back, warning that letting
retired generals criticize Rumsfeld - and by implication, Bush - threatened the
principle of civilian control of the military.

The announcement of the Pulitzer prizes was more bad news for the White House,
with awards going to Washington Post reporter Dana Priest for her articles on
the secret prisons and to New York Times reporters James Risen and Eric
Lichtblau for their disclosure of Bush's warrantless wiretaps.

Facing Bush's growing unpopularity and the increased resistance from influential
power centers - including the military, the intelligence community and the
mainstream press - administration supporters escalated their rhetoric with
intimations of legal retaliation against the critics.


On April 18, Tony Blankley, editorial-page editor of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's
staunchly pro-Bush Washington Times, raised the prospect of sedition charges
against active-duty military officers who - in collusion with the retired
generals - might be considering resignations in protest of Bush's war policies.

"Can a series of lawful resignations turn into a mutiny?" Blankley wrote. "And
if they are agreed upon in advance, have the agreeing generals formed a
felonious conspiracy to make a mutiny?"

Blankley wrote that this possible "revolt" by the generals "comes dangerously
close to violating three articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice,"
including "mutiny and sedition." Blankley thus raised the specter of courts
martial against officers who resign rather than carry out orders from Bush.

Administration supporters also have suggested imprisonment for journalists who
disobey Bush's edicts against writing critical stories about the War on Terror
that contain classified information.

Former Education Secretary (and now right-wing pundit) Bill Bennett used his
national radio program on April 18 to condemn the three Pulitzer-winning
journalists - Priest, Risen and Lichtblau - as not "worthy of an award" but
rather "worthy of jail."

According to a transcript of the remarks published by Editor & Publisher's Web
site, Bennett said the reporters "took classified information, secret
information, published it in their newspapers, against the wishes of the
president, against the requests of the president and others, that they not
release it. They not only released it, they publicized it - they put it on the
front page, and it damaged us, it hurt us.

"How do we know it damaged us? Well, it revealed the existence of the
surveillance program, so people are going to stop making calls. Since they are
now aware of this, they're going to adjust their behavior. . On the secret
[prison] sites, the CIA sites, we embarrassed our allies. . So it hurt us there.

"As a result are they [the reporters] punished, are they in shame, are they
embarrassed, are they arrested? No, they win Pulitzer prizes - they win Pulitzer
prizes. I don't think what they did was worthy of an award - I think what they
did is worthy of jail, and I think this [Espionage Act] investigation needs to
go forward."

Right-wing bloggers also began dubbing the awards to the three journalists "the
Pulitzer Prize for Treason."

Damage Doubtful

However, neither right-wing commentators nor Bush administration officials have
ever explained exactly how national security interests were hurt by the
disclosures. As even Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has acknowledged,
al-Qaeda operatives already were aware of the U.S. capability to intercept their
electronic communications.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Feb. 6, 2006, Sen. Joe Biden,
D-Delaware, asked Gonzales, "How has this revelation damaged the program" since
the administration's attack on the disclosure "seems to presuppose that these
very sophisticated al-Qaeda folks didn't think we were intercepting their phone

Gonzales responded, "I think, based on my experience, it is true - you would
assume that the enemy is presuming that we are engaged in some kind of
surveillance. But if they're not reminded about it all the time in the
newspapers and in stories, they sometimes forget" - a response that drew
laughter from the citizens in the hearing room.

As for the secret prisons, the fallout appears to be largely political, causing
embarrassment for countries that collaborated in what appears to be a clear
violation of international law by granting space for "black sites" where torture
allegedly was practiced.

The most likely consequence is that the Bush administration will find it harder
in the future to set up secret prisons outside the scrutiny of the International
Red Cross, the United Nations and human rights organizations.

But that may help U.S. national security - rather than hurt it - by discouraging
the Bush administration from engaging in torture that has damaged America's
reputation around the world and fueled Muslim rage at the United States.

Instead, what appears most keenly at stake in the escalating political rhetoric
is the Bush administration's determination to stop its political fall by
branding its critics - even U.S. generals and CIA officers - as unpatriotic and
then silencing them with threats of imprisonment.

Bush is trying to mark the boundaries of permissible political debate. He also
wants total control of classified information so he can leak the information
that helps him - as he did in summer 2003 to shore up his claims about Iraq's
WMD - while keeping a lid on secrets that might make him look bad.

The firing of CIA officer Mary McCarthy and the threats of criminal charges
against various dissenters are just the latest skirmishes in the political war
over who will decide what Americans get to see and hear.

The other signal to Bush's critics, however, is this: If they ever thought he
and his administration would accept accountability for their alleged abuses of
power without a nasty fight, those critics are very mistaken.


Robert Parry broke many of the Iran-Contra stories in the 1980s for the
Associated Press and Newsweek. His latest book, Secrecy & Privilege: Rise of the
Bush Dynasty from Watergate to Iraq, can be ordered at
It's also available at, as is his 1999 book, Lost History: Contras,
Cocaine, the


Message 4
From: "Dick Eastman"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 8:29pm(PDT)
Subject: Joe Vialls on 1988 Zionist murder of jumbo jet full of people at Loc

Lady Gray wrote:

The bombing of Pan American Flight 103 at Lockerbie in
December 1988, was arguably one of the most successful
false-flag 'black' operations ever orchestrated by the
Jewish State.

Libya is a small north African Arab country,

very rich in oil,

which has been governed since 1969 by a man who has
sworn never to recognise the illegal Jewish invasion
of Palestine.

The Zionists reasoned that if they could make Libya
'responsible' for murdering a Jumbo full of Americans
over Scotland,

western outrage would permit them to impose 'Economic
Sanctions' on Libya, which really means asymmetric
warfare of the most barbaric kind.

Basically, you quietly starve the citizens of the
target nation to death without firing any bullets.

It is warfare waged only by sadistic cowards, and New
York is not short of such people .

For Libya the only defence was legal attack, and this
small country stunned the world when it finally agreed
to hand over two of its nervous citizens,

each of whom had been carefully demonized and
'earmarked' by the Zionists as the 'terrorists'
responsible for bombing Flight 103.

This was acutely embarrassing for the Zionists,

who had no real evidence,

and had never really expected the Libyans to hand the
'suspects' over anyway.

In order to get around this startling turn of events,

the Zionists were obliged to 'rig' the Scottish Court
by compromising one of the judges.

You do not have to take my word for this, and you do
not need to be a legal expert either.

What follows below is a day by day analysis of that
trial at Camp Zeist,

proving in graphic written form that the west had
absolutely no credible evidence against any Libyan.

In the end, one Libyan was sentenced on 'evidence' so
utterly corrupt that it would be rejected out of hand
in any normal court, by any normal magistrate.
Unfortunately, Camp Zeist was not a normal court...


Message 5
From: ""
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 8:40pm(PDT)
Subject: Cheney Remarks Spark Talks of New ColdWar with RUSSIA+Cineese illega

Cheney Remarks Spark Talks of New ColdWar with RUSSIA+Cineese illegals


(Looks like No WMD in Iraq and China and Russia coming to Iran's aid has
pushed Cheney to look for a cold war again to justify trillions of U.S.
taxpayers dollars going to the military industrial complex ?)

(It's Not Just Mexican and Arab illegals coming in from Mexico, But
Chinees also by water ! -- All illegal immigration Must Be STOPPED !) - Local News -

"Chinese" & Cuban illegal immigrants Discovered (Caught) Near Key West


Florida Medical Examiner:
Boot camp guards suffocated boy -


45% Conservatives hate Bush
Republican right abandoning Bush - Politics -


Info on $ spent, All death statistics etc. in Iraq

One Small Town's Battle Against China-Mart


General Alert to All Sheriffs
����������Please widely forward, especially to
Sheriffs. Bruce Chesley

By Bernadine Smith

General Alert to All Sheriffs
Thu May 4, 2006 20:43;article=34;title=APFN

"There is no lawful authority for judges or a court to direct the
law enforcement activities of a county sheriff. He is not part of the
judicial system. He holds executive power. He can set up a court,
empanel a jury, and can even try judges or federal officials who violate
the law."
Ariz. Deputies to Seek Illegal Immigrants Houston Chronicle, United
States - 7 hours ago
The group likely will be deployed across parts of Maricopa County
by the weekend, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Wednesday. Volunteers ...

General Alert to All Sheriffs
By Bernadine Smith
September 6, 2003

The office of sheriff is a unique and special Constitutional
office. It is
a part of the Check and Balance System. When a man becomes a sheriff, he
takes on the special responsibility of preserving and protecting the
rights, liberties, and freedoms of the people within his county against
unlawful acts, including any unlawful act committed by public officials
working in the government. He has a direct obligation toward the people
living within his county.
For over 200 years, the office of sheriff in the United States has
been an office that is controlled by the people through the election
process. He is elected as their choice to take hold as the chief law
enforcement officer in the county. The people place great trust in him
to provide protection for themselves against unlawful acts of all kinds,
including usurpation and sedition. This also includes illegal acts by
agencies of government. He takes an oath to uphold, preserve, and defend
the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State
in which his county exists.
There is no lawful authority for judges or a court to direct the
law enforcement activities of a county sheriff. He is not part of the
judicial system. He holds executive power. He can set up a court,
empanel a jury, and can even try judges or federal officials who violate
the law.
The federal government is a servant of the people, and the
states, and has only the powers that have been enumerated and delegated
to it in the Constitution by the action of the people and the states.
The people retain all other powers not delegated to the federal
government. James Madison made it quite clear that delegated power of
the people is not surrendered power.
It is the duty of the federal government to guarantee a
republican form of
government. It has no authority to build a military government to
satisfy desires for a New World Order. Ultimate authority resides in the
people. The federal government may not substitute its will for the best
interests and the will of the people, nor exercise authority beyond the
limits set out in the Constitution. Laws repugnant to the Constitution
are void.
The Sheriff must be advised of the
instances in which unlawful acts are committed. Power change is like
electricity: not easily seen, but the effects are strongly felt. This
nation is undergoing massive, frightful, and outrageous changes in its
power structure, so much so that an unwelcome militarized form of
government is quietly spreading its network over us.
The peoples control over their local government ended when the
federal government took control over the General Plans for cities and
counties. Local control over city police departments ended when the
federal government acquired the nationwide Standard-setting Process by
using devices created by the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration,
a commission that was instituted under the Gun Control Act of 1968.
Now, our sheriffs are being replaced by federal marshals who are
non-elected personnel, who are not obligated to take an oath to the
Constitution, and who are not beholden to the best interests of the
people. Marshals are federal legmen. Sheriffs have been elected to
protect our freedoms and to keep control local. The sheriff takes an
oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and that of his
Have you checked your state Constitution? It should include a
stipulation that the office of sheriff must be an elective office. Does
it? This effort can be enhanced by having the county Board of
Supervisors pass an ordinance to support the urgency of retaining the
sheriff as one who must be elected by the people. It is important to
make sure that this requirement is there as it is a barrier erected
against the plans of the federal government to federalize all civilian
law enforcement systems.
Voters in some states have been persuaded to reduce the
steadfastness of good sheriffs
by approving propositions at the polls that reduce sheriffs to an
appointive position. This action is the first-step in a two-step
maneuver to eliminate the sheriff entirely and replace him with an
appointed federal marshal. Speak to trustworthy elected officials in
your county, including your county attorney, to see what defense you may
undertake against these plans to eliminate sheriffs and replace them
with appointed federal marshals.
Dont let happen to your State that which has already happened in the
State of Connecticut:[1] a
movement which threatens to destroy the nations Constitutional system of
sheriff authority. Is Connecticuts problem not a classic textbook
example of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis?
The sheriff, the last vestige of local control of government by the
people, is being
engineered to fall under the consolidated power of the federal
government for military operation of the United States under
international sovietized management. Only an informed population will
prevent it from happening!
Second Amendment Committee P.O. Box 1776 Hanford, California 93232
(559) 584-5209
2003 Bernadine Smith - All Rights Reserved Sign Up For
Free E-Mail Alerts
The founder of the Second Amendment Committee, Bernadine Smith, is a
political research writer and a gun rights activist. She has 31 years of
experience in fighting against political corruption, fraud, and
desecration of the rights of the American people. In 1984 she formed the
Second Amendment Committee which is a nationwide organization that
provides information of benefit to those seeking a peaceful resolution
to the gun crisis.
She is a recipient of many different awards for patriotic achievements.
Because of her work in protecting the right to keep and bear arms, she
is the only person to receive 3 awards from the "American Pistol and
Rifle Association". Web Site: LibertyGunRights E-Mail:
message on immigration: on a roll? By
Daniel B. Wood, Thu May 4 20:50
here to receive daily updates
05/03/06 Lou Dobbs re: immigration with Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe
Arpaio Audio:
"In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes
here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he
shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an
outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or
birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in
very fact an American, and nothing but an American...
There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an
American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have
room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red
flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just
as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are
hostile...We have room for but one language here, and that is the
English language...and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is
a loyalty to the American people."
--Theodore Roosevelt, 1919


Message 6
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 9:34pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: Joe Vialls on 1988 Zionist murder of jumbo jet full of people at

like the fake radio planted in bengazi apt...

--- In, "Dick Eastman" <olfriend@...>
> Lady Gray wrote:
> The bombing of Pan American Flight 103 at Lockerbie in
> December 1988, was arguably one of the most successful
> false-flag 'black' operations ever orchestrated by the
> Jewish State.
> Libya is a small north African Arab country,
> very rich in oil,
> which has been governed since 1969 by a man who has
> sworn never to recognise the illegal Jewish invasion
> of Palestine.
> The Zionists reasoned that if they could make Libya
> 'responsible' for murdering a Jumbo full of Americans
> over Scotland,
> western outrage would permit them to impose 'Economic
> Sanctions' on Libya, which really means asymmetric
> warfare of the most barbaric kind.
> Basically, you quietly starve the citizens of the
> target nation to death without firing any bullets.
> It is warfare waged only by sadistic cowards, and New
> York is not short of such people .
> For Libya the only defence was legal attack, and this
> small country stunned the world when it finally agreed
> to hand over two of its nervous citizens,
> each of whom had been carefully demonized and
> 'earmarked' by the Zionists as the 'terrorists'
> responsible for bombing Flight 103.
> This was acutely embarrassing for the Zionists,
> who had no real evidence,
> and had never really expected the Libyans to hand the
> 'suspects' over anyway.
> In order to get around this startling turn of events,
> the Zionists were obliged to 'rig' the Scottish Court
> by compromising one of the judges.
> You do not have to take my word for this, and you do
> not need to be a legal expert either.
> What follows below is a day by day analysis of that
> trial at Camp Zeist,
> proving in graphic written form that the west had
> absolutely no credible evidence against any Libyan.
> In the end, one Libyan was sentenced on 'evidence' so
> utterly corrupt that it would be rejected out of hand
> in any normal court, by any normal magistrate.
> Unfortunately, Camp Zeist was not a normal court...


Message 7
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 9:36pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: Pilger: Ehe Salvador Option (terror by death squads) has been in

so haifa can get kirkuk oil

--- In, "Dick Eastman" <olfriend@...>
> From: Apollo
> May 4, 2006
> The Salvador Option has been invoked in Iraq
> By John Pilger
> The real news, which is not reported in the CNN "mainstream", is
that the Salvador Option has been invoked in Iraq. This is the
campaign of terror bydeath squads armed and trained by the US, which
attack Sunnis and Shias alike.The goal is the incitement of a real
civil war and the break-up of Iraq, the original war aim of Bush's
administration. The ministry of the interior in Baghdad, which is
run by the CIA, directs the principal death squads.
> --


Message 8
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 9:37pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: Retired CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Takes on Rumsfeld Over Justific


--- In, advokris@... wrote:
> ( advokris@... )
> sent you this story from
> This is what Democracy looks like.
> +------------------------------------------------------------------
> | Retired CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Takes on Rumsfeld Over
Justification for Iraq Invasion
> |
> +------------------------------------------------------------------
> Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld comes under fire from retired
CIA analyst Ray McGovern at a speech in Atlanta on Thursday.
Rumsfeld was interrupted by protesters several times in his address.
We speak with McGovern and play excerpts from the event.
> This story continues at:


Message 9
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 9:38pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: Former CIA Middle East Expert accuses Bush admin of organized ma

talk to Tyler..

--- In, "Dick Eastman" <olfriend@...>
> Thu May 4, 9:46 AM ET
> MADRID (AFP) - A former Middle East specialist of the US Central
Intelligence Agency has condemned what he called an organised
campaign of manipulation by the Bush administration to justify the
Iraq war.
> Paul Pillar, a former CIA analyst specialising in counter-
terrorism in the Middle East and Asia, said in an interview with the
Spanish newspaper El Pais that the United States had particularly
wanted to prove a link between Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.
> "That was not the case," he was quoted as saying. "I suppose by
some definitions that could be called a lie."
> "There was an organised campaign of manipulation," El Pais also
quoted Pillar as saying. "That would be the proper way to define
it." The decision to invade Iraq was taken as early as the
beginning of 2002, a year before hostilities began, Pillar said.
> It was decided "for other reasons and did not depend on weapons of
mass destruction or the results of United Nations inspections," he


Message 10
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 9:39pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: CNN: CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Exposing Iraq War & Rumsfeld



Message 11
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 9:41pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: Fw: Mayor Daley in ISRAEL during Chicago 911 Terror Exercise

..may be trying to get his amdocs phone taps back..

--- In, "Dick Eastman" <olfriend@...>
> Mayor Daley heading to Israel to study security measures:
> ... The Chicago mayor is in Israel with the state security
apparatus! It doesn't make any sense to me at all, since the mayor
should have been a big part of the major (and secret) terror
exersices, in order to round out the command cell. ...
> ... Chicago police have established exchange programs with Israeli
police/military entities, and this is most disturbing to those of us
who understand the role of Isreal in our current "War on Terror"
woes. ...
> Eric H. May


Message 12
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 9:43pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: Good-bye US -- 'Perfect storm' as dollar is rejected worldwide d

T - minus 75 trillion...and counting...

--- In, "Dick Eastman" <olfriend@...>
> Mike Whitney - The Inevitable Collapse of the Greenback
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> From: FPF
> May 04, 2006
> Subject: Mike Whitney - The Inevitable Collapse of the Greenback
> By Mike Whitney
> 05/03/06 "ICH" - Why is George Bush destroying the dollar?
> A UK Telegraph article on Tuesday �Dollar Drops as great Sell-Off
Looms� explains the current dilemma. The dollar is falling against
the euro and the Asian currencies while gold and energy prices
continue to skyrocket. �Greenback liquidation comes amid growing
concerns that global central banks and Middle East oil funds are
quietly paring back their holdings of US bonds.
> � David Bloom, a currency expert at HSBC, said the dollar was
vulnerable to a steep sell-off as investors begin to refocus on
America�s yawning current account deficit, now 7% of GDP�. (UK
> Just to add some perspective to this topic; Argentina�s economy
collapsed when its trade deficit reached 4% of GDP. The US deficit
is at an unprecedented level.
> Normally, we could say that these are the predictable effects of
market forces, but that�s not the case here. After all, we know that
Bush insisted that the lavish tax cuts be made permanent even though
it was understood that such action would undercut the dollar. So,
what is going on here; why does Bush want to kill the goose that
laid the golden egg?
> There are two ways to weaken the currency; either print more money
which dilutes the supply, or create new debt which lowers the value.
> Bush has done both simultaneously and with such gusto that it�s a
wonder the dollar hasn�t crashed already. He�s expanded government
spending by 35% and produced humongous $450 billion per year tax
cuts. Add this to the projected costs of a $2 trillion war and the
dollar was bound to get hammered.
> At the same time Bush has been spending us into oblivion, the
Federal Reserve has kept the printing presses humming along at full-
throttle doubling the money supply in the last decade. Almost half
of all greenbacks are now located outside the country, which means
that if the dollar becomes less attractive to investors those
greenbacks will come flooding back to America and plunge the country
into recession.
> Regardless of one�s political leanings, there is an obvious and
demonstrable attempt to savage the currency by the political and
banking establishment.
> WHY?
> No one has any illusion that our paper-mache president, who even
boasts about not reading the newspapers, is making complex policy
decisions about geopolitics and finance. As a privately owned
institution, the Fed has its own agenda which runs contrary to the
interests of the American people. Many people fail to realize that
it was Greenspan who cooked up the massive increases in Social
Security in 1983 to help Reagan reduce the soaring interest rates
that were caused by his tax cuts for the wealthy. Ever since then,
Social Security payments have gone directly into the general fund;
paying for roads, social programs and war. This was the Fed�s clever
way of creating a flat tax directed exclusively at the poor and
middle class.
> The Federal Reserve has engineered many similar coups, the most
impressive being the huge stock market bubble of the late 1990s.
Greenspan kept the cheap money flowing into the Wall Street Casino
(and refused to even increase marginal rates on stock purchases)
while PE�s skyrocketed and the bubble expanded to Hindenburg-
> Following the explosion, which left tens of thousands of Americans
stripped of their retirement and savings, Greenspan breezily noted
that it is not the task of the Fed to stop bubbles.
> Really? The European Central Bank (ECB) takes an entirely
different tack intervening whenever it is clearly in the public
interest. Greenspan�s recalcitrance has nothing to do with
principle; he was simply acting on behalf of constituents in the
investment community.
> Currently, the Fed has created the largest equity bubble of all
time; the $9 trillion housing bubble, slapped together over the last
3 years by lowering rates to an unbelievable 1.5% (at one point) and
facilitated through shabby lending practices. As rates continue to
rise to satisfy America�s need for $2 billion cash inflows from
foreign lenders every day, the carnage from the housing-bomb is
bound to be extensive and agonizing.
> 6 months ago, the Federal Reserve, anticipating the day when the
foreign inflows would dry up, eliminated the M-3, their public
record of foreign purchases of dollars and securities. It all sounds
very abstract, but what it means is that we no longer have any way
of knowing how quickly foreign banks are dumping their greenbacks.
This means that the American people will be left holding the bag
once again; stuck with an inflationary dollar while foreign
investors bail out.
> The Federal Reserve gave Bush the go-ahead on his �war of choice�
just as they cheerily endorsed the budget-busting tax cuts. They�ve
doubled the money supply and done everything in their power to shift
middle class wealth to corporate kingpins and American plutocrats.
> Here�s the key: We are not a �capitalistic� system or a �free
market� system, that�s all just philosophical mumbo-jumbo. In
practical terms, we are a �Dollar system� and the greenback must
continue to dominate the world oil trade or the Federal Reserve, the
IMF, the World Bank* and all the privately owned global institutions
will crash and burn. That�s not their plan; their plan is to
perpetuate this debt-pyramid into infinity; integrating dissident
states into an expanding and predatory neoliberal network.
> The face value of the dollar doesn�t matter to the men who print
the money. The actual value is constantly manipulated to shift
wealth from one class to another. (via bubbles and inflation)
> In the last decade the amount of dollars stockpiled in foreign
banks has gone from 53% to nearly 70%; this is a monopoly that the
US intends to defend by every means possible. To maintain this
monopoly, the Federal Reserve has linked arms with the oil industry
(and the US military) in its effort to control the world oil market.
This has become an �existential� issue for the corporate elites who
run American foreign policy. If the dollar is not supported by
access to the world�s dwindling oil supplies, then there is no
incentive for foreign banks to accumulate the anemic dollar. (Oil is
sold exclusively in US greenbacks)
> By this standard, we can see that Bush�s fictitious war on terror
is really just a smokescreen for a global resource war that will
decide which economic system prevails.
> Or will some other system emerge, some non-ideological incarnation
of socialism that redistributes wealth according to people�s needs
like we see in Venezuela?
> The future of the dollar may be decided sooner than any of us had
imagined. Iran�s Mehr News Agency announced that the long-awaited
Iran Oil Bourse (OIB) will open sometime next week on Kish Island
challenging head-on America�s monopoly on the sale of oil in
dollars. Iran�s plan is a direct attack on the greenback as the
world�s �reserve currency�. The US must preserve that advantage
because it allows it to maintain massive deficits as well as a
national debt of $8.4 trillion without fear of economic collapse or
hyper-inflation. The opening of the bourse guarantees that central
banks around the world will convert some of their reserves into
euros precipitating a sharp decline in the dollar�s value.
> This may be the most serious threat the dollar has ever faced. The
fundamental economic law of �supply and demand� ensures that the
bourse means hard times for the greenback. This explains why the
Bush administration is cobbling together a feeble coalition of
European allies (England, France and Germany) to push a resolution
through the Security Council expressing their �serious concern�
about Iran�s alleged nuclear programs.
> Washington is looking for international cover to conceal its
battle-plans. The hawkish members of the administration want to
preempt the opening of the bourse with a unilateral attack
(nuclear?) on Iranian facilities.
> Even if Washington succeeds in stopping Iran�s plans to compete in
the oil market, it�s still a bumpy road ahead for the greenback. The
dollar is under growing pressure from overspending and
mismanagement. The prospect of diminishing foreign inflows and a
fragile housing market are telltale signs of an inflationary cycle.
> Attacking Iran will only aggravate the situation and push tenuous
states towards new alliances. (China, India, Venezuela and Russia
have already expressed support for the new bourse) Military action
will do nothing to relieve America�s enormous account imbalances or
lesson the vulnerability of the ailing greenback.
> The problems facing the dollar are purely systemic. The privately
owned central banks in the Federal Reserve cannot be trusted to
decide monetary policy any more than the oil giants can be trusted
to decide foreign policy. When the public interest is excluded from
policy-making, catastrophe is inevitable.
> =====================================
> 'Perfect storm' on horizon as confidence in paper money breaks,
Embry says
> Embry Sees Trouble for Paper Money;
> Gold Headed for US$1,000, Sprott Strategist Says
> By Levi Folk
> National Post, Toronto
> Monday, May 1, 2006
> id=628fa11d-48d3-4c21-8416-7ffb020bef2e&rfp=dta
> We are "in the early throes of paper money getting seriously
> debased," warns John Embry of Sprott Asset Management, and the
> of gold is headed to US$700 this year and US$1,000
> conceivably "within two to three years -- maybe quicker."
> This story is finally gaining traction because of the remarkable
> deterioration in the financial position of the United States, he
> says. Confidence in U.S. paper money is starting to ebb, "and,
> when it really starts to move, you'll be shocked, I think, at how
> fast the prices will move."
> "I think what you've got here is a perfect storm," he concludes.
> United States has shown "very little interest in any fiscal
> responsibility," and has created, in the face of declining
> savings, "an enormous debt pyramid" that can be sustained only by
> ever-greater credit expansion, he explains.
> The supply of money is ever expanding, whereas the supply of gold
> relatively scarce, hence the "perfect storm." Insufficient
> exploration for at least the last five years suggests "at best a
> flat production profile" for gold, says Embry -- this in a
> where demand already outstrips supply by roughly 1,500 tons/year.
> Behind this "perfect storm" is a conspiracy theory advanced by
> that points to the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank doing whatever it can
> to hide the truth about its debased currency. To give one subtle
> example, the Fed recently stopped publishing a broad measure of
> money supply (M3) because it suggests that the money supply
> accommodative despite the rate hikes in the United States. To take
> another, central banks have been selling gold over the past decade
> to make their currencies appear stronger.
> The problem with conspiracy theories is that they can be used to
> dismiss any evidence that does not corroborate one's view of the
> markets.
> For example, inflation is the smoking gun that Embry cannot find.
> fact, expected inflation, which can be calculated as the
> between current yields on real-return bonds (Treasury Inflation-
> Protected Securities in the United States) and nominal bonds,
> remains muted. Embry explains this conflicting evidence by
> suggesting that the bond market is also being manipulated, this
> by the U.S. Treasury.
> [Bullshit there is no inflation:
> Almonds have doubled in price to $8400 per ton in the past 2 years.
> Cocoa beans have soared from 600 UK pounds to 1647 UK pounds in 2
> Hazelnuts have quintupled from $2150/ton to $11,120/ton in 2 years.
> "the cost of inputs for highway and street construction leaped
16%, nearly 10% for other heavy construction and 8% for building
construction. Many materials contributed to this spike."
> "The price index for copper and brass mill shapes was up 21%;
asphalt 18%; gypsum products, such as wallboard 15%; plastic
construction products 13%, and concrete products 10%.
> "The worst news has been about diesel fuel, which affects
contractors in three ways," Simonson added.
> "The producer price index for diesel jumped 59% from October 2004
to October 2005. That directly raises the cost of operating off-road
equipment, like tower cranes and bulldozers. Contractors also buy
diesel fuel to run dump trucks, concrete mixers and other vehicles.
And the truckers who deliver construction materials are passing
through higher diesel costs in the form of fuel surcharges on most
> Over the past five months, consumer prices have risen 5% on an
annualized basis -- the highest inflation rate since the early 1990s.
> Chinese's Biggest Steelmaker to Pay 71.5 Percent More for
Brazilian Iron Ore.
> Also check out the incredible price increases in basic metals
copper & zinc. Their charts look like a rocket launch. MPR]
> ===================================
> * NWO letter: ''We can cancel your credit or freeze your
accounts'' - Url.:
> GLOBALLY ALL CRIMINALS (especially their propagandists in the
PNAC's media, without whom this never would have been possible) MUST
GOVERNMENT - "He asked if there was an international conspiracy to
overthrow our government: The answer is ''Yes" - Short video - Url.:
BILDERBERG: The Secret World Government? - Url.:
> Or Url.:
'Confessions of an economic 'hit man'. World Bank insider Perkins
explains: "Jackals' are C.I.A. - sanctioned people that come in and
try to foment a coup or revolution. If it doesn't work, they perform
assassinations, or try to." - They steal billions for the World
Bank, IMF, USAID, UNDP, AID etc. - Perkins web site - Url.: - It's your life too: Must watch Video
working around the globe for more than forty years, I can not find
anything wrong with this eloquent description of the state of
affairs: ''Just six simple words that carry the weight of the world
upon them, six simple words that act as the engine for so much
turmoil and unrest.'' - Url.:
> * "Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about
what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in
the streets and lynched." - George Bush Senior speaking in an
interview with Sarah McClendon in December 1992.
CONNECTION - by John Loftus, a former U.S. Department of Justice
Nazi War Crimes prosecutor, the President of the Florida Holocaust
Museum and the highly respected author of numerous books on the CIA-
Nazi connection including The Belarus Secret and The Secret War
Against the Jews, both of which have extensive material on the Bush-
Rockefeller-Nazi connection. - Url.:
> * GLOBAL PREDATORS - OFRAUDS-R-US� - The Bush Family Saga - Url.:
> * The 9/11 drama was the 'trigger' used by the PNAC Group, killing
Americans to further their inhuman goals: Anybody who after seeing
this video - '9/11 revisited' - still believes the version from
the 'PNAC pack' - the Washington cabal - is beyond all professional
help - Url.:
> * SCHOLARS FOR 9/11 TRUTH - American and other scientists,
diplomats, researchers etc.: What happened on 9/11? - What is
happening to our world? - How can we improve our situation? - Url.:
> * The MAD COW MORNING NEWS is one of the absolutely best 9/11
sites on Internet - by Daniel Hopsicker - Url.:
> * PSYOPS: How to make anybody say and see anything - William M.
Arkin's "The U.S. Military Online" - When Seeing and Hearing Isn't
Believing - Special to the Washington Post - already on Feb. 1,
1999 - Url.:
> * FOX: Video 49" - The example how viewers are brainwashed
and 'outfoxed' - Url.:
> * All the more reason to read the 'FIGHTIN' COCK FLYER' - Url.:
> * THE ONLY SOLUTION? - Help all the troops, including the
revolting generals and other officers - of whatever nationality - to
come back from abroad! - AND WITH ALL THEIR WEAPONS, WHICH WE ARE
We need them badly at home in many countries to fight with us
against our so called 'governments' and their malignant managers -
> The Dutch author this far has lived and worked abroad for more
than 4 decades for international media - when they still knew what
honest journalism was - as an independent foreign correspondent. Of
which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the 'Arab World' and
the Middle East. Seeing worldwide that every bullet and every bomb
breeds more terrorism !
> distributed by the Foreign Press Foundation under fair use,
without profit or payment, to those who have expressed a prior
interest in receiving the information. Url.:
> Editor: Henk Ruyssenaars
> The Netherlands
> fpf@...
> -0-


Message 13
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 10:17pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: Cutter Charges� Brought Down WTC Buildings

keep passing the info...

--- In, "goldbugger_y2k"
<pgalier@...> wrote:
> Video with run time of 2:49 shows thermite in stunnung action at
> A must see.
> --- In, "mojo_j_2000" <mojo_j_2000@>
> wrote:
> >
> > Professor Says `Cutter Charges' Brought Down WTC Buildings
> >
> > Evidence of Thermite Uncovered at World Trade Center
> >
> >
> >
> > By Christopher Bollyn
> >
> > PROVO, Utah�"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is
> > revolutionary act," said the British writer George Orwell.
> > words aptly describe the situation of Steven E.
> >
> > Jones, a soft-spoken professor at Brigham Young University (BYU)
> > has turned his attention to the unanswered questions of the
Sept. 11
> > attacks.
> > Provo, the home of BYU, is America's most conservative city in
> > most Republican county. With more than 85 percent of the
> > supporting President George W.
> >
> > Bush, Provo seems an unlikely place for any "revolutionary act"�
> > unless that act were simply telling the truth.
> >
> > On the picturesque campus of the private Mormon university,
> > surrounded by snow-capped peaks, Jones teaches physics and
> > out research in the fields of metal-catalyzed fusion, solar
> > and archeometry, or the scientific study and analysis of
> >
> > As an archeometrist, Jones applies physics to explain events in
> > past. Since last year when he became aware of the unanswered
> > questions of 9-11, he has focused his attention on the available
> > data and evidence.
> >
> > The unexplained presence of molten metal at the World Trade
> > (WTC) puzzled Jones and he contacted this writer to confirm the
> > reports first published in American Free Press in 2002. These
> > reports came from two men involved in the removal of the rubble:
> > Peter Tully of Tully Construction of Flushing, N.Y., and Mark
> > Loizeaux of Controlled Demolition, Inc. of Phoenix, Md.
> >
> > Tully told AFP that he had seen pools of "literally molten
> > steel" in the rubble.
> >
> > Loizeaux confirmed this: "Yes, hot spots of molten steel in the
> > basements," he said, "at the bottom of the elevator shafts of
> > main towers, down seven levels."
> >
> > The molten steel was found "three, four, and five weeks later,
> > the rubble was being removed," he said. He confirmed that molten
> > steel was also found at WTC 7, which mysteriously collapsed in
> > late afternoon.
> >
> >
> > Last November, Jones presented a draft which has since evolved
> > a 52-page paper. His paper begins with an appeal for "a serious
> > investigation of the hypothesis that WTC 7 and the Twin Towers
> > brought down . . .through the use of pre-positioned cutter-
> >
> > Jones presents evidence that an "aluminothermic process"
> > called "thermite" was used to weaken and sever the 47 massive
> > columns that held up the towers. The official version fails to
> > explain how these critical columns failed. When ignited,
thermite, a
> > combination of finely ground aluminum and iron oxide (rust),
> > through steel like a "warm knife through butter," Jones said,
> > especially when mixed with 2 percent sulfur. The resulting
> > combination, called "thermate," lowers the melting point of
> >
> > Thermite was patented in Germany by Hans Goldschmidt in the late
> > 1800s. Extremely high temperatures are produced when the
> > and iron oxide react. The reaction produces temperatures of more
> > than 2,500 degrees Celsius (4,500 degrees Fahrenheit) as the
> > oxide is reduced to molten iron. Iron melts at 1,535 degrees
> > Celsius. The reaction causes the oxygen from the ferric oxide to
> > bond with the aluminum, producing aluminum oxide, molten iron,
> > approximately 750 kilocalories per gram of thermite. The
> > oxide is a whitish smoke.
> >
> > AFP recently attended a presentation of Jones's 9-11 research at
> > BYU. Jones began with footage of the unexplained collapse of
> > Silverstein's 47-story building, WTC 7, at 5:25 p.m.
> >
> > When Jones was interviewed by Tucker Carlson of MSNBC, the
> > refused to air this short but crucial video segment.
> >
> > AFP observed thermite reactions in Jones's physics class. As a
> > colleague combined the powdered rust and aluminum in a mounted
> > ceramic flowerpot, Jones filmed the reaction. A paper wick with
> > magnesium ignited the sand-like mixture.
> >
> > The reaction was intense, nearly explosive, and white flames and
> > pieces of metal flew out of the pot. From the bottom poured a
> > hot liquid�pure molten iron. After a few seconds a glowing
> > hot piece of iron was lifted with tongs and shown to the
> >
> > Because thermite does not require air and can react underwater,
> > may explain the persistent hot spots that were unaffected by a
> > continuous dousing from fire hoses. The white-hot molten iron
> > slag can itself prolong and extend the heating and incendiary
> >
> > "As of 21 days after the attack, the fires were still burning
> > molten steel was still running," Leslie Robertson, structural
> > engineer responsible for the design of the WTC, told fellow
> > engineers.
> >
> > Footage taken by WABC-TV of the burning South Tower at 9:53
> > immediately before the building collapsed, reveals large amounts
> > white-hot molten metal, presumably iron, pouring from the 81st
> > of the east corner.
> >
> > The amount of spilling molten metal suggests a pool of molten
> > was in that area of the building. While some have suggested that
> > molten metal was aluminum, this is easily disproved by the fact
> > molten aluminum appears silver-gray in daylight. The only
> > explanation is that the white-hot metal gushing from the South
> > was molten iron and had been produced by a very large amount of
> > thermite.
> >
> > The amount of molten metal seen falling would indicate that tons
> > thermite had been used on that floor. From the video footage it
> > appears that several cubic yards of molten metal fell, which, if
> > iron, would have weighed over eight tons.
> >
> > Jones's explosive paper is accessible on his web page
> > ( and will be published in a forthcoming book by
> > David Ray Griffin and Peter
> > Dale Scott. Reading Jones' paper on-line allows the reader to
> > the photographic/video evidence.
> >
> > "I consider the official FEMA, NIST, and 9-11 Commission
> > Jones writes, which claim "that fires plus impact damage alone
> > caused complete collapses of all three buildings."
> >
> > He challenges the official explanation and provides evidence to
> > support the controlled-demolition hypothesis, which, he says "is
> > suggested by the available data, testable and falsifiable."
> >
> > Jones notes that the hypothesis that the towers were demolished
> > explosives "has not been analyzed in any of the reports funded
> > the U.S. government."
> >
> > Ignoring the evidence of the controlled-demolition hypothesis,
> > FEMA-sponsored study of 2002 concluded, "The specifics of the
> > in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse remain
> > unknown."
> >
> > Furthermore, the official report found that the fire-induced
> > collapse hypothesis "has only a low probability of occurrence."
> >
> > The engineers concluded that "further research, investigation,
> > analyses are needed to resolve this issue."
> >
> > "That is precisely the point," Jones says, "further
> > and analyses are indeed needed, including serious consideration
> > the controlled-demolition hypothesis which is neglected in all
> > the government reports."
> >
> > The fact that the 9-11 Commission report does not even mention
> > collapse of WTC 7 "is a striking omission of data highly
relevant to
> > the question of what really happened on 9-11," he said.
> >
> >
> > Further investigation is what Jones is trying to get other
> > scientists to do. One would think that the mainstream media
would be
> > interested in a highly respected physicist answering questions
> > 9-11, but that has not been the case. The controlled media and
> > supporters of the official version completely avoid Jones.
> >
> > Like a modern-day Galileo or Luther, Jones has exposed the flaws
> > the official version, "a myth," he says, "which has taken on
> > religious proportions.
> >
> > "There is a clear disconnect between what the official reports
> > happened and what actually happened," Jones says. "A scientific
> > theory has to be falsifiable. It must be able to be tested and
> > challenged.
> >
> > "The data stands on its own. Where are the honest scientists?"
> > asks. "Take the blinders off and find out what happened."
> >
> > The official 9-11 reports are what Jones calls "pathological
> > science," in which investigators ignore all evidence that
> > contradicts the conclusion they have been asked to prove.
> >
> > AFP contacted three scientists who support the official theory
> > ask if they would review Jones's paper.
> >
> > Thomas W. Eagar of MIT refused to even look at the paper and
> > there is no evidence of molten metal pouring from the WTC.
> > Challenged with the
> > evidence, he hung up the phone.
> >
> > Zdenek P. Bazant of Northwestern University submitted his fire-
> > induced collapse theory to the American Society of Civil
> > (ASCE) two days after 9-11, without examining any evidence.
Asked if
> > he would review Jones's paper, Bazant also refused, "I have seen
> > Jones's fiction before. If you want my private opinion, it is
> > nothing but sensationalism," he said. "His purported refutation
> > my analysis is baseless."
> >
> > Asked to simply look at five photos in an e-mail showing the
> > cascading molten metal and core columns, which appear to have
> > cut with thermite, Bazant responded, "I do not have time."
> >
> > Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl, an Iranian-born professor at Berkeley,
> > was a member of the ASCE team studying the WTC collapse, also
> > refused to look at Jones's paper.
> >
> > "I will not be able to find time to review the material that you
> > have sent me," said Astaneh-Asl.
> >
> > (Issue #18 & 19, May 1 & 8, 2006
> >


Message 14
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 10:19pm(PDT)
Subject: ####Re: thermite was combined with sulphur to make it burn even hott

--- In, "mojo_j_2000" <mojo_j_2000@...>
> 2991254740145858863&q=cameraplanet%2B9/11
> note the first 34 seconds


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From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 10:20pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: ashcroft is today working as a lobbyist for Israel Aircraft Indu

...on the dov remote control projects ?

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Message 16
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 10:22pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: 9/11 flyer. List evidence of controlled demoltion-good for Firem

hear all about it

--- In, Judy Cunningham
<drjudyforjustice@...> wrote:
> I useed principles of communication and marketing in making
this flyer. It uses high school level language so that anyone can
understand, and uses concrete evidence. It especially delineates
the evidence of controlled demolition.
> Judy Cunningham <drjudyforjustice@...> wrote:
> 9 / 1 1 W A S A N I N S I D E J O B
> engineered by the corrupt Bush Administration
> for the purposes of: the basis of every major negative event
in the U.S. and World, Today:
> Conquer the Middle East and Iraq, to control(raise) oil
> To Take Away Constitutional Rights - thru the PATRIOT ACT �
Establish Corrupt Fascist Regime
> Evidence:
> The World Trade Towers were brought down by CONTROLLED
DEMOLITION � Experts Engineers in the Fields of Construction and
Demolitions report that the way the Towers fell, could only have
been done by Controlled Demolition, and not by planes or fire, as
(fraudulently) described by the official Bush Administration, ,
> Commission, Report. �Such as the facts
> (1) that the towers fell at the speed of gravity, with no
resistance from the floors below
> (2) the pieces were all in the same
> size, the size to fit on a truck, as in controlled demolition,
> (3) the Construction of the towers had outside steel
girders, and 2 rounds of inside steel girders, which a plane could
not have taken all out, and if it did, the inside girders would
still have remained, like a stereo record stacker, even as it fell.
> (4) Roman'"> Jet fuel only burns at 1700 degrees, and
would have burned up in 15 seconds, and it takes 2,700 degrees to
melt steel, so the Keene Report could not have been true, in its
main statement, that the jet fuel melted the steel in the girders
and supports, causing them to bend and buckle.
> (5) Fire Engineering experts report that fire has never
brought down a skyscraper.
> (6) There are pictures of people standing in holes made
by the planes, so the Keene report could not be true, that the jet
fuel burned so hot, to melt the steel, and nothing could withstand
> (7) The black boxes, some body parts, and passports of
the hijackers were reported to have been found, although the fuel
burned so hot that
> it burned up the entire plane and melted steel girders, the Keene
Commission reports, but not explains???
> (8) People in the towers reported explosions before the
planes hit, and multi-explosions from floors below the plane hit.
> (9) Molten steel remained for 6 weeks after, which is
consistent with bombs and controlled demolition, and not crushing
> (10) The top of tower 1, tilted off to the side, but righted
itself, and fell into the buildings base. That could only happen if
controlled demolition was taking out the bottom of the building at
the same time.
> (11) Marvin Bush (brother) was head of security, and shut
down all security cameras 2 weeks before hand, and that is how long
it would take to set the controlled demolition.
> (12) The hole in the Pentagon was only 16 feet by 16 feet by
16 feet, and no plane was in the picture. The roof caved in, after
pictures were taken of the original small hole. The hole was
> with a bomb, or drone missile. There was little debris on the
lawn, except wooden furniture, books, and wire rolls (not plane
debris). The Keene Report admitted that, but stated that the whole
plane burned up, (including the titanium engines which could not
have burned), although they state that body parts of passengers were
found, and returned to relatives, and passports of the hijackers
were found in the rubble. How????
> (13) 6 of the 11 hijackers were found alive, in Arabia, or
> Egypt. The Keene Commission refused to acknowledge or answer.
> (14) Building 7 came down, in controlled demolition fashion,
also, and no plane hit it!!!
> (15)
> War game tactics were being conducted at the same time by the
Airforce causing confusion, for a mock terrorist attack, so that no
planes came to rescue, until almost 2 hours or so later.
> (16) There were dozens of warnings of the attacks, and the
government took no precautions.
> (17) Karl Rove, Bush's advisor, stated in his speech to the
Republican National Convention 1/20/01, that THEY NEED AND WILL HAVE
A WAR, IN ORDER TO BE RE-ELECTED. Cheney, Wolfowitz, Marvin Bush,
and other Bush Regime War Profiteers, wrote in their, 2000
document, "Rebuilding America's Defenses, Project for a New American
> (18) . On 7/4/04, on TV, CBS News Sunday Morning, with
Charles Osgood, Walter Cronkite said, "The Bush Administration is
waging war on the U.S., and is the most corrupt government ever to
exist, because it is conquering the world, and doing everything
> Along with previous corrupt Bush Administration Tactics:
> Eliminate access to courts or ways to defend one's self, and
police protection, Manipulate the Citizens of the U.S. into being
like sheep to slaughter, By making citizens to be ignorant, alone,
afraid, with low self-esteem, And unable to organize, or to do
any thing against the government, Surveillance by corrupt CIA,
police and corrupt government operatives, Hire in government, only
personnel with corrupt morals or records!! Control the Media and
Suppress Exposee of the Corruption in Government, Silence
> those who speak against the Bush Administration --- or politically
black-ball, or force into homelessness. (What next, please note
that torture is, already legalized as long as it is outsourced to a
different country, --how long before torture is legalized here, or
even concentration camps, etc.).
> And Ultimately: Subjugate the people of the U.S. and
the World, Make people lose their jobs, homes, and businesses,
while Bush Regime buys
> them up, so that everyone with have to work for and rent from Bush
Regime, at starvation levels, in heavy debt. Eliminate the Middle
Class, and establish a small wealthy ruling class with 99% of the
U.S. and the World as Poverty Ridden Oppressed Subjects in the
manner of how Blacks were Oppressed in the U.S. from 1865-1965, and
rule and control the rest of the world, and space. And Ultimately:
turn the U.S. into a Dictatorship/Oligarchy/Police State
(officially). Corrupt Bush Administration = Bush + Pentagon +
Defense Contractors + Job Outsourcers + Republican Party + Some
Democratic supporters of the Republican Agenda + CIA + FBI +
Organized Crime + Most Police and
> government employees who are chosen on bases of corrupt morals.
Please note that all of the above tactics, used by the Bush
Administration, were tactics used by Hitler, and his defense
contractor industrials partners, including W Bush's grandfather,
Prescott Bush, except Hitler warned and legalized beforehand. .
> Join 9/11 TRUTH
10st & 2nd Av, 6:30 PM every Sunday
> or call 212-714-7147


Message 17
From: "APFN"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 10:25pm(PDT)

sure you read:
STRANGER THAN FICTION - An Independent Investigation of 911
and the War on Terrorism
Hookergate: Porter Goss By Justin Rood,
Fri May 5 21:03
come the rumors.Over at , Laura Rozen says
she's hearing that Negroponte, or possibly the White House, gave Goss
the boot, and it was sudden. That fits with what I'm hearing: that Goss
didn't jump, or at least not without a nudge.Rozen says she's been told
Goss' departure "may have to do ... more
Ed Rollins: Hookergate is "Big" POGO,
Sat May 6 00:57


Message 18
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 10:26pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: w

blame the doppelganger?

--- In, "mojo_j_2000" <mojo_j_2000@...>


Message 19
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 10:27pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: WTC according to NIST

...does not compute..

--- In, "mojo_j_2000"
<mojo_j_2000@...> wrote:
> A-ha, the conclusive gravamen!
> Great job!
> --- In, "catsears_2000"
> <catsears_2000@> wrote:
> >
> > In the NIST analysis of WTC 7 collapse that can be found at:
> >
> >
> 20Final.pdf
> >
> > ... only one slide really matters. They say the collapse is due
> the
> > "failure" of main support columns 79, 80, and/or 81, which upon
> > failing caused the entire building to go (in 8 seconds, ahaha!)
> >
> > Anyway, in the whole deck, down below is text of the crucial
> > where they basically admit they don't know what the fuck went
> wrong.
> >
> > Within THAT text, the crucial single line of it all is the
> following:
> >
> > "Massive size of columns 79, 80, and 81 appears to require severe
> > fires and/or damaged fireproofing to initiate thermally-related
> failures"
> >
> > -Scott Meredith
> > /AlasBabylon list owner
> >
> >
> > Status of Initiating Event Analysis
> > NIST continues to evaluate the factors that could have caused
> column 79,
> > 80, or 81 to fail
> > Possible contributing factors include:
> > &#1048713; Damage to components adjacent to truss #2 from debris
> impact
> > &#1048713; Damage to fireproofing from normal activities prior
> event or debris
> > damage
> > &#1048713; Unusual fuel loads (fuel lines, high density of
> building contents)
> > Analysis to date indicates:
> > &#1048713; Massive size of columns 79, 80, and 81 appears to
> require severe
> > fires and/or damaged fireproofing to initiate thermally-related
> failures
> >


Message 20
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 10:27pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: Federal Reserve orders printing of trillions

euro up 6 cents in 2 weeks

--- In, "mojo_j_2000"
<mojo_j_2000@...> wrote:
> Germany in the 1920's...
> --- In, janet phelan <jcphelan10@>
> wrote:
> >
> > From
> >
> >
> >
> > Tuesday, March 28, 2006 2:27 AM EST
> SEPARATE U.S. TREASURY SOURCES Six months ago, the Federal
> Reserve quietly announced that as of March 20, 2006, they would
> longer publish "M3" Data. The "M3" was the amount of cash the
> government printed to put into circulation, propping-up the U.S.
> economy.
> >
> > As of eight days ago, M3 data is no longer being reported, so
> there is no way for the public, investors or bond holders to know
> how much currency exists - and no way to gauge how much
a "dollar"
> is truly worth.
> >
> > Three separate sources in the U.S. Treasury have told me that
> this week, the federal reserve ordered TWO TRILLION dollars to be
> printed! The U.S. Treasury is allegedly running printing presses
> 24/7 to accommodate that order. Treasury employees were
> specifically ORDERED not to talk about this to anyone because it
> could cause economic collapse.
> >
> > Even worse, I was also told that the whole Immigration Amnesty
> Debate (especially the well-funded well-attended protests) was
> deliberately scheduled to take place now, to divert attention
> this massive printing/devaluation of the U.S. Dollar. The feds
> allegedly figured that by the time anyone found out, they could
> smooth things over. They figured wrong. Surprise, boys, you've
> exposed!
> >
> > Watch for Gold and silver to skyrocket in price within days as
> the world wises up and begins dumping the U.S. Dollar.
> >
> > UPDATE: As of 9:05 AM this morning, Silver is at a ten year
> and Gold is within a few dollars of a 25 year high. The U.S.
> is falling against all major world currencies. . More details as
> they become available.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > ---------------------------------
> > Talk is cheap. Use Yahoo! Messenger to make PC-to-Phone calls.
> Great rates starting at 1&cent;/min.
> >


Message 21
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 10:29pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: remote control 757 (ref: 9/11)---BRILLIANT

..does not compute..

> --- In, "Scott Peden" <scotpeden@>
> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > From:
> > []On Behalf Of Ilene
> Proctor
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Michael Davis [mailto:michael@]
> > Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2006 10:53 AM
> > To: kathleen Rosenblatt
> > Subject: remote control 757
> >
> >
> > <
> >
> > Two of the aircraft exceeded their software limits on 9/11.
> >
> > The Boeing 757 and 767 are equipped with fully autonomous flight
> capability,
> > they are the only two Boeing commuter aircraft capable of fully
> autonomous
> > flight. They can be programmed to take off, fly to a destination
> and land,
> > completely without a pilot at the controls.
> >
> > They are intelligent planes, and have software limits pre set so
> that pilot
> > error cannot cause passenger injury. Though they are physically
> capable of
> > high g maneuvers, the software in their flight control systems
> prevents high
> > g maneuvers from being performed via the cockpit controls. They
> are limited
> > to approximately 1.5 g's, I repeat, one and one half g's. This
> so that a
> > pilot mistake cannot end up breaking grandma's neck.
> >
> > No matter what the pilot wants, he cannot override this feature.
> >
> > The plane that hit the Pentagon approached or reached its actual
> physical
> > limits, military personnel have calculated that the Pentagon
> pulled
> > between five and seven g's in its final turn.
> >
> > The same is true for the second aircraft to impact the WTC.
> >
> > There is only one way this can happen.
> >
> > As well as fully autonomous flight capability, the 767 and 757
> the ONLY
> CONTROL. It is a
> > feature that is standard to all of them, all 757's and 767's can
> do it. The
> > purpose for this is if there is a problem with the pilots, Norad
> can fly the
> > planes to safe destinations via remote. Only in this flight mode
> can those
> > craft exceed their software limits and perform to their actual
> physical
> > limits because a pre existing emergency situation is assumed if
> this mode of
> > flight is used.
> >
> > Terrorists in fact did not fly those planes, it is totally and
> completely
> > impossible for those planes to have been flown in such a manner
> from the
> > cockpit. Those are commuter aircraft, not F-16's and their
> software knows
> > it.
> >
> > Another piece of critical evidence: the voice recorders came up
> blank.
> >
> > The flight recorders that were recovered had tape that was
> undamaged inside,
> > but it was blank. There is only one way this can happen on a 757
> or 767.
> > When the aircraft are commandeered via remote control, the
> microphones that
> > go to the cockpit voice recorder are re routed to the people
> the
> > remote controlling, so that the recording of what happened in
> cockpit
> > gets made in a presumably safer place. But due to a glitch in
> system on
> > a 757/767, rather than shutting off when the mic is redirected
> voice
> > recorder keeps running. The voice recorders use what is called a
> continuous
> > loop tape, which automatically re passes itself past the erase
> record
> > heads once every half hour, so after a half hour of running with
> the
> > microphones redirected, the tape will be blank. Just like the
> recovered
> > tapes were. Yet more proof that no pilot flew those planes in
> last half
> > hour.
> >
> > Eight of the hijackers who were on those planes called up
> complaining that
> > they were still alive. I'd bet you never heard about our foreign
> minister
> > flying to Morocco and issuing an official apology to the
> did you?
> > No, terrorists did not fly those planes, plastic knives and box
> cutters were
> > in fact too ridiculous to be true. Any of the remaining accused
> have
> > certainly been sought out and killed by now.
> >
> > Our information IS controlled
> >
> > The cell phone calls from the aircraft could not have happened.
> am a
> > National Security Agency trained Electronic Warfare specialist,
> and am
> > qualified to say this. My official title: MOS33Q10, Electronic
> Warfare
> > Intercept Strategic Signal Processing/Storage Systems
> a highly
> > skilled MOS which requires advanced knowledge of many
> communications methods
> > and circuits to the most minute level. I am officially qualified
> to place
> > severe doubt that ordinary cell phone calls were ever made from
> > aircraft.
> >
> > It was impossible for that to have happened, especially in a
> area for
> > a number of reasons.
> >
> > When you make a cell phone call, the first thing that happens is
> that your
> > cell phone needs to contact a transponder. Your cell phone has a
> max
> > transmit power of five watts, three watts is actually the norm.
> an
> > aircraft is going five hundred miles an hour, your cell phone
> not be
> > able to 1. Contact a tower, 2. Tell the tower who you are, and
> your
> > provider is, 3. Tell the tower what mode it wants to communicate
> with, and
> > 4. Establish that it is in a roaming area before it passes out
> a five
> > watt range. This procedure, called an electronic handshake, takes
> > approximately 45 seconds for a cell phone to complete upon
> power up
> > in a roaming area because neither the cell phone or cell
> transponder knows
> > where that phone is and what mode it uses when it is turned on.
> 500 miles
> > an hour, the aircraft will travel three times the range of a
> phone's
> > five watt transmitter before this handshaking can occur. Though
> is
> > sometimes possible to connect during takeoff and landing, under
> > situation that was claimed the calls were impossible. The calls
> from the
> > airplane were faked, no if's or buts.
> >
> > I hope I made sense, if you have questions I will respond if
> possible. If I
> > do not respond, please research this out yourself, search the
> boeing site,
> > search the DARPA site, search were you have not searched before.
> Some of the
> > information is classified and leaked by individuals, and it is
> also being
> > scoured from the net. I have all of the original documents on my
> computer to
> > safeguard against this.
> >
> > Please do not ignore this, because only Norad has the flight
> for those
> > aircraft, we did 911 to ourselves. Hitler had the Reichstag, we
> have 911. If
> > 911 proves to not be enough to make the US citizenry set aside
> rights
> > for safety, the people who did 911 most certainly have access to
> nuclear
> > material. 911 must be exposed for what it was before that
> is used.
> > "
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > _____
> >


Message 22
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 10:31pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: Bush uncle makes millions from war on, dukester..

> from-war/2006/03/23/1143083906158.html
> Bush uncle makes millions from war
> By Walter Roche, Washington
> March 24, 2006
> Advertisement
> AdvertisementAS PRESIDENT George W. Bush embarks on a new effort
> shore up public support for the war in Iraq, his uncle is
> $US2.7 million ($A3.7 million) in cash and stock from the recent
> sale of a company that profited from the war.
> A report filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission
> that William Bush collected nearly $US1.9 million in cash plus
> valued at more than $US800,000 from the sale of Engineered Support
> Systems to DRS Technologies of New Jersey.
> The $US1.7 billion deal was closed on January 31. Both businesses
> have extensive military contracts.
> William Bush was a director of Engineered Support Systems Inc.
> Recent SEC filings show he was paid cash and DRS stock in exchange
> for shares and options he obtained as a director.
> Missouri-based ESSI experienced record growth before its purchase
> DRS through expanded US military contracts.
> SEC filings show there are two ongoing federal investigations of
> ESSI � one involving a stop order issued by the Federal Government
> on the ESSI contract to supply field generators.
> The field-generator contract was a major source of revenue, but
> files show ESSI did not inform stockholders of the stop order
> last June, about seven months after it was issued. During the
> interim, several ESSI executives, including William Bush, cashed
> stock and stock options worth millions of dollars, SEC filings


Message 23
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 10:33pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: Bush�s IRS Wants to Make Your Tax Returns Public .....

> Bush's IRS Wants to Make Your Tax Returns Public
> A new article from the Philadelphia Inquirer has blown open the
> startling plans of the IRS to allow tax preparers for the first
> to sell the tax returns of their customers.
> The proposal came in a painfully technical tax regulation, which
> until now had attracted only a dozen public comments since it was
> announced in December. The proposal calls itself "not a
> regulatory action." But the proposal is indeed significant, both
> tax privacy and more broadly.
> Until now, tax preparers could not sell tax returns to outside
> parties. Period. If they got taxpayer consent, they could use it
> marketing, but only within their own corporate family.
> The new proposal allows the tax preparers �- from your local
> accountant to giants such as H&R Block �- to get your signature
> then give or sell the full tax return to data brokers, to your
> to anyone. And there are absolutely no restrictions about what
> recipients do with the returns. The rule lets recipients post the
> full return to the Internet if they want.
> Here are three reasons (you can think of others) why this proposal
> is wrong:
> � First, taxpayer "consent" here is fake. Sometimes my wife and I
> have used tax prep services. Once the final papers are ready, they
> come to us with little sticky tabs next to each signature line.
> usually about April 14th and late at night, and we sign where they
> tell us. Under the new proposal, they just add one sticky tab, and
> taxpayers have now "consented" to having their tax returns sold to
> anyone.
> � Second, the proposal is all risk and no reward for consumers.
> risk is of identity theft and more � unknown people can get your
> full tax return. The reward to consumers is zero.
> � Third, this proposal shows once again that the administration
> doesn't "get" privacy. Warrantless wiretaps, "total information
> awareness," and now sale of your tax returns. There is still no
> White House official whose job is to screen proposals and protect
> privacy (a role I played in the Clinton Administration). There
> should be.
> � Peter Swire
> Filed under: Taxes, Privacy


Message 24
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 10:35pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: chimpy's latest outrageous act

p.s. ...fu zog

> _shuns_patriot_act_requirement/
> Bush shuns Patriot Act requirement
> In addendum to law, he says oversight rules are not binding
> By Charlie Savage, Globe Staff | March 24, 2006
> WASHINGTON -- When President Bush signed the reauthorization of
> USA Patriot Act this month, he included an addendum saying that he
> did not feel obliged to obey requirements that he inform Congress
> about how the FBI was using the act's expanded police powers.
> The bill contained several oversight provisions intended to make
> sure the FBI did not abuse the special terrorism-related powers to
> search homes and secretly seize papers. The provisions require
> Justice Department officials to keep closer track of how often the
> FBI uses the new powers and in what type of situations. Under the
> law, the administration would have to provide the information to
> Congress by certain dates.
> Bush signed the bill with fanfare at a White House ceremony March
> calling it ''a piece of legislation that's vital to win the war on
> terror and to protect the American people." But after the
> and guests had left, the White House quietly issued a ''signing
> statement," an official document in which a president lays out his
> interpretation of a new law.
> In the statement, Bush said that he did not consider himself bound
> to tell Congress how the Patriot Act powers were being used and
> that, despite the law's requirements, he could withhold the
> information if he decided that disclosure would ''impair foreign
> relations, national security, the deliberative process of the
> executive, or the performance of the executive's constitutional
> duties."
> Bush wrote: ''The executive branch shall construe the
> provisions . . . that call for furnishing information to entities
> outside the executive branch . . . in a manner consistent with the
> president's constitutional authority to supervise the unitary
> executive branch and to withhold information . . . "
> The statement represented the latest in a string of high-profile
> instances in which Bush has cited his constitutional authority to
> bypass a law.
> After The New York Times disclosed in December that Bush had
> authorized the military to conduct electronic surveillance of
> Americans' international phone calls and e-mails without obtaining
> warrants, as required by law, Bush said his wartime powers gave
> the right to ignore the warrant law.
> And when Congress passed a law forbidding the torture of any
> detainee in US custody, Bush signed the bill but issued a signing
> statement declaring that he could bypass the law if he believed
> using harsh interrogation techniques was necessary to protect
> national security.
> Past presidents occasionally used such signing statements to
> describe their interpretations of laws, but Bush has expanded the
> practice. He has also been more assertive in claiming the
> to override provisions he thinks intrude on his power, legal
> scholars said.
> Bush's expansive claims of the power to bypass laws have provoked
> increased grumbling in Congress. Members of both parties have
> pointed out that the Constitution gives the legislative branch the
> power to write the laws and the executive branch the duty
> to ''faithfully execute" them.
> Several senators have proposed bills to bring the warrantless
> surveillance program under the law. One Democrat, Senator Russell
> Feingold of Wisconsin, has gone so far as to propose censuring
> saying he has broken the wiretapping law.
> Bush's signing statement on the USA Patriot Act nearly went
> unnoticed.
> Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, inserted a
> into the record of the Senate Judiciary Committee objecting to
> Bush's interpretation of the Patriot Act, but neither the signing
> statement nor Leahy's objection received coverage from in the
> mainstream news media, Leahy's office said.
> Yesterday, Leahy said Bush's assertion that he could ignore the
> provisions of the Patriot Act -- provisions that were the subject
> intense negotiations in Congress -- represented ''nothing short of
> radical effort to manipulate the constitutional separation of
> and evade accountability and responsibility for following the law."
> ''The president's signing statements are not the law, and Congress
> should not allow them to be the last word," Leahy said in a
> statement. ''The president's constitutional duty is to faithfully
> execute the laws as written by the Congress, not cherry-pick the
> laws he decides he wants to follow. It is our duty to ensure, by
> means of congressional oversight, that he does so."
> The White House dismissed Leahy's concerns, saying Bush's signing
> statement was simply ''very standard language" that is ''used
> consistently with provisions like these where legislation is
> requiring reports from the executive branch or where disclosure of
> information is going to be required."
> ''The signing statement makes clear that the president will
> faithfully execute the law in a manner that is consistent with the
> Constitution," said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino. ''The
> president has welcomed at least seven Inspector General reports on
> the Patriot Act since it was first passed, and there has not been
> one verified abuse of civil liberties using the Patriot Act."
> David Golove, a New York University law professor who specializes
> executive power issues, said the statement may simply
be ''bluster"
> and does not necessarily mean that the administration will conceal
> information about its use of the Patriot Act.
> But, he said, the statement illustrates the
administration's ''mind-
> bogglingly expansive conception" of executive power, and its low
> regard for legislative power.
> ''On the one hand, they deny that Congress even has the authority
> pass laws on these subjects like torture and eavesdropping, and in
> addition to that, they say that Congress is not even entitled to
> information about anything to do with the war on terrorism,"
> said.


Message 25
From: "mojo_j_2000"
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 10:35pm(PDT)
Subject: Re: dem lantos and frank BLOCK IMPEACHMENT

> tells you they want to keep troops on operation shekinah rather than
> dump bush


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