Saturday, May 06, 2006

Guardian Unlimited | Comment is free | Editor's week

Guardian Unlimited  Comment is free  Editor's week

Blogger Thoughts:  Emily Bell write a clueless nod to non-MSM media, focusing mainly on blogs.  As is often true, the depth of the discussion and analysis is pitiful.  The idea that it's a Blogs v. News Organizations battle seems to be the only particulars identified.  Even with Ms. Bell's listing of the blogs she reads, she fails to capture the significance of blogging and news reporting on the internet and it is this:  MSM is horribly compromised, part of massive social control.  The battle going on, especially when viewing a bastion such as the BBC, is whether the lying, obfuscation, and manipulation is going to win the day, or whether alternative voices are going to break through.  One individual or one news organization doesn't break through the rigged system by having bloggers on staff, or by keeping abreast of the blogosphere.   The only honest approach is to point out at every turn the dishonest, sometimes propagandistic manipulation that is omnipresent in our current media.  In many cases, the blogosphere simply extends this highly contaminated environment.    

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