Saturday, April 22, 2006

[political-research] Iran-Israel Linkage By Bush Seen As Threat

While agitating conspicuously for an American attack on Iran, the Israel lobby is now loudly complaining that Bush is citing Israel as his main motive for contemplating an American attack on Iran.  Since no other major lobby in American political life is agitating for such an attack (and certainly not the oil lobby), and since he is a Christian Zionist with the standard crazy Armageddonist Christian Zionist beliefs about the Mideast and world history, Bush is, of course, perfectly believable when he focuses on Israel as the main reason to attack Iran.  No doubt he is speaking the truth.
So: the Israel lobby is angry that the Bush administration has been too weak in confronting Iran, and it is angry that Bush is mentioning Israel in the context of confronting Iran.  Neurosis this extreme may well indeed provoke a great deal of anger against the Israel lobby from all quarters.
Apparently the deal is this: Israel wants the United States to attack Iran, but it doesn't want to be seen as having promoted the attack.  Simply amazing behavior.
And what is the Israel lobby's main concern about what will happen if an American attack on Iran turns out to be as big a, or even a bigger, disaster than the American invasion and occupation of Iraq?  They are afraid that they might be blamed, and rightfully so, for having instigated the attack.  What most Americans will be worried about in such a situation will be the direct terrible consequences for Americans, not the side issue of who gets blamed for what is obviously an incredibly stupid and self-destructive policy.
The smartest move the Israel lobby in America could make is simply to dissolve itself immediately -- disband AIPAC and all the AIPAC-related organizations.  Start focusing exclusively on the American interest in the Mideast and all around the world.
By the way, some prominent leaders of Israel lobby in this article are clearly insinuating that Bush is probably a sinister anti-Semite.  The more that Bush tries to help Israel, in his inept way, the more the Israel lobby finds in this behavior proof that he is anti-Semite.  This is what is known as a no-win situation: don't help them and they trash you, help them and they trash you.  Many American political leaders may well decide to wash their hands of this insoluble problem altogether.

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