Saturday, April 22, 2006

[political-research] [Fwd: [911InsideJobbers] Re: MY-mail to Cinnamon Stillwell]

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Subject: [911InsideJobbers] Re: MY-mail to Cinnamon Stillwell
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 02:34:33 -0000
From: Lynn Ertell <>

Her reply .. or defaulting fact of non-reply ...., in either case,
should be retained for the record.

"Journalists", reporters and columnists, were tried at
Nuremberg, well after the fact, and for the simple fact of the lies
they published and broadcast; alongside the facts, of what evidence of
foreknowledge, or after-knowledge (as in cover-ups and media frauds)
might be documented (in their own word, especally), so probably
admissible in a civil or even criminal proceeding.

That is to say, witting accessories to known crime(s);
Either before, or after the fact.

After all, the hapless, and by now chemically-lobotimized Moussaui,
has ostensibly been convicted of what he "knew, but failed to inform
others about"; given whom he failed to inform, the FBI.

What does Cinnamon Stillwell really "know" about 9/11 ?

Could she really be as vaccuously and sloppily stupid as her column
makes her out to be ?
It hardly seems believable.
Is she pretending to be a "bad journalist" ?
Or is she wilfully prostituting whatever limited writing skills she
pretends to have, only to knowingly propagate outrageous lies and
absurdities ?
And what would that implicate abut the "institution" she represents ?

She's either an incompetent, lazy undergraduate, who would be failing
her classes at "journalism" school...

Or Stillwell would be a witting liar; collecting per diem per lie;
to wash the public relations laundry of corrupt political bagmen,
gangsters, tin-pot messianic fascists and sociopaths ...
like Giuliani, Kerik, Jerry Hauer ...
or just common low-life insurance swindlers and real-estate scam
artists like Larry Silverstein.

So which is it, Cinnamon Stillwell ?
Are you really a paid professional WEB liar ?
Or just a credulous fool ?

--- In, rcu@... wrote:
> for my part i just sent her a quickie that started with her quote like
> 'And then there's the theory that a missile hit the pentagon.'
> to which i replied to her
> 'And then there's the theory that the S11 perps had a propaganda
> team infiltrate the FDNY months ahead of time to arrange to have a snuff
> film made out of the day's events and then sell it back to us as a
> respectable documentary.
> Ray Ubinger
> Naudet Brothers: Accessories to Mass Murder'
> just so she knows we know

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