Tuesday, April 04, 2006

[political-research] Bush and the Neocons: Like Degenerate Gamblers in a Las Vegas Casino

Bush and the Neocons: Like Degenerate Gamblers in a Las Vegas Casino
Bush and the neocons keep assuring us that we are about to turn the corner in Iraq, even though it is obvious to any student of Mideast politics that it is going to be all downhill from here.
Bush is like an addictive gambler who goes to Vegas, keeps losing money hand over fist, while believing that he'll make up all his losses with just a bit more play.  But he continues to lose and lose.  There is no light at the end of this tunnel -- just greater and greater humiliation for the Bush administration, the Republican Party and the neocons, and more and more hundreds of billions of dollars down the drain for the American people.  Bush and the neocons may actually succeed in permanently destroying the American economy.
If the United States government were being run like any decent corporation, Bush and his puppeteers would be fired and replaced immediately with competent management.  Instead, they are being permitted to plan an even bigger disaster in Iran and, quite possibly, a spectacular follow-up to 9/11.  The American political system at this point is completely broken and dysfunctional, with the very worst and most criminal elements in America, with the full cooperation of the mainstream media, close to achieving full dictatorial control over the United States.

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