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Second-rate minds indeed...

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Prescient and Patriotic

By Eric Alterman (Nation)

Alterman finds irony in watching "liberal" PBS's Charlie Rose host criticism of the Iraq occupation by former war cheerleaders Leslie Gelb and George Packer—who in the past "equated warnings of the failure of this benighted enterprise with possession of 'second-rate minds.'"

The very same people who counseled us into this catastrophe remain in control of the debate on what is to be done about it. In fact, most of the "liberal hawks" who spent their time attacking not merely the analysis of their more cautious comrades but often their patriotism and intelligence have only seen their prestige and positions enhanced.

Plus Nation: How to Free the Press (3/30/06) by John Nichols. Lamenting the dismantling of Knight-Ridder, the only newspaper chain whose "Washington bureau was consistently—and, it turns out, correctly—skeptical of the White House... before the war began." "Investors who grumbled about... too little profit" forced the chain's sale to the McClatchy Company.

No conspiracy took Knight Ridder down; it was Wall Street's line that profit margins of 19 or 20 percent—which the chain posted in recent years—no longer suffice. Though McClatchy officials weren't saying as much, the decision to sell off newly acquired papers in Philadelphia and San Jose, which are rated among the best in the country, was an admission that doing journalism right in some of the nation's most diverse cities costs more than the new owners are ready to spend.

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